Tips on Finding High-End San Diego Real Estate

San Diego Real Estate

Luxury homes come in different styles and are available in just about every part of the country. While some families want a spectacular home in the mountains, many more seek a life by the ocean, which is why San Diego real estate is in such high demand.

What you get for your money will likely depend on location, as a cliff-top ocean view is probably going to cost you more than a nice piece of land out in wine country. Most people define luxury home by price, and while that is a factor, the style and location also play a major part for most people on the lookout for a high-end piece of property in San Diego.

The search for luxury San Diego real estate usually begins with finding an agent who is more than familiar with the luxury market. Many of the properties that are listed on the high end of the price scale are often tucked away in very private locations. These can be tough to find on your own, and gaining access for a viewing without a qualified agent in tow will be nigh on impossible.

Luxury real estate differs from the standard listings, as there are often no comparable in regards pricing. A real estate agent who deals with luxury listing will know exactly what to look for, and will thus be able to decide if the price being asked for is fair or overblown.

If you are in the market for San Diego real estate on the higher end of the price scale, you are going to need to get your financing in place. If this is your first foray into the luxury market, you may not be aware that it can take a good deal longer to secure financing for these types of properties than it does with a standard mortgage. You can easily be looking at 45-60 days for your loan to be approved, and it may well be that you have to wait until that happens before you start house shopping.

Many sellers of high-end properties require the financing to be in place before they open their home for a viewing. They need to be sure that the people coming through their home are indeed interested in the property, and that they have the financing to make a deal.

Every home, regardless of price, should undergo an inspection before you finalize the deal. This is especially true for a luxury property as there are often, amenities included that you might not find in a traditional property. You may need to acquire the services of a property inspector who has experience with these types of homes and the amenities that they have on offer.

Essentially, the process of shopping for high-end real estate in San Diego is similar to that of shopping for any other type of property, but there are some differences that can only be addressed by professionals who have experience in the buying and selling of luxury homes.

Renting a House in London? Here’s 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do

Renting a House in London

Renting a house in London is an incredibly exciting prospect, with its booming business and social scene attracting a wide range of people to move there. However, you can fall into some traps when looking for a home, which can cause extra stress that you really don’t need. Here’s our list of the things you shouldn’t do when renting a house in London, so you can be as prepared as possible for your future move.

Choose the first one you look at

Looking for a new home can be overwhelming, and sometimes you can just want to get it over and done with. Or you’ll see a house and instantly fall in love with it, even though you haven’t seen the other, possibly better, options out there.

It’s always worth viewing a number of houses before you jump right in, just to be sure you’re completely happy with the decision. Make a pros and cons list and write lots of notes at each viewing you attend, so you don’t forget any important details.It may go against the popular saying, but sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

Limit your search

You may have your heart set on a specific area when you start your search, but it may be well worth widening your sights, especially in London. Living in the capital can be very pricey, so properties within your price range may not correspond with your desired area, and you may be able to get more for your money elsewhere. Why not explore a variety of places? That way you can be certain that you’re getting the best home for your needs.

Go it alone

Although it can seem easy to search for houses without assistance, it is definitely better to enlist extra help, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re moving to or the rental process. This is especially beneficial when moving to London, as the wide variety or properties and prices can become quite overwhelming for even the most experienced of renters. Estate agencies such as Morgan Randall help you from the beginning of your search to the end of your tenancy, providing you with suggestions and advice to suit your individual needs. Working directly with an estate agent will make your search faster and more effective, so you’ll be moved into your dream home in no time.

Hopefully these tips are helpful for any future renters out there.Moving to a new home is hard, even more so in London, so be sure to do as much research as possible before making your decision. It may be difficult initially, but with all the opportunities the capital offers it’s bound to be worth it.

What would be your advice to renters in London?

Tips For Renting Out Your Home

Tips For Renting

Not everyone decides to sell when they want to move from their old home and to pastures new. In many cases, people decide that rather than sell their old property, they’ll rent it instead. This can be a great way to generate new income and keep your hand in the property market.

However, if you do decide to put your home up for rent, what do you need to do? Here are some tips from House Network that will help to make the transition and soon as possible and get you interviewing prospective tenants!

