Tips for Kitchen and Flooring Remodeling

Kitchen and Flooring

It can be an exciting time when it comes to decorating the home, either starting with one or more rooms at once. Even though you have the bigger picture in your mind, it can be extremely beneficial to think about any issues that you may come across along your journey.

Even if you do not think anything will go wrong or any glitches may occur, it is always best to at least brainstorm anything that might be an issue along the way. If you do come across problems or feel you need some help, there are a lot of home services companies and general contractors out there that can help you.

For this article, I will focus on the kitchen and flooring. Here are a range of occurrences that can become an issue when redecorating your kitchen from the obvious to the a little bit more random which you may or may not come across, that come from actual experiences.

Kitchen Decorating Tips

Many people start their redecorating with the front room, but depending on your home it could be more beneficial to work on the kitchen beforehand. One reason being the amount of dust, dirt, old flooring and general rubbish that you may need to bring through the front room and out the front door.

Even if you have a back gate, it can be easier for workmen or yourself to trudge through the front room instead of round the back. This is far from idea if you have just laid new carpet, purchase a new range of furniture or the possibility of catching any wood, nails or other objects on your new sofa and chairs.

When it comes to the kitchen, there are a few tips that we would like to pass on from our experiences.

Laminated Flooring

At first, the kitchen in our home had laminated flooring which was great, until the ceiling flooded from the bathroom above. This became our first reason to look into redecorating the kitchen as the laminated flooring began to warp itself which then began to look horrid and produce gaps between the wood.

When removing laminate flooring, the actual removal is very easy as the wood just slot together, what you should be prepared for is the state of the underlay that can exist under the laminate. If like us, you have had a leak, then the underlay could have easily become waterlogged, dries out and then sticks to the actual floor with quite an effort to remove.

Therefore, before you lay your new flooring this will need to come up so best to remove before the company coming to lay your new flooring arrives. If you are doing it yourself, then it will certainly provide some good exercise to remove any that has stuck to the floor.

Vinyl as alternative flooring

A popular type of kitchen flooring these days is vinyl. This is not the cheap plastic variety you would of found in the 80’s and 90’s but a high quality material that is warm to the touch, so also great for walking on bare foot.

Our top tip is to make sure you do not drag furniture across it without due care. For heavy furniture and appliances, sliding the item is something to think about. One way to do this is to lean the appliance, let’s say the fridge for example. Then place a large thick towel underneath, leaning the fridge in the other direction and placing under the other half as well. You can then careful drag the fridge in the direction you wish, with less likelihood of tearing your new vinyl.

Stay Under Budget With Used Kitchen Cabinets

Used Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the most expensive room in your home to renovate, with an average renovation cost amounting to somewhere between $15,000 and $35,000. Between the price of flooring, paint, appliances, and countertops, you can easily drop thousands of dollars trying to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. It’s very easy to go well over budget by purchasing the best quality of each of these items. Luckily, you can save large amounts of money by buying used products for your kitchen renovation. Used kitchen cabinets are a great way to save on money without compromising on style or performance.

Brand new kitchen cabinetry can run you upwards to ten thousand dollars. If you’re already planning to invest in the best and newest appliances, you might not have the money in your budget to get the newest in cabinets. A limit on your budget, however, doesn’t mean that you’re limiting your style. By checking out local classified ads online, you can find high-quality cabinets for less. A classified blog can do all the hard work for you; it amasses all of the postings for cabinets in your area, and you can list these results by price, publish date, and distance from your location. All you have to do is send an email to the poster who has the cabinets that catch your eye.

When you buy kitchen cabinets through online classifieds, you’re doing more than staying on budget. You’re investing in a second-hand economy that keeps local money stay within your community. Instead of purchasing a set of cabinets that were produced overseas by several different companies, you’re putting money into the hand of your neighbour. With any luck, the person that sells you their cabinets will use this money to purchase other local goods. What this really means is you’re putting money back into the Canadian economy. Now that Canada is under threat of another economic downturn, this has more significance now than ever before.

Another major benefit to buying used local cabinets is that you are able to find very unique and special kinds that you couldn’t locate elsewhere. Chances are your dream cabinet might not be available in a store. Whether you are going for a vintage, rustic, or modern feel, you are sure to find something that you’re looking for in someone else’s kitchen.

