Make Your Home Look More Expensive With These Interior Designer Hacks

Whether you’ve got the look complete or are just starting out, most of us strive to not only make our home feel beautifully decorated but also more luxurious and expensive in feel as well. But how do you get the look right without spending a head-scratching fortune? To help you find solutions to make your […]

3 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Décor Better this Year

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if “hosting Thanksgiving” just so happens to appear on your to-do list, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about your décor. Because let’s face it: between fighting crowds at the grocery store and cooking potatoes three ways, you won’t have the time—or the energy–to think […]

Home Fabrics: Trending Options to Make Your Home Cozy

COZY FABRIC WALL ART The wooden picture frames and shiny glass-covered prints on your walls create dimension and help define your space, but the addition of some fabric art will contribute a tactile element that traditional artwork just can’t match. Textures invite you to touch them – a compelling way for your family and guests […]

The Art of Interior Design – How To Combine Different Furniture Styles

Interior design in general is becoming more and more liberal and it is not uncommon nowadays to see styles which are truly unique in nature. Gone are the days when you would just match everything together, although it is still done, but it is more popular to try and workout a mixing scheme that will […]

6 Advices on How to Add Color to Your Space

You need a change of atmosphere inside your house, but you are short of either money or time for any big changes that would involve serious renovation work? There is a simple solution that could do the trick. Change the coloring of your rooms and change the atmosphere along the way. It had been scientifically […]

Affordable Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating the kid’s room has always been one of the most amazing renovation projects. It includes choosing comfy furniture, appropriate colors and patterns, as well as numerous details that will embellish the entire space and add vivacity. However, if you have ever wondered what happens to kids’ room when they start growing up, you are […]