Be Aware of Your Responsibilities

As a landlord, you will be held to governmental rules and standards, and you will have certain responsibilities to your tenants. It’s important that you understand these thoroughly and are prepared to adhere to the law.

For example, you need to make sure that gas and electrical appliances supplied by you are safe and correctly maintained. You’ll also need to provide the property with an energy certificate and ensure that there are no safety or health hazards on your property.

Redecorate and Clean

Rented properties tend to have a neutral décor, which makes sense. As someone is renting from you, they won’t be redecorating, but I wouldn’t be fair to push the old décor onto people that are likely to have very different tastes to you. It’s time to declutter and depersonalise your home and make it more marketable.

Keep things simple and spacious, with the provision of basic furniture if you are offering a furnished property. Light, neutral colours and plenty of light and space will make your place more appealing to people looking to rent. The house is not about reflecting your personality, and this should be clear in the décor.

Fix It Up

It’s time to get all those annoying little repairs and fixes around the house. No one will want to rent your house unless they have reason to believe that it’s been well looked after. A well-presented and well-maintained house suggests a competent, attentive landlord, which is what tenants are looking for.

So, if you have any issues with faulty wiring, chips in the wall, damp and so on, now is the time to get it all fixed and in top condition. It will contribute to your initial costs, but once you’ve got your tenants in the repairs will pay for themselves. Once you’re officially a landlord, you may be called out to deal with repairs and emergencies from time to time, so ensure that you’re prepared to provide a quick, efficient service. Many landlords do the jobs themselves, but some find third party services and work with them regularly in the event of something going wrong with a property.

8 Steps to Getting Started In Property Investment In Abroad

Property Investment

The real estate agents in Mumbai can encourage clients for investing in properties outside the country as there is almost a saturation reached within the country. One can read books, gather required knowledge of investing in property but once the chance comes one tries to back out. This is because we are scared of flourishing business in a foreign country and get stuck in huge losses. Property investment in Abroad requires a few factors to be kept in mind for smooth procedure.

The 8 steps that need to be followed upon so as make business abroad are;

  1. Check the Finances- The property dealers in Mumbai need to calculate the amount their clients can invest in the properties abroad. It requires a stable job and a good employment history so as to get a proper loan for the property investment. The agents should help out the customers in this field.
  2. Get a pre-approval- The real Estate agents in Mumbai needs to help their clients to invest in foreign land properties by applying for a pre-approval from the lender or the seller. It is always better to consult the agents before asking for an approval.  Multiple pre-approvals set a wrong image of the customer as every time the credit history is checked, the numerous enquiries affect the approval. The brokers need to inform the client that whether he qualifies for a loan and reduce the debt amounts in his credit history.
  3. Set the Goals- The customer needs to set his goal as to what and when he wants to achieve his property for further use or for selling purpose. He can set his goals at 10 year plan or 20 years plan. According to the time span he can calculate his expenses and thus will not be affected by the huge expense created.
  4. Your attitude to Risk- Every individual has a different capacity to handle risk extent. The Property dealers in Mumbai help their clients to sort out the risk factor
  5. Budgeting
  6. Purchase Plan- It gives a total portfolio of the customer plan which ultimately leads to the income that one has aimed for. The real estate agents in Mumbai desire to help their customers in this field.
  7. Staying Informed- Various sites give detailed insights of which property can draw what amount of income. So if someone promises of overnight riches, the client should not believe them.
  8. Stay focused.

Home union assist in investing properties in USA and make the entire process hassle free by providing pre-vetted properties to the clients. They even assist in all steps of enquiries and manage all aspects of the property after the purchase namely, maintenance, rents etc. They even help when the client want to sell the property. The property dealers in Mumbai provide vast assistance in guiding customers to buy properties in India and Abroad considering all risk management and managerial help.

Construction Unemployment Falling to Lowest Level Since 2001

Construction Unemployment

The construction industry is experiencing positive employment trends as unemployment falls to its lowest levels since June of 2001. The expansion of the private and public construction jobs have made this possible and local construction companies, such as Homeowners Choice Construction LLC in Tampa, Florida are seeking creative ways to distinguish their company from peers and competitors. Recent Census Bureau data on construction spending depicts there is high demand for new construction — in line with the record high employment numbers.