Keeping it local and cheap is certainly a win/win situation in anyone’s books. Search through an online classified blog to find the cabinets you need, and you can help out your fellow Canadians in addition to your budget. Buying local and used can help you finish the renovation of your dreams under budget.

BLANCO Kitchen Sinks – How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

BLANCO Kitchen Sinks

Are you planning on remodelling your kitchen, or looking for a change in your kitchen sink? With the wide range of models in the market today, making the right choice could be time-consuming and stressful. Not to worry, I have had my fair share of experience in looking for kitchen sinks and can help you out with suggestions.

Firstly, you’ll need to decide on what you want based on your budget, space in the kitchen, and how tough you are on your sink. 😉 Yeah! Some people tend to throw in their pots and pans, and even transfer hot pans into the sink directly off the cooktop. As we all know, a sink and a faucet is a basic necessity in every kitchen, and it’s important to evaluate the various options available before you zero in on one.

When I went shopping for my kitchen sink, the person at the store asked me several questions. He asked if I multitask in my sink, and if I wash utensils as and when I use them or prefer to wash them at the end of the day. At first I was confused by his questions, but later I got to know that he had a point. He said that he recommends kitchen sinks to customers based on how they plan to use it, as it can really make a big difference.

There are a few people who say that you’ll have to compromise on look and design while choosing a sink that will work best for you. Well, I recently bought a BLANCO sink and did not have to compromise on anything this time. 🙂

BLANCO is well known around the world for its faucets and sinks and has been in the industry since 1925. They initially started with parts for cookers and water bottles but have also made and sold millions of sinks.

Here are some criteria you need to keep in mind while choosing your BLANCO sink.

Based on Material:

Stainless Steel Sinks

BLANCO’s stainless steel kitchen sinks are made from premium grade steel and come with a satin polished finish, which is created by an extensive polishing process. The sink has a luxurious look, and is smooth and easy to clean.


SILGRANIT sinks consist of 80% granite and come in beautiful colours and elegant designs. They are stony to touch and are heat resistant up to 536 °F. The sinks are highly durable; they don’t fade, and are resistant to scratches, heat and breakage. They are resistant to acid and alkali solutions, and offer easy maintenance.

CERANA Fireclay Sinks

These sinks are made using hand-finishing techniques and high-firing temperatures, and are designed to resist scratching, chipping and staining. These sinks come with beauty and durability combined. The surface of these sinks is lustrous and does not fade. It is long-lasting, rust-resistant, and shock-resistant, as well.

Based on Installation Method:

Undermount Installation

Do you plan to install your sink bowl from under the countertop? You can try this installation method if you are going in for a marble, engineered stone or granite countertop.

MicroEdge® Installation

This technology gives you a virtual flushmount look that owes its elegance to the 1.25 mm sink rim that sits over the countertop. The sink requires expert handling and can be flushmounted or topmounted, preferably by solid surface specialists.

Drop-in Installation

This kind of installation method suits all kinds of countertops and is the traditional way of installation where the sink is inserted from above the countertop.

Stainless Steel Apron Front Installation

This method has been around for 80 years and is sure to go well with all kinds of decor.

Fireclay Apron Front Installation

You can choose between a rounded front for a traditional look, and a squared front for that present-day stylish look.

There are a few other things to keep in mind as well. You’ll find that standard kitchen cabinet sizes start from 9″ in width and go on to 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″ etc. Before you buy your sink make sure you measure your cabinet size. Another aspect to keep in mind is the bowl depth; this is something you must consider especially if you use utensils like tall pots.



Advantages of Countertops That Mostly People Are Not Aware Of

Kitchen Countertops

These days you can find a variety of countertops for designing your kitchens. The best countertops are the one’s which are robust in design and can bear the daily life working. The designing of the countertops is done in accordance with the color scheming of the kitchen. The countertops are available in different materials and textures which are namely as follows;

  • Wood counter tops
  • Glass countertops
  • Stone countertops
  • Granite countertops
  • Marble countertops
  • Tiled countertops.

Colors and Materials Varieties in Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen countertops are usually made with marble or stone surfaces, as they can tolerate a lot of pressure and falls. The stone countertops are the best to choose from the stone countertops come in a variety of types. The granite and the marble countertops are the most often used materials in the stone countertop category. The kitchen countertops available in granite stone come in so many colors to match your kitchen tiles and wall cabinets. The stone countertops are available in brick red, black coke color, while marble color, neon green and shades of brown.

