What To Look For When Choosing a HVAC Contractor?

Make sure the HVAC contractor satisfies all imperative aspects

If you are not feeling comfortable in the dry and cold season and want to do something to regulate the room temperature, then you have to prefer the heat, ventilating and air conditioning system (HVAC). It will be the best solution to get rid of the inconveniences that you have while temperature changes. The HVAC system will maintain a moderate temperature inside your home, therefore, you will have no trouble in any climatic conditions.

While using the HVAC system, you may have the concern about the electricity bill but this system is energy efficient hence you will have no such burdens. Therefore, you can approach an HVAC contractor in your location and install the system in your home.

Things to consider

When you are about to hire an HVAC contractor you need to ensure certain imperative things. Since the role of a contractor in very important, you should not choose a service provider randomly and also you should not compromise anything at any cause. Many people are not aware of those things. If you are one among them then learn those things in the following passages.

First of all, you have to check whether the contractor has the proper license to do this job. Also, you need to make sure that the contractor is experienced and skilled in installing the HVAC system in houses and commercial buildings. It is because only a skilled professional can do the job properly. An inexperienced person will not have proper knowledge, therefore, you cannot expect the quality of work. Therefore, you have to be very conscious about this case and prefer the reputed service provider.

To get an idea, you need to go online and take the list of well established HVAC contractor in the location. Then you have to check the reviews given by the previous and existing customers. This practice will help to find the best contractor as you expect. Once you find a service provider, you can approach the professionals there and get the estimated quotes for the service they offer. Generally, many people will have the concern about the service charge and those people have to follow this practice in order to make sure whether the charge is affordable as they desire.

If they are not satisfied with the cost, they can get the quote from some other company and check whether it is satisfying. But you can easily find an affordable service provider because the competition between the contractors is very high. Therefore, they will offer low cost in order to get your order. Hence, it will not be a big deal for you get to a contractor at the price you want.

However, after selecting a service providing company, you should make a contract to ensure the long-term service. It will save you from the trouble which you need to deal when the systems get damaged. If you confirm it in advance, you can easily call the particular HVAC contractor and repair the damages. Most of the individuals do not do this and they will suffer when the systems are not functioning. Get to know about  HVAC contractor Grand Rapids MIchigan.

Guide to Hiring a Heating and Cooling Contractor

Heating and Cooling Contractor

Basically, on climatic changes from hot sizzling summer and chill of winter may cause worse damage of your heating and cooling system especially air conditioners happen unexpectable. On that time, we should suddenly need contractor help to change or repair the system to feel comfortable. Before us going to call a contractor we should analyze some features about our current system to choose the best contractor. Before hiring an air conditioning repair contractor, some information will make the job little easier. Tips which really help to understand about the value of hire the best contractor for your home. They are given below for your references

Doing some research about our conditioning system

Before getting into the repair process, we should do some research on the current system model, model number, its maintenance history, and year of buy like that. It helps more to understand about your system and also helps to know the needs of the contractor. And when we ready to call a contractor, we should search on company websites for services and repairs. It gives a clear overview and list to compare the contractors specialized on models. And we should note that air conditioner contactor to be specialized or not, they having their license of practice and related certificates of their working authorities. These details should be noted before on their credential details, many people are not aware of these details and after doing repairs, they may face problems. At the time we can’t claim it back, so before going to call we should note these details also.

Making search of references and reviews

Next we need to search for references and reviews about their work experiences of a contractor and ask them to give their customer details, which he worked before. It helps us to call them and clarify about the satisfaction of work, budgets and time to completion of repair and so on. Once the review of customers gives satisfactory, then we should proceed on that contractor. Mainly searching the company reviews online gives you a great way to get reliable contractor easily.

Looking for Energy Star performances given by U.S Environmental protection Agency

Coming to the next step, which should be checking of Energy star performance, it is a mandatory for all products. These products have to face the strict energy-efficient levels that set by U.S environmental protection agency. It helps to choose a product when we buying, that make the contractor show you could it energy star heating and cooling.

Evaluation of our home about the problem

After that, we should be ready to self-evaluation of our home, don’t make your contractor to estimate the damages over the phone. First evaluate the level of damages by yourselves and the then contractor should visit our home. After watching those damages then he can estimate those level of damage and etc.