According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), construction employment was at 6.4 million in May and June, the highest since 2009, while unemployed workers totaled to 522,000 (a record low since 2001).

In addition, the AGC reported that average weekly hours for construction workers was at 39.9 hours – the most hours recorded since 1947.

Figures for private projects for residential buildings such as apartments and public works projects such as civil engineering have risen. According to the analysis by the AGC, “Residential (building and specialty trades) construction employment … increased by 127,000 (5.5 percent) over 12 months. Nonresidential (building, specialty trades, and heavy and civil engineering) construction employment rose 131,800 (3.5 percent) over 12 months”.

However, all of this positive news does not always bode well for contractors who are having a difficult time finding the right type of skilled workers for their projects.  The fact is, “…Until now, all segments of the industry have added workers at a faster rate than the overall economy. But some projects may be delayed or put on hold without new measures to recruit and prepare future workers,” said Ken Simonson, chief economist for the AGC.

AGC officials warn a work shortage of key trained personnel could be at stake. As such, the AGC wants federal, state and private contractors to increase their efforts to not just recruit construction personnel but to provide adequate training and career incentives. According to a senior executive at Homeowners Choice Construction, one of the leading construction companies in Tampa, Florida, “Education is key. Training courses and other continuing education programming should be offered to ensure that workers are getting the high quality education necessary – especially as new technologies and techniques are being introduced into our industry.”Adequate training of construction workers ensures that contractors have access to the best workers in construction, an essential ingredient for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Home Sell Quickly

stage your home

The real estate market may be improving, but the chances are that unless you live in a very popular area, your home could still take a while to sell. There are many things that can be off putting to a potential buyer, so to increase your chances of a fast sale, you will need to correctly stage your home.

To help generate more interest in your house and ultimately secure a quicker sale, follow these simple tips.

Clear Out Clutter

You need to aim to present your property in a way that is welcoming, so one of the most important things you can do is to de-personalise and de-clutter your home. Make sure to take down family photographs and put clutter away – too many things on display will cause viewers to question the amount of storage in your property.

Carry Out Repairs

You may be used to a broken gutter, leaking tap, stuck window or that hole in the wall, but none of these appeal to buyers. Viewers pick up on any faults and even small issues can be a no-no. Therefore, carry out repairs before you list so that the photographs do your home justice.

Set the Scene

After de-cluttering, the next thing you need to do is dress your home to impress. Think about the way a show home is presented and try to emulate, combining warm but neutral tones with luxurious fabrics. When you have viewings, use incense or fragrance to make your home smell divine.

Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is responsible for providing that all important first impression. Whether you own an apartment or a house with a garden, pay attention to the outside of your property. Remove any rubbish, make sure your paint work is up-to-date and aim to make the space functional.

The Price is Right

One of the worst things you can do is overestimate the market value of your home. If you list your property at too high a price, it may end up being overlooked. In order to secure a quick sale, your home must be competitively priced.

Use Social Media

With more than 3 billion registered users of social media, these websites are helpful selling tools that should not be overlooked. Therefore, when your house has been listed online, post it on Twitter and Facebook using relevant hashtags. You can also ask friends to share and retweet, increasing the amount of people who will see it.

Be Flexible

If you limit the days and times potential buyers can arrange viewings, they may cross your property off their list. While you have a busy schedule, you need to remember that viewers do, too. Keep your house clean and tidy and allow your agent to carry out viewings while you are at work.

The Second City Property Boom: The Statistics behind Birmingham’s Rise

Property Boom

When it was recently announced that overseas real estate investors were turning away from the London market, many expected the majority to move into the southwest and nearby regions such as Oxford. What they did not expect was for investors to make their move in the West Midlands market, which at first glance lacks the glamour and appeal that is boasted by the capital.

The rising expense of London property has forced investors to act, however, and the West Midlands as a vibrant, industrial hub that also offers considerable value for money.

The Stats behind the Growth: Why is Birmingham such a Magnate for Real Estate Investors?

This same value for money has also made the West Midlands a popular destination in for UK investors, as it offers wide range of property options and the ideal balance between growth and value.

Here are some statistics to help explain this further, which have been provided by the expert property firm HomeLet.

