Check Out the Best Accessories for Your Swim Spa

swim spa accessories

Having your own swim spa is the ultimate luxury and if you’ve just invested in one, you’ll want to make the most of it with a range of accessories and items to enhance your enjoyment.

You’ve no doubt spent a small fortune on a luxury model (if you’re looking for a recommendation, check out these swim spas from Vita Spa) and, as such, want to ensure the whole experience is an enjoyable one and that you’re not fighting a losing battle with the likes of keeping it clean and hygienic.

As such, we’ve put together our list of top accessories for your swim spa in conjunction with Aqua Spa Supplies.

A Spa Caddy Or Grip O Can For Easy Drinks Storage

After your training or workout you’ll naturally want a drink, so keep one to hand on a spa caddy that can easily be fixed to the outside of your spa. Constructed from reinforced plastic on an aluminium post it can hold your phone, book, drink etc and swing out of the way when not in use.

Alternatively why not go for a Grip O Can/Bottle holder instead. Simply place your bottle or can in the insulated holder and stick on to your spa via the eight little suction feet to keep your drink cool. If you’re having a party you could opt for the Grip O Cooler instead which is the same principal but large enough to hold a bottle of wine and four wine or champagne glasses as well.

Make Cleaning An Easy Job

Make the job of removing debris from the bottom of your spa easy with a Pool Blaster Catfish. This rechargeable battery operated cleaner can run for up to 45 mins from one charge and makes easy work of cleaning up leaves, dirt and debris. The Catfish compacts the dirt into an easy to empty filter bag and can be used without the head as a powerful spot cleaner.

If that doesn’t appeal then how about the Shake-A-Vac Spa Vacuum instead? It’s a simple way of removing bugs, dirt etc from the bottom of your spa and comes at a very reasonable price as well. Featuring a self priming siphon, to start just insert into the water and shake up and down using long fast strokes. The siphon action will automatically start for you to begin your cleaning.

At the end of the day, both hot tubs and swim spas are nothing without a number of must-have accessories, however none of them cost a fortune and will enhance your hot tub experience considerably!

As far as we’re concerned, they’re all things which need to be purchased when you buy your swim spa however as otherwise, you’ll regret it and wish you’d made the purchase right from the start!

Could A Hot Tub Or Spa Enhance Your Life?

Hot Tub Or Spa

We’re all looking for ways of improving our lives, whether that’s by boosting our health or creating some leisure time. But how do we go about achieving this? We all know we must do our best to make time for ourselves, to relax and simply take things easy, however in many instances, it’s easier said than done!

Look At The Foods Which You Eat

One obvious way would be to look at the foods we eat. If we’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals then we may not feel at our best, so an improvement in our diet is always a good choice.

Are You Wasting Time?

Next, think about how we spend your time. Wasting precious minutes on unnecessary tasks can make anyone feel stressed and resentful, so cut out all time-consuming jobs that can be classed as non-essential.

For example, do you really need to iron underwear and nightwear? Could you really not get by if you didn’t vacuum the carpet today? By cutting out these little jobs it is possible to have more free quality time instead.

Do You Do Enough Exercise?

Exercise is an excellent way of improving health, so make sure you do it on a regular basis. Walking to the shops instead of taking the car or taking the stairs at work instead of the lift means it can be incorporated into everyday life without much effort at all.

It’s important that you take the time to exercise as and when possible and making a few small changes to your everyday routine could make all the difference. It really is the case that a few small changes all add up to make a huge difference and it’s important that you see it all this way!

Take Time To Relax

Taking time out to relax is also very important and one of the most effective and pleasant ways of doing this is to use a hot tub. The warm water and massage jets in a hot tub or spa mean it’s easy to achieve relaxation and this can help in a number of ways. Blood pressure will be reduced as the warmth helps the blood vessels dilate and speed up the flow of blood around the body.

Stress levels fall as the muscles relax meaningless harm is done to the body. Pain can be relieved for anyone suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia as well as increased mobility in the joints.

In fact a hot tub offers an all round treatment for anyone and can’t fail to improve on most people’s quality of life. We recently spoke with Essex based hot tub dealers, Aqua Warehouse, who stated to us, “if you’re looking to find a great way to relax and offer a wealth of heath benefits, you simply can’t go wrong with a hot tub! Whilst often seen as a luxury purchase, the benefits are huge and it’s something we’re on a mission to spread the word about and raise awareness!’