Doing of written estimation process for safety measures

After the evaluation completes, we should discuss the budget, labor costs and outline about equipment installations, then we go for the further move. It should be written and sign by the contractor, which helps you in unforeseen problems.

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Mobile Apps for HVAC

Mobile Apps for HVAC

Technology advancement is forever changing how things are done around the world. Whether it’s your car or your HVAC system, your mobile phone is a powerful device. You can use a tablet or smart phone to take your HVAC service to the next level. If you’re a technician on your way to the job or you’re a homeowner with a few troubleshooting questions, you can use mobile apps for your HVAC to help you out.

Types of HVAC Apps Available

When you’re trying to decide which type of HVAC apps you want to download, you need to know the types that are available. There are many different HVAC and mobile apps to choose from and it can get quite overwhelming. Check out these types and see what you need to make your business or daily life smoother.

There are apps that are designed specifically for calculations. These are meant for charting, graphing and formulating tricky problems when on the job. The enthalpy formula is one of those that the apps like this can tackle. One of these mobile apps can allow you to punch in the humidity and the temperature and have the answer you need in seconds.

Documentation and Reference apps help with the paperwork side of your business. If you need to know the code a system is producing or general information about the model you’re working on, this is where you’ll find it. Sensor based apps also assist you on the job site as becoming a make shift level or light meter when you’re in a bind.

General apps for businesses can assist you with taking notes on the job, scanning in items you need copies of or having a PDF ready at the touch of a button.

Some of the HVAC Apps Available

When you want to have a smart HVAC system, these mobile apps can assist you in getting there. Using these on the job can help you easily diagnosis problems, know proper amounts of refrigerant needed, and have an all-in-one calculator for the job.

HVAC Buddy is one popular mobile app that allows you to gain assistance in diagnosis on the job site. You’ll find a variety of tables, charts and tabs on the app to help you with a variety of on-the-job situations. If you’re looking for a quick tool to figure out calculations on the site, the KoolApp is for you. You can convert pressure-to-temperature formulas in seconds with the use of the app on your mobile device.

Whether you’re on the job, a homeowner, or a business owner, these apps can help you to troubleshoot your current HVAC system. Check them out on your Apple or Android devices and see what you’ve been missing. No more lugging around tons of manuals, calculators or extra paper for formulation. You can have precise measurements in the palm of your hand. Smart phones and tablets are changing the way business is done all over the world. You want your HVAC company or technician to have that extra boost on their side. Ask your company if they use the smart HVAC apps and see what they can do for your every day HVAC needs.

Be sure to check out these apps and the hundreds on the market that are free or for a small fee to help you have a smart HVAC system. You can make sure things are working as they should, troubleshoot problems, or simply make sure your thermostat is on the money. Check out the amazing apps for your mobile phone or tablet to help make your HVAC technician job a little easier. They can assist you with manuals, formulations, and even processing paperwork on the site.

Furnace Repair vs Furnace Replacement

Furnace Repair vs Furnace Replacement

When it comes to keeping your home heated this winter, you may be facing a huge decision. Should I repair my furnace or replace it altogether? If you’re having trouble with it you may not be sure what to do. You can call in your HVAC technician to find out an idea of what it costs to do both but you still ultimately have to make the decision. When you’re faced with the choice of furnace repair or furnace replacement, here are a few tips to keep in mind for making an informed decision.

Age of Unit

First you need to consider how old your current heating systems are. If you’re furnace is only a couple of years old, you could probably get away with repairing whatever the problem is. However, if your furnace is upwards of 10 years, it’s probably best to replace it. If you’re new to the home and unsure of the age of the furnace, you could possibly find the serial number on the unit to investigate it. Otherwise it may be in your best interest to replace it with a new model so you know exactly how old it is.

Cost of Repairs

Consider how much it will cost to repair the current furnace you have. Is it going to cost as much or more than a new unit? If so then it’s a wise consumer decision to replace the entire unit. If it’s only going to cost a few hundred dollars, then it should be fine to have your certified HVAC technician perform the furnace repair.

