There are days when you feel more energetic and inspired to organize things at home or in the office. The question is how you will be able to maintain this positive habit of taking control of your time and be motivated to make your space clutter free. The truth is, there is no magic that will instantly fix everything after uttering “secret words.” There is hope though, for you to live and practice some simple habits to be effective when it comes to organization.

  1. Return Things to Proper Order

Perhaps you have already heard it from your parents. They were the ones who often remind kids to put toys back to the toy box after playing, push books to their proper shelves after reading, and place shoes to the shoe cabinet after use. These little reminders are very important as they instill a way of organizing things at an early age. This teaches us that things should be reorganized continuously and consistently.

  1. Trash Things You Don’t Need

You will not need to give up your entire week figuring out which items in the office or in your closet you don’t need anymore. Form a habit to examine if certain items have been used recently. Consider putting a tight duration to determine the decision whether it is time to trash things that are only collecting dust and are not put in use.

For instance, if you have not worn your green A-line skirt that was purchased a year ago even two times in the last six months, this may mean that it’s time to let it go. Getting rid of things that you don’t need requires some time. But if you develop the habit of asking yourself frequently, this will be a lot easier to decide upon to keep things organized in the long run.

  1. Label Your Things

After discarding items that you do not need, the next thing to put into a regular routine is to place labels on storage spaces. Especially in the office when there are lots of small items such as paper clips, notepads, ink refills, pens, pencils, and staple wires, you can make life more organized when you have labels on drawers, boxes, cabinets, and other storage materials. In this way, you can be also sure that items are properly grouped together.

The same is true in the kitchen, where pans, knives, spoons, forks, spatula, and more kinds of cooking utensils are present. Getting lost is easy if there is no proper sorting and labeling on these items. You can also be creative by coloring the labels to find items not only based on what’s printed on the label but also based on color.

  1. Create a To-do List

Setting priorities and knowing just what to do are impossible and easy with the help of a to-do list. Form the habit of writing down things and errands you should accomplish daily. This can be done either the night before or early in the morning before you kick start the day. You can have a journal or a calendar then mark or cross off items once done.

  1. Stop Procrastination

By having this list, you can be proud of things you have organized. However, it does not end at that. The key is to keep your focus and not derail productivity. To stop procrastination, you should have a system and plan on how to lift the weight of things off you throughout the day. You may begin from the toughest chores such as carpet cleaning in Adelaide to the easiest one like getting the mail from the mailbox.The shorter you wait to do something, the easier it will be to get it done.


Keeping things organized and staying productive are like husband and wife. They make and you’re your life worry-free and hassle-free. It really takes discipline to become organized but it surely will be worth it.

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