If you own your own home or a commercial property, an automatic lawn sprinkler system is a great way to save time and money. Automatic sprinklers save you money on energy costs because they use only the right amount of water and if you own a business, a sprinkler system will make your property look its best which will actually start making you money.

Only hire a professional lawn care company to install your automatic sprinkler system. A lawn care professional will go out of their way to provide you with the best system possible. First they will visit the site and conduct a thorough study of your lawn, including soil type, any inclines or declines, exposure to the sun at different times of day, and any surrounding trees or plants. Then they will draw up a detailed site map and the sprinkler positions and irrigation system will be plotted out. After that, the system will be installed and tested. For a dependable estimate, visit the EZ Lawn Sprinklers website and see what they offer. EZ Lawn is a trusted name in the Toronto lawn care industry.

Professionally installed sprinkler systems run on a timer so that your lawn is watered at the optimal time of day and only for as long as necessary. They also have a built in sensor that will tell the system if there is already enough moisture in the soil from a rain fall. The system will adjust accordingly. This is a crucial feature and one that most laymen wouldn’t be able to take into account without some help. Over watering a lawn can be just as detrimental to it as under watering.

There are a variety of automatic sprinkler systems that only use a little water. However, the key to a good lawn involves maintaining and monitoring the sprinkler system periodically so that the property can get the correct amount of water that it needs.A traditional sprinkler system has a pop-up spray head. The nozzle can be adjusted to a full, half, or quarter circular motion. The only disadvantage to using a spray nozzle sprinkler is that it is less efficient than a rotor nozzle sprinkler.

Automatic sprinklers also help homeowners save time. The process of watering a lawn with a hose wastes a lot of time because the hose must be moved every 20 minutes. A sprinkler remembers every area that requires water. As a result, the system uses less water each time it waters the property. If you have a large property, installing a sprinkler system is the most efficient option.

A home is a financial investment, so spending a bit of extra time and effort to maintain is well worth it. When a lawn is not maintained, it can decrease the market value of a home. This is why homeowners install automatic sprinklers; when a lawn is healthy, the property will increase.

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