Safety Concerns

Is the problem with your furnace a safety issue? Then you need to highly consider replacing the current unit so that you can protect your family. There could be issues with leakages or even a fire hazard with your current furnace. In that case, your best bet is to replace the unit entirely. Do not take chances with your family’s health and safety.

How Often Are You Repairing ?

Consider the amount of times you have to call out your HVAC technician. Are you becoming close friends because you see him more than your coworkers? Then it might be time to replace the unit instead of repairing it. These costly repairs add up over time and before you know it, you’ve bought a new furnace in repair costs. Take into consideration the amount of times you have to call in your technician when you’re trying to repair or replace.

How Efficient Is The System?

Another factor to think about is the efficiency of the system. If you’re getting close to a replacement anyway, and you know it’s not efficient, it’s probably best to bite the bullet and replace the unit. The systems on the market now are much more energy efficient which helps to keep your home warm and money in your pocket. Talk wit h your HVAC technician on what the best efficiency unit is for your home to get your best options.

It can be a hard decision to know whether to replace a furnace completely or if a repair will get you through the winter. Be sure to keep all of these factors in mind and discuss your options with your HVAC technician. They have financing options to help offset the upfront cost and the more energy efficient the unit is, the more you save. Remember to keep your family safe, happy, and warm this winter by talking about your options with your HVAC technician. You’ll be glad you did when you see money in your pocket instead of going out the door in energy bills and repairs.

Devices That Can Help Save Energy

HVAC system

When it comes to saving money at home, one of the first places you can star is with your HVAC system. This is a huge draw on your power bill each month which results in a large portion of your home expenses. Staying comfortable in your home while getting the most out of your energy usage is critical to help the environment around you. You may be hearing about energy usage and how you can reduce yours with simple devices on your HVAC system. This is easier to do than you might think with the following HVAC items you can add to your system. Take a look at this products and see which might work best for your home.

HVAC Maximizer

This simple item can truly help you feel more comfortable in your home or office while reducing the energy consumption in your location. How does it work? The maximizer is attached to your HVAC system and extends the length of time your fan runs after the heating or cooling unit has turned off. Typically the fans only run a few seconds or couple of minutes after that has turned off. That can leave a lot of residual hot or cold air in the system itself. By using this simple addition on your HVAC, it increases the amount of time the fan runs and pushes that extra air out into your home or office. That means you get all the cold or hot air your system has been heating and cooling in your home instead of losing it back into the system.

It helps to reduce your costs on gas or electricity, keeps your home or office comfortable, and helps you save energy all around.


If you do not already have a programmable thermostat, it’s time to consider one. This little device can be purchased at local home improvement stores or your HVAC technician can install it. These devices can help you reduce your energy usage by programming the thermostat to work when you’re home and not when you’re away. You can set programs so that when everyone is away at work or school, your HVAC is not running as much as when you’re home. You can also set it for vacation away and when you are about to arrive home, it can turn the system back on so you’re nice and cozy.

HVAC Filters

Be sure that you change out your filter every month to 90-days. You may not realize the impact that a dirty filter can have on your energy usage. It can really cause your HVAC system to run and work much harder than it should. When you’re not changing out the filters regularly, they become clogged up with dirt, dust, and debris. This means your HVAC has to work harder than it should to get the air it needs to cool or heat your home. By changing out the filters, you can give it the fresh breath it needs to do it’s job without overworking it.

HVAC Maintenance

While this is not necessarily an outside addition, this is a necessary step to take to make sure your system is working at it’s peak capacity. When you have regular HVAC maintenance on your unit, it will help your HVAC work as it should. All parts are inspected to ensure that they are in good working condition and that no repairs are needed. When there is a repair needed, it makes your unit work harder to compensate for the disrepair. By having your system checked on a regular basis you can get the full energy efficiency your unit promises for years to come.

Why Is Pre-Winter Furnace Service Important?

Furnace Service

When you buy a new car, you anticipate that eventually you will need to perform maintenance or have a professional perform maintenance on the vehicle. You anticipate this because without routine maintenance your new vehicle will not last long. The same is true for your home’s furnace. Climate controlled air is not just a luxury, but it also a necessity in the extreme hot and cold seasons. Your furnace is a vital part of your home and should be cared for as such. In this article we will discuss why it is important to have your furnace serviced before the winter season comes and what are the benefits.

