Sculpting With Light to Give The Illusion of More Space in The Home

small living spaces

The popularity of small living spaces is increasing due to environmental and economic considerations. As a result, more people are looking for ways to make their interior spaces appear and feel more spacious. Luckily, there are many attractive and easy ways to accomplish this goal. Here are some ways to use light in creative ways for a living space with a better feel.


There are so many beautiful mirrors to choose from, or you can even design your own! Well-placed mirrors reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space. While some limit mirrors to just bathrooms and bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas are great place to utilize multiple mirrors. You can try alternating art work with mirrors on both sides of a room for a sophisticated and artistic inspired look.


While curtains and Roman shades offer some control over light in your living spaces, they do not offer the level of control that shutters can. Stylish window shutters allow you to make slight or great adjustments to the light flowing into your home. This is important throughout different times of day, and in different seasons when light does not flow into your home at the same angles. There are many types of shutters available to match your décor. For a vintage or island look, wood shutters offer a lot of charm. For those that crave color you can order shutters to match your design style.

Dimmer switches

With many light fixtures there is no choice in the level of light offered; they are simply either on or off. If dimmer switches are installed on fixtures you can more easily adjust the level of light in various areas of your home. This can be more cost effective than buying different fixtures or bulbs.

Add ambiance

If you have a piece of artwork or books that mean something to you, consider highlighting them with accent lighting. Adding light to often ignored vertical spaces can create the illusion of a larger room. It is up to you how much light you want to add, but some people light up entire walls for an even greater sense of space.

Keep your options open

Different types of lighting are nice to have depending upon what you are doing. Dinner-time lighting is likely different than the light you want when cleaning or doing detailed work. This means that having several lighting options can be the best choice. You might want a desk lamp for where you like to browse the internet, but a chandelier with a dimmer switch for when you are entertaining and want to create a different and more intimate atmosphere.

Choosing a color scheme that works with your lighting

Dark colors can make a space feel more enclosed and intimate, whereas lighter walls and colors can make a space feel more open and spacious. If you rent, then you might have little choice over what colors your walls are. However, choosing wall hangings and window treatments that are lighter in weight and color create the illusion of space.

Go Modern And Your Living Room Will Thank You

Living Room

The process of designing a living room that’s practical but also interesting isn’t always easy. You have to have a plan that considers the size of the space, its uses, and the overall atmosphere that you intend to create. While colour schemes and window dressing are important additions to any room, modern furniture can create the most influential change to your living room.

Feng shui is a centuries old practice that attempts to create harmony with a physical environment. It considers invisible forces that affect the feeling attributed to a room, and the orientations of doors, windows, and furniture can be used to influence the atmosphere. Whether or not you ascribe to the ancient tradition, you can appreciate that the way you situate your furniture can alter the way the design of your living room feels.

Everyone wants to have a living room that is warm and inviting to its guests and one that people actually want to spend time in. For this task, you have to consider what will be your focal point. In some rooms, a fireplace is the obvious focus and the furniture will have to be arranged to accommodate its position in the room. In other rooms, the television will take precedence, requiring sofas and sectionals to face its screen.

Living Room

As you design your living room to your liking, you might realize that you need pieces than what you currently have. For a room with a roaring fireplace, it would be nice to have a cosy chair by the hearth so someone can enjoy reading a book by firelight. For a tv room, you might want to purchase a larger sofa so that all of your family members can enjoy watching a thrilling movie at the same time.

When adding furniture to your living room, you’ll want to stick with modern, leather pieces. Leather is a versatile and durable material that accommodates any design scheme or lifestyle, as it comes in many different finishes. When you purchase your furniture from the leading name in the industry, you can ensure the quality of pieces – from the leather to its springs to its frame – will be guaranteed.

At The Chesterfield Shop, all of their pieces come with 5-year warranties that you can learn more about when you click here for more information. They also have innovative manufacturing practices, ensuring that their cushioning uses an eco-friendly, soybean-based oil. Best of all, their design experts can also help you create the best design flow in your living room.

Designing your perfect living can be easy. With new modern leather pieces and the right positioning, you can have a beautiful and inviting living room that your family and guests will love.