The plumbing maintenance activity plays an important role in our day-to-day life. Frozen pipes during the winter season can cause huge burdens to household plumbing system and the process of fixing them is quite tiring. It is also very cost-effective process while undergoing rectification. So it is advisable to employ effective plumbing labors for frozen pipe service. Only qualified plumbers will be able to fix the frozen pipes and get them working again.

If a frozen pipe is found, it is advisable to fix it quickly before it gets burst. When the pipe is burst it causes more damage because pipes are laid behind walls, in crawl spaces, attics and basements. It is advisable to know where the pipe is located. The pipe contractor who is familiar with the plumbing service will help us in this situation. By touching, the problem can be identified, it may be ice cold to the touch compared to the other pipes or it may have ice forming on it.

Thawing Process

Lack of insulation in walls is one of the problems that will lead to freezing pipes along with other situations such as low temperature. This is something to seriously think about before cold weather sets on, so the problems such as frozen pipes and water damage can be prevented. Thawing the pipes is an important process which the plumbers will handle in a systematic manner to solve frozen pipe problems.

In thawing frozen pipes, the first step is to close the valve from the outside water source and then open the faucet. If the water comes out of drops or nothing at all then it is an implication of a frozen pipe. It is suggested to thaw the ice from end to end, the middle area should not be focused because the pressure from the trapped steam may cause the pipe to burst and cause water damage to the home.

Normally, frozen pipe occurs on places where there is no enough accumulation of heat over outer walls. So it is better to start the thawing process from the areas when the temperature is considered to be very low. Experienced plumbers will identify the regions and start the thawing process quickly to avoid water damage.

Applying Heat Tapes And Heat Bulbs

Using heat tape or thermostatically controlled heat cables over pipes is one of the most effective ways to protect pipes from freezing cold. Heat tapes actually resembles an extension cord more than a tape. Some heat tapes are best used with additional insulation. Insulation by itself is also a good way of keeping pipes from freezing. Fiberglass insulation or polyethylene foam jackets are used for internal insulation process.

More insulation is used the better protection is obtained for pipes. Heat from a light bulb can also help to prevent frozen pipes. A 100 watt bulb can be used to perform this task. By attaching the bulb to an extension cord and hanging for a certain period of time yields good results. This is especially effective if most of the pipes are located in one enclosed area.

It is always advisable to employ qualified plumbers to undergo plumbing service. Frozen pipes in downriver Michigan is one of the qualified plumbing agencies which provide a reliable solution for all plumbing problems.


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