Stop Being An Average Homeowner

If you are like most homeowners, you are average about the maintenance that goes on in your home. You will occasionally check to see if the air filter for your furnace is ok. You might even change it every now and then. The overall maintenance or lack thereof, is well, one of the main reasons that you have your furnace serviced before the extreme winter months hit. HVAC technicians have reported that the number one call they get for emergencies in the winter, is because homeowners have failed to do routine maintenance themselves.

HVAC Assessment

When an HVAC technician comes to service your furnace, they will perform a thorough assessment of your furnace. They will also make sure that it is in working order. They will check to make sure that all the electrical connections for the furnace are working properly. They will test the voltage of all the electrical components to make sure that everything is working at the appropriate levels. They will make sure that all parts are properly lubricated to allow for maximum efficiency. They will check the condensate drain to make sure there are no clogs. A clogged drain can cause quite the damage over time and can also result in mold and mildew damage. They will check the startup controls to ensure that there are not any problems with your thermostat. If your furnace is constantly starting and stopping, then there may be a problem with your thermostat, the HVAC technician will able to find the problem. They will check to see that the air filters are clean and replace them if needed.

Checking for CO Poisoning

One major thing HVAC technicians check when they service your furnace is for carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be in your home if there is not adequate ventilation. Carbon monoxide is deadly and your family may not even know that there is a problem, until it is too late. HVAC technicians will check to make sure that all exhaust outlets are in working order. They will also check your chimney if you have one to ensure that there isn’t any problems with back drafting.

Furnace Efficiency

An HVAC technician will also make sure that your furnace is working as efficiently as possible. Everyone knows that energy consumption is high in the extreme winter months, because we all desire have climate controlled heat to our liking. An HVAC technician will inspect all the components of your furnace that help maintain its efficiency. The higher the efficiency of your furnace, the less your power bill will be, which just makes sense.

Things You Can Do

There are several things you can do as a homeowner to ensure that your furnace is working properly such as inspect your air filters regularly, check drain pans, and check for soot build up. These things will help keep your furnace working properly, but having a certified HVAC technician service your furnace before the winter is ideal. This is also could for the warranty of your furnace, as you can have proof of how you have maintained the life of your furnace.  

Lower the Cost of Your HVAC System

HVAC System

When you invest in your home, you understand that there will be a cost for everything. From the regular cleaning of the home, to major appliances and systems, you are required to have certain items in the home to function properly during daily activities. The HVAC system of the home is one of the most costly aspects of the home that need to be cared for regularly. From the initial installation to the overall maintenance and repairs, the HVAC system does require time, effort and money. Below are a few tips on how you can save on the cost of your HVAC system from the installation process to repairs and maintenance.

Saving on Installation

The first step to an HVAC unit is installation. The process begins with a free estimate which saves you money from the very beginning. Use quality HVAC contractors to find the best deal on an energy efficient model, allowing you to spend less as you heat and cool the home. A top quality contractor will provide you with multiple options to meet both your budget and comfort needs in the home.

You can save even more on the installation by doing some of the process yourself, though this can be difficult for the inexperienced handyman. Even cleaning out an old unit and removing the system for the new replacement unit can be beneficial when it comes to cutting down your cost.

Continual Maintenance

After your unit is installed, you will need to continue with HVAC maintenance. The heating and cooling unit will require constant care as you use the system for home comfort. You can pay a small fee each year to have experienced technicians come in and clean your system as well as inspect the components. This is an added cost that does have its benefits. You can also do the cleaning work yourself, keeping the outdoor and indoor portion free of dust and debris. This can cut down on the amount of time needed during maintenance or the number of times each year your unit needs to be inspected.

You can do your own routine maintenance on the system with actions such as changing out the filters or lubricating gears and components. However, it is recommended to leave maintenance to the professionals. Seek out deals from local companies to get the best savings on the much-needed service.

