Green Roofs: The Urban Gardens Of The Future

Green Roofs

Urban areas are known for being food deserts – and just as well known for their inhabitants suffering health problems associated with lack of good nutrition. Space is at a high premium in urban areas, making any sort of agricultural practice a genuine challenge.

And yet in recent years, a brilliant answer has emerged: rooftop gardens. Through creative terracing and usage of space, more and more buildings are turning their rooftops into oases of thriving vegetation, whether as community gardens for the whole building to work in and utilize, or as de facto farmer’s markets. Rooftop and wall gardens help to address lack of substantial and nutritious foodstuffs in urban areas, and additionally drive community development and integration.

Prepare Your Roof – and Check the Legalese

To start with, you’ll want to make sure that it’s within your rights to establish a rooftop garden wherever you’re living. You will also want to see if there are any prohibitions for specific crops being grown within your township, city, or county limits – for example, some townships prohibit corn being grown outside of farms.

You’ll want to check how much weight your roof can support, and make sure there’s no compromising of its structural integrity before you begin. If there is any damage to the roof whatsoever, ensure it’s repaired before beginning your rooftop garden. Think lightweight containers, lighter plant mediums and soils, and figure in poundage for what your garden is likely to produce. Invest in windbreaks such as trellises, as rooftops are typically windy places, and invest also in some sort of fencing to prevent falling hazards.

Design Your Layout and Watering System

Start by choosing what you’ll floor the roof with – wood, terracotta, paving stone, and so forth. Design a layout that helps to evenly distribute weight across the roof. Your layout can also include furniture, such as arbour benches or tables for those who may want to utilize the garden as an easily accessible green space for leisure or meditation. Decide if you’ll use pallets or decking for terracing, and which parts of the roof are suitable for what you want to grow. If there’s overhang, such as tree branches, determine which parts of your roof get the most and the least sunlight, and plan your crops accordingly.

Watering your rooftop garden can be a little bit trickier. The most straightforward way is to haul water daily to the roof or keep a rain barrel or two on the roof to collect and distribute water among your plants, but you can also rig a timed system using a hose and drip lines if you’re the only one taking care of the garden, or you and your neighbours are too busy to make daily trips up to water. Remember not to overwater – wet soil weighs a lot more than dry.

Choose Your Plants

Almost anything can be planted on a rooftop terrace short of trees that achieve great weight and height. Choose a mix of flowers, vegetables, fruits, beans, and other edible crops like corn. You might also want to plant an herb garden with flavourful herbs and spices for cooking, and you can plant herbs around your terrace that will also help keep bugs away, reducing the need for pesticides and bug killing agents.

Do research on the nutritional needs of different plants, and use them to complement each other; for example, plant crops that need lots of nitrogen alongside plants that help replenish nitrogen in the soil. Avoid sowing plants that are likely to create significant weight burdens on the roof while still planting crops that are nutrient dense and will help keep your building – and neighbourhood – fed and healthy.

A good many steps go into creating a rooftop garden, but more and more city dwellers are collaborating on creating and maintaining them, some even choosing to sell produce at steeply discounted rates to their neighbours. A rooftop garden can be a rewarding endeavour – for you, and for your community.

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Let Your Trees Grow Tall And Green This Spring With The Best Tree Pruning

Trees Grow Tall And Green

Trees are an important part of your property. They provide shade in the summer and add to the beauty of your yard. They also can improve the value of your home when the time comes to eventually sell your home. With all of these factors in mind, it is always in your best interest to keep them healthy and looking their best.

As your trees grow, some limbs may sprout faster than others. Some will die off for a variety of reasons that can include insects and other animals eating the bark. Strong winds and storms can also break a limb or two off, leaving an unattractive fracture that can begin to rot and threaten the life of your tree. Effective tree pruning can ensure that your plants can continue to grow strong and healthy so that they don’t suffer. It is the only way to secure the beauty and vitality of your yard.

You may think that this is a simple task that’s easy enough to do yourself. All you need is a pair of gardening shears and a stepladder, right? However, to perform this task properly takes training and specialized equipment that you probably do not have on hand. It can also be extremely dangerous. Sometimes, the branches that need to be removed can be overhanging from the top of your home or brushing into the power lines. You may accidentally drop a clipped limb on to your house, causing damage that you do not have the money to pay for. These kinds of careless accidents are probably not covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

In the case of the power lines it is simply very, very dangerous. You would be risking electrocution and even a potential fire if the limb fell and snapped the line. By hiring a professional arborist organization, they’ll have the knowledge and experience to make sure that any clipped limbs will fall in a safe direction. They will also have a range of equipment and tools at their disposal to safely prune the tree without damaging the overall infrastructure of the root system.