The Ultimate Product in Hot Tub Convenience

Hot Tub

Over the past few years, hot tubs have been gaining in popularity faster than any other leisure item, due in part to the fact that they’ve not only dropped in price to become affordable for your average person but also the fact that they’re being brought to the attention of the wider population a little more than they once were.

Many people are wanting to take advantage of owning their own hot tub, but what do you do if funds are tight or you don’t want a hot tub as a permanent feature in your garden? Well, one solution to this problem would be to go for a “Spa N A Box” instead, something which we first saw over at

The ‘Spa N A Box’

Purchasing one of these items could solve all your problems and be just the product you’ve been longing for. With the ’Spa N A Box,’ you could share it with another member of your family or even your next door neighbour or friend, as being completely portable it could be transported between properties when you need to.

It’s not only convenient for transporting but also for storing, meaning unlike standard hot tubs, you won’t need to keep it up permanently throughout the year.

One Third of the Cost of a Standard Hot Tub

With this innovative product coming in at around a third of the cost of a standard hot tub, it will allow you to experience all the benefits but without all the cost, something which is the only thing putting many off making a purchase.

Get All the Benefits

Hot tubs and spas are the ideal way of treating many different health problems, so if you suffer from arthritis or perhaps insomnia but aren’t sure if it will help you in the long term, by sharing your portable hot tub with someone else you won’t need to commit to all the expense by yourself.

For convenience, your portable hot tub can be set up in around 20 minutes and plugs into a standard household socket. It only takes one person to do this and requires no tools. Simply slot the sides together, add the liner and fill with water. It has a thermostatically controlled 1 KW heater and a dual thermal soft cover with the option of an additional hard cover to keep in the heat when not in use.

Like a standard hot tub it also has massage jets and a filtration system to keep the water clean. It can seat 4-6 adults yet it only measures a compact 185 cm. When not required it can be easily packed away into two boxes for storage or transportation. It certainly is the ultimate in hot tub convenience.

Above all else, this is the ideal solution that many have been looking for years. It allows you to experience all of the benefits of owning a hot tub without the price tag typically associated with them – for many, it’s win all round!

A Wonderful Guide to Enjoy Summer with Swimming Pools & Spas

swimming pool spa

Wow, summers have approached us and that’s the season of swimming pools and spas. What a delight to find with swimming pools and spas. Summers fun is incomplete without swimming pools and spa. It’s a two in one fun to have beauty and shaping up together with the swimming pools and spa. Come on! lets have fun!

Choose the Club Offering Swimming Pools with Spas

Swimming pools with spas are an awesome experience as it soothes and relaxes one’s senses. After you swim in the swimming pools with spas you feel rejoiced and refreshed as the spas offer you with steam baths and sauna baths. By experiencing swimming pools with spas you may get all the toxins out of your body. It also makes you smart and more alert. The swimming pool with spas is a life giving experience for those who haven’t as yet tried the lovely ride.

swimming pool spa

Beautifying in the Summers

Spas and swimming pools are an awesome experience and the two collaborated is yet as exciting as it seems. The spas and swimming pools offer clean swimming pools disinfected from germs and a relaxing spa followed by the lovely swimming. The spas and swimming pools are the complete beauty package for the summer lovers to tone up their muscles along with cleaning the stubborn black heads. The spas and swimming pools are offered mostly in the summers. However, if there are pool heating systems, they also offer the services in the winters as well. Believe it or not, it’s always lovely to enjoy the spas and swimming pools.

Keeping in Shape

  • Spa swimming pools offer you almost all kinds of exercises but swimming is the best exercise to enjoy there.
  • All our muscles are used while swimming. The spa swimming pools are the best that a woman can get as a treat away from the busy routine.
  • Spa swimming pools together is a brilliant combo and a great opportunity extended by the clubs to relax while regenerating your skin cells.
  • The spa swimming pools take care of the beauty and physique and that’s what the people love in it.

Find out Cheap Swimming Pools Spas

Finding out cheap swimming pools spas is not a problem when you have a group of friends. The internet can be a help to find the cheap swimming pools spas in your town. No one is going to pay more if one can find cheap swimming pools spas in town to visit often.  The cheap swimming pools spas offer the same services more or less with a little hang ups with the pool area.

There are few aspects that might not be liked by your. Actually the maids and children are strictly prohibited near the swimming pools spas areas to avoid any mishaps. Although the swimming pools and spas don’t offer child care services for women with young kids so one has to leave them home with a care taker.