HVAC Repairs

Whenever you have an issue with your HVAC unit, you may be inclined to let the repair go unchecked. This can be due to time management or no room in your budget for the repair. However, you can cost yourself more time and money by putting off a repair need. Contact a technician immediately for service to fix your unit. You can save money by trying to repair the issue yourself, if you have HVAC knowledge. If not, you may have friends or family members who are proficient in the skills needed to repair your HVAC unit. Remember, if you have a warranty on your system, it must be serviced by a professional, or the warranty becomes void.

Overall, these are just a few of the ways you can cut costs in the home with your HVAC system. Think about the area in which you live and what you might could do to lower costs in the home. It could be something simple as lowering the temperature setting and using fans or heaters to stay comfortable. Any little step you can take will help to save money while still remaining comfortable in the home. Contact your local HVAC provider to see what you might be able to do to have a safe and comfy home without breaking the bank!

HVAC Emergency – What To Do Now?

HVAC Emergency

If something is going to go wrong, it is usually going to happen when it is the absolute worst time for a catastrophe. It is wise to always expect catastrophes, and to know how to deal with the damage that it entails. Home owners do not want to anticipate HVAC emergencies, but it best to be able to know that eventually problems will arise with their HVAC systems. Here are some ways to be prepared and some preventive maintenance tips on how to avoid emergencies as well.


There are things that home owners can do to insure that their HVAC systems will be working properly for a long time. The first thing that is most important is checking and replacing air filters routinely. The air filter helps contain contaminants that might come in through the air supply, over time these contaminants will cause the air filter become clogged. A clogged air filter is not good for you HVAC system because this will slow down the system, and cause it work much harder than it has to. Checking the air filter every month is a good routine to have to check and see that if it needs to be replaced or not. Depending on what type of HVAC system you have determines when you should replace your filter, but it usually should be no more than two months.

Check The Drain Pans

Checking the drain pans of the HVAC system is always a good idea. The drain pan is what the drain lines pulling condensation out drain into. Over time these drain lines can be clogged, and cause the drain pan to overfill, this will result in water damage. If you have an HVAC system in your attic, this can cause quite the property damage. Always make sure that you know where the drain pan is, and check it periodically to make sure it is draining properly.

Check The Thermostats

The thermostat in the home is not only important to controlling the desired temperature of the home, but it also relays information to the HVAC system. This is because there is a sensor in the thermostat that tells whether the desired temperature is being met or not. If the sensor is placed in a small enclosed room, then the larger rooms of the home will never reach the desired temperature, and this will cause the HVAC system to overwork. It is also always important to change out your thermostat’s batteries from time to time. Sometimes it is easy to forget the simple things that are required to make your HVAC system run properly.

Check The Condenser

The condenser unit outside is extremely important to not forget when maintaining your HVAC system. The condenser coil can become obstructed with outside debris and cause your HVAC system to overwork. It is always a good idea from time to time to spray your condenser unit off a garden hose to help get rid of any dirt and debris.

HVAC Technician      

There are times that there are things that home owners will not be able to fix themselves. It is essential to have your HVAC system serviced at least once a year, but if you are able it is really good to have it serviced before the extreme seasons hit. An HVAC technician can service your HVAC system and let home owners know if there are any problems that are not detectable to the home owner. Especially if there is a refrigerant leak they can find the source of the leak, and hopefully fix it. If it is a problem with the equipment, then it will have to be replaced.

No one wants to be stuck in an extremely hot or cold home, following these tips can help keep your HVAC system working properly, and give home owners peace of mind knowing that they are doing all they can to keep themselves comfortable.

Go Green with Air Conditioning This Summer

Go Green with Air Conditioning

Being more efficient with your daily lifestyle is what everyone is striving for. Hybrid cars help you to reduce your emissions and use less gas to run them. Recycling stations around the country help you to reuse instead of waste products like plastic and soda cans. You can even go green with your air conditioning this summer by taking a few steps to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Take a look at a few ways you can go green with cooling your home this summer. You’ll love the comfortable home you have and the feeling of knowing you’re being environmentally conscious.

Change Those Lights!

By switching your current light bulbs out for LED lights you can reduce the heat produced in your home. That means your AC unit is running more efficiently as it does not have to work as hard with the heat you’re producing.

