Having your own swim spa is the ultimate luxury and if you’ve just invested in one, you’ll want to make the most of it with a range of accessories and items to enhance your enjoyment.

You’ve no doubt spent a small fortune on a luxury model (if you’re looking for a recommendation, check out these swim spas from Vita Spa) and, as such, want to ensure the whole experience is an enjoyable one and that you’re not fighting a losing battle with the likes of keeping it clean and hygienic.

As such, we’ve put together our list of top accessories for your swim spa in conjunction with Aqua Spa Supplies.

A Spa Caddy Or Grip O Can For Easy Drinks Storage

After your training or workout you’ll naturally want a drink, so keep one to hand on a spa caddy that can easily be fixed to the outside of your spa. Constructed from reinforced plastic on an aluminium post it can hold your phone, book, drink etc and swing out of the way when not in use.

Alternatively why not go for a Grip O Can/Bottle holder instead. Simply place your bottle or can in the insulated holder and stick on to your spa via the eight little suction feet to keep your drink cool. If you’re having a party you could opt for the Grip O Cooler instead which is the same principal but large enough to hold a bottle of wine and four wine or champagne glasses as well.

Make Cleaning An Easy Job

Make the job of removing debris from the bottom of your spa easy with a Pool Blaster Catfish. This rechargeable battery operated cleaner can run for up to 45 mins from one charge and makes easy work of cleaning up leaves, dirt and debris. The Catfish compacts the dirt into an easy to empty filter bag and can be used without the head as a powerful spot cleaner.

If that doesn’t appeal then how about the Shake-A-Vac Spa Vacuum instead? It’s a simple way of removing bugs, dirt etc from the bottom of your spa and comes at a very reasonable price as well. Featuring a self priming siphon, to start just insert into the water and shake up and down using long fast strokes. The siphon action will automatically start for you to begin your cleaning.

At the end of the day, both hot tubs and swim spas are nothing without a number of must-have accessories, however none of them cost a fortune and will enhance your hot tub experience considerably!

As far as we’re concerned, they’re all things which need to be purchased when you buy your swim spa however as otherwise, you’ll regret it and wish you’d made the purchase right from the start!

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