Some times of year are better than others to have your tree trimming done. explains that dead wood can be removed at any time but summer is the perfect time to direct the new growth and shape of your tree. Effective winter pruning can cause an explosive amount of new growth in the spring. Flowering trees need to be trimmed at different times of the year, depending on when their flowering cycle is. Pruning a tree in the fall can lead to mold and fungus infecting the tree. This is because the sap does not flow as strongly at this time of year. Incidentally, the “wounds” where limbs are cut do not heal as quickly.

Smart homeowners work with a qualified arborist in your area to ensure the vitality of your trees. If you’re based in the Edmonton, Alberta area, Chipps Tree Care Service is an excellent option. This organization specializes in effective tree removal and pruning in an area that sees its fair share of growth each spring. By booking a free assessment, they can advise you on the best measures to take for your property.

Taking care of your trees might seem like a hassle, but it’s an important responsibility. Your trees can reach new heights as they grow stronger and more beautiful each year. By keeping them healthy and pruned, they can remain an attractive part of your yard for years to come. By working with the best organization imaginable, you’ll be investing in your home.

Bali Huts in Your Garden

Bali Huts

People love to enjoy in a natural place which is filled with attractiveness. Different parts of the globe have perfect temperatures which are best for visitors at any time of the year. People like to visit those locations because they give normal and fit temperature ranges always.

Multiple selections are available for people through which they can include natural things to their backyard. These items could add a Bali hut filled with natural items to get the atmosphere and feeling such as that of seashore. This will outcome in a charming place where anyone can have fun with his friends and family.

Furniture in the Bali hut could be located in a variety of ways to make it look perfect. Some table and seats can be arranged for having a best meal with friends or family. You can have sleeping arrangements in your Bali hut which will support you to get combine with your friends and family.

If you have a planning to have a big party in your Bali hut then you can make different arrangements and spend the day happily. You could have a barbeque party in your Bali hut, but you ensure that you do not let the wood catch fire.

Additional, it can be furnished and filled with items that would make it perfect for a party. So, if you are anxious about having people come over to your house and making a mess, you do not have ever hesitate again so you can host all your parties in your Balinese hut in Sydney.

You can simply get a hut that you can use in your garden or backyard. Take a look at the various types of Bali huts available online before you really buy one.

You must check your money before placing any order so that you get the affordable and economical Bali hut for your personal use.

There are kits for making Bali hut which can be got and you need to pay low amount of money as you would have to install it yourself. If you are willing to job for some time in making your own Bali hut then you can use these simple kits.

This will be money saving and offer you various selections through which you can design the Bali hut that meets your unique needs.

You can also buy a Bali huts from different online sites in Australia. Are you planning to buy a Bali hut? Yes, do not hesitate to contact with us.

An Automatic Sprinkler System Is Your Ticket To A Beautiful Lawn

Lawn Care

If you own your own home or a commercial property, an automatic lawn sprinkler system is a great way to save time and money. Automatic sprinklers save you money on energy costs because they use only the right amount of water and if you own a business, a sprinkler system will make your property look its best which will actually start making you money.

Only hire a professional lawn care company to install your automatic sprinkler system. A lawn care professional will go out of their way to provide you with the best system possible. First they will visit the site and conduct a thorough study of your lawn, including soil type, any inclines or declines, exposure to the sun at different times of day, and any surrounding trees or plants. Then they will draw up a detailed site map and the sprinkler positions and irrigation system will be plotted out. After that, the system will be installed and tested. For a dependable estimate, visit the EZ Lawn Sprinklers website and see what they offer. EZ Lawn is a trusted name in the Toronto lawn care industry.

Professionally installed sprinkler systems run on a timer so that your lawn is watered at the optimal time of day and only for as long as necessary. They also have a built in sensor that will tell the system if there is already enough moisture in the soil from a rain fall. The system will adjust accordingly. This is a crucial feature and one that most laymen wouldn’t be able to take into account without some help. Over watering a lawn can be just as detrimental to it as under watering.

There are a variety of automatic sprinkler systems that only use a little water. However, the key to a good lawn involves maintaining and monitoring the sprinkler system periodically so that the property can get the correct amount of water that it needs.A traditional sprinkler system has a pop-up spray head. The nozzle can be adjusted to a full, half, or quarter circular motion. The only disadvantage to using a spray nozzle sprinkler is that it is less efficient than a rotor nozzle sprinkler.

Automatic sprinklers also help homeowners save time. The process of watering a lawn with a hose wastes a lot of time because the hose must be moved every 20 minutes. A sprinkler remembers every area that requires water. As a result, the system uses less water each time it waters the property. If you have a large property, installing a sprinkler system is the most efficient option.

A home is a financial investment, so spending a bit of extra time and effort to maintain is well worth it. When a lawn is not maintained, it can decrease the market value of a home. This is why homeowners install automatic sprinklers; when a lawn is healthy, the property will increase.