Maintain Your Unit

One huge step you can take to make sure your unit works efficiently is by having routine maintenance performed. Just like changing the oil in your car, your AC unit needs to be checked and freshened up each year. This can also stop small repairs in their tracks instead of letting them become huge repairs. This keeps you running safely throughout the summer.

Clean Out Debris

Make sure your unit outside is free and clear of any debris. Clean out the tree limbs, leaves, and grass clippings that may be trying to clog up the unit. That gives your current HVAC unit the best chance it can to cool the air before sending it in to you.

Ceiling Fans

When you are running your ceiling fans in conjunction with your unit, you can help keep the home cool while having a higher temperature on your thermostat. The fan doesn’t cool the air but it will help to keep the cool air circulating longer. It will keep a breeze blowing in your direction as well making you feel cooler than it is.

Close Those Blinds!

You may not even think about the fact that those blinds being open are causing your room to heat up. Enjoy the early morning views around your home but then close the window dressings to keep the heat out. Once the sun is up and heating it can be quite hot on the windows of your home. That is letting all that heat warm up the house so you’re going to run the AC more. Close your blinds or drapes and help block some of the heat out.

Clear Out Around The Vents

Go around the entire home and ensure all your vents and grates are free and clear of debris. If there is furniture over a grate or there’s a rug over it, that makes your home work harder to cool the areas. Be sure that all the vents are clear and keep debris off them during the summer.

Filters Changed Regularly

Changing out your air filters on a regular basis not only helps you stay free of pollutants but it helps your unit be more efficient. A dirty clogged filter can cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to to keep your unit running and the home cool. Change your air filters out at least once a month.

Keep these tips in mind this summer to help you go green and be more efficient with your current heating and cooling system. You can leave less of a carbon footprint by simply putting these steps in place. When it’s time to replace your HVAC unit you can also go with a higher SEER unit that is more efficient from the beginning.

Determine The Right Size Air Conditioner For Your Home

Air conditioners

Are you in need of a new air conditioner? During the hot summer months having a properly functioning air conditioner is critical. If you don’t have a properly working air conditioner both you and your family will have a very uncomfortable summer. If you are in need of purchasing a new air conditioner it is important that you choose the right one for your home because if you get one that’s too big or too small you would be better off with just not having one at all.

Choosing The Right Size AC For Your Home

Air conditioners are rated by BTU’s and their cooling capacity is directly related to the number of BTU’s the air conditioner is. The larger the BTU’s means the greater the cooling capacity will be. BTU’s are directly related to the size of the air conditioner as well. A small air conditioner will have a low BTU rating, while a big air conditioner will have a high BTU rating. BTU’s are just the first thing you need to know about when choosing the air conditioner that best fits your home.

You need to next consider the actual window opening in which you will be placing the unit. In order to get an accurate measurement of this you will need to open the bottom window and measure the height and width of the window opening. It is crucial that you get your measurements correct because if they are wrong then you will more than likely purchase an air conditioner that wont even fit into your home. You should next take into consideration the amount of power that is available near the window that you are going to install the AC in.

Window air conditioners come in 120 and 240-volt models and each of them will require a different electrical outlet so you need to make sure that you purchase an air conditioner with the right voltage. If you are at all unsure about what size air conditioner to purchase call a professional. Don’t waste your money on something that’s not going to work like you need it to.

AC Installation

After you have double-checked that you have purchased the right air conditioning unit you need to have it installed properly. AC installation should be left up to a professional. Your local heating and cooling company will have a staff of air conditioning contractors that will be willing to help you with the installation process. Just as ensuring that you have purchased the right size air conditioning unit is important making sure that it is installed properly is equally as important.

If you purchase the wrong size or choose to install your AC unit on your own and anything is done wrong you will be better off with your old worn out unit. Air conditioners use a lot more electricity than what you would think. Matter of fact over half of your monthly electric bill comes from heating and cooling your home and if your air conditioner is not absolutely perfect it can end up costing you a lot more money than it should because it will not be efficient at all.

Now that you have been provided with the information you need to know when it comes to choosing the right size air conditioner for your home you can have your new air conditioner in no time. Always remember though if you are in the least bit unsure on what size air conditioner you need or how to install it call a professional. There is never any harm in asking after all that is their job.