Solutions for Wood Countertops

Wood countertops look good but cannot sustain the everyday working requirements of a kitchen. The wood countertops can be destroyed with the use of water unless it is coated with synthetic wood. As wood countertops have a porous surface the water can go inside the kitchen countertop and make it swell. Thus wood countertops are not much used. The stone and tile finishing surfaces are made to look like wood with fox printing and flex painting. People are going for tiles and kitchen tops which look like wood but are actually much more solid and long-life materials than wood.

Solid Solutions for Your Kitchen Countertops

The glass countertops are a fancy solution for kitchen countertops. The glass countertops give a very lavish and translucent look to your kitchen. Glass tops are a relatively new idea floating in the market and on the minds of the consumers. People are not very open yet to the idea of glass top. The glass tops are although being used by the recipe TV shows to make their shows look great.

The glass countertops also come in different colors if you don’t want a transparent one. Glass countertops are made of robust glass with the heavy width to avoid breakage. Glass tops give a lot of shine to your kitchen area whenever it is wiped off. Although one drawback of the glass top is to avoid very warm and abrasive surfaces should be avoided to be placed on the countertops.

The countertops are created to give a person convenience and ease to work in the kitchen. Without the use of countertops it would be difficult to cut vegetables and arrange a meal. Its researched that sitting in an awkward position to do kitchen work can take a toll on your back. Thus the standing posture is much preferred and recommended that can be possible by having countertop in your kitchen.

Watch the video on How to Install Countertops in Kitchen

How to Make Your Ordinary Kitchen, a Classic and Dream Kitchen?


While preparing the kitchen designs, select the proper shape for your kitchen. There is no ideal shape for dream kitchen. The one which fits in your room size is the ideal kitchen for your living place. U and L shape kitchens are usually preferred by the ladies.

Keep Your Classic Kitchen Simple

While designing your classic kitchen, make sure you keep it spacious and simple. Do not place lots of things in your kitchen. People often do the mistake of over decorating their kitchens. To make your kitchen more practical keep it modern yet compact and trouble-free. Plan the placement of sink cooking stove and fridge before you select any design.


Things you will have to decide about, to fix in your modern kitchen to give a classic touch.

  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Sink
  • Stove

The classic kitchen has deep drawers and cabinets. This is to utilize every inch of the kitchen. You can keep appliances in drawers besides cutlery and small stuff. In modern kitchen storage space is usually missed out element and the focus is more on styling and design. If you are designing your kitchen yourself, do focus on storage space. You can add stylish drawers, cabinets and avoid gaps in the cabinets to make it look like a designer kitchen.

Placement of Lightening Effects is Crucial in Designer Kitchens

In designer kitchens the placement of lights and lightening effect is one of the major concerns. Like other rooms in designer kitchen more lightening is required. Make sure that stove should come directly under the light. You might need lights in the cabinets so that it makes easier for you to search cabinets when you need to find something.

The placement of switch boards is another important aspect of your kitchen design. Socket boards should be positioned according to the switch of appliances. Suitable electric lines are required in kitchen. To avoid any accident in kitchen keep the wiring in kitchen safe and placement of socket boards away from sink. Never ignore these aspects of the kitchen design.

Counter space and surface should be wide in your modern kitchen. There are few steps that you may take to transform your modern kitchen into a dream kitchen.

  • Select a surface which is easy to work on.
  • Marble slabs are best to be used for this purpose in your dream kitchen.
  • You can also use tiles though it will cost a bit higher. But certainly you would love to spend some extra bucks for your dream kitchen.

Safety Measures to Be Taken Care in Your Dream Kitchen

If your appliances have served a long duration do not reuse them. Although it can save your money but in longer time might affect your health. After certain time period always change your electrical kitchen appliances as well as crockery and cutlery. Keep your kitchen safe. In case you have kids at home you may prefer to have an extra door in your kitchen design. Open kitchen looks more beautiful but they are unsafe epically for the kids.

Keep stove at enough height. Instead of having low height oven, buy electric oven which can be placed at height. This way you can avoid accidents in your classic kitchen and can work tension free even with kids around.

While taking your kitchen design in consideration, do allocate a space for garbage container. The most suitable place for garbage bin is either on the behind cabinets or under the sink. In your kitchen design, it must be taken care that garbage area should be covered. By applying these incredible ideas of classic kitchen, you may have your dream kitchen at your living place.