Annual Rental Prices have increased by 6.9% in the West Midlands

While regions such as the southwest and London offer higher rental yields, the UK’s annual variation of 6.9% offers the ideal balance for investors. This not only reflects the growth in the region and ensures them a viable return, for example, but it also ensures that there is a market of potential tenants that can afford to rent properties on long-term lease arrangements.

This creates the ideal equilibrium in terms of supply and demand, which is currently absent in London where price points are pricing aspiring tenants out of the market.

The average Rental Price in the West Midlands is £648 per Month

This is balanced and affordable rental average, and one that is unlikely to deter tenants from entering the market. The current status of the market also ensures that there is a wide diversity of properties available, however, from houses costing £300 to £399 per month to four bedroom homes in more affluent areas demanding upwards of £799.

This has created a wide range of affordable rental properties in the UK, which are capable of meeting a diversity of financial needs for both low and high earning tenants.

The Average Income in the West Midlands is £23,990 per annum

This is a competitive average salary in the UK, even in comparison with supposedly more affluent areas in the south of England. The average annual salary in the South west is only slightly higher at £26,556, for example, but the median monthly rental cost of £878 is £230 higher than the West Midlands.

This is disproportionately higher, unless all of a tenant’s additional salary is to be committed to rent alone. One again, this underlines the balance in the West Midlands market and its appeal to global and domestic investors alike.

Important Advice for New Home Buyers

New Home Buyers

Buying a new home is a game changer, and as with all things in the game of life, there are both winners and losers. You want to buy the home in which you’ll make a lifetime of memories, not the home you’ll spend a lifetime regretting. It’s essential to go in prepared.

Unexpected expenses are hiding behind the walls, in the attic and under the ground. While it’s easy to get emotional when you’re shopping for your dream home, a cool head and a critical eye can save you – and your life savings – a world of hurt in the years to come. Follow the advice here and you can feel confident in buying your new abode.

Unearth Buried Secrets with the Drainage Diagram

Deciphering a property’s drainage diagram – also known as the sewage service diagram – is quite possibly the least exciting thing a potential buyer can do; however, the information it contains can save you a small fortune later on. You can obtain it through the state’s water board, and you’d do well to take a moment and learn how to read it properly.

Once you do, you’ll be able to tell if the sewage system has been upgraded. If the property is still being serviced by ancient clay pipes, you will invariably end up paying for the upgrades yourself when – not if – they leak.

It’s an even worse situation if those old pipes lie underneath any of the home’s add-ons. If there are leaky clay pipes underneath an extension or a deck, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Try the Tap

Older homes are often attractive options for first-time buyers, but as you might expect, they often come with baggage. The home’s plumbing is the first place to look for trouble, so give it a thorough inspection.

Check the water pressure in the bath and the taps and ask the current owner if the pipes are insulated and – for the sake of your family – not made of lead. Old water heaters can be energy hogs, so you’ll want to inquire about its age as well.

If you’re lucky, the home’s systems will have received an upgrade that included an upgrade of the old valves and fittings. New, state-of-the-art equipment isn’t just more efficient – it also reduces the chance of potentially damaging leaks throughout the home.

If These Walls Could Talk

Most homes will be subject to hairline cracks that appear over time, but with bigger cracks come bigger headaches in the future. If there are any noticeable cracks where the walls meet the ceilings, or if any of the doors fail to latch properly, it may mean that there are critical problems hiding in the structure of the home.

If you see any of these warning signs, your best bet is to call in a professional surveyor. Doing so can be rather expensive, but so are the potential repairs required to fix a shaky structure. You’ll have a couple of different kinds of surveys to choose from, but the most expensive option – a full-on building survey – will give you the best insight into the future of the home.

The Importance of Insulation

Home insulation is uses a rating system that’s based upon its R-value. An insulation’s R-value is a measure of its resistance in terms of heat flow – a high R-value means more resistance and, thus, better insulation.

You’ll want to consult a map like this one to find the recommended R-value for the region to which you’re moving. While warmer climates generally don’t require insulation rated higher than R25 or R30, a region that’s subject to a harsh winter season demands a rating of at least R38.

A home without adequate insulation for its location means more than just a bit of chill in the winter. Heating and cooling costs account for a major portion of a household’s energy bill, and if the insulation isn’t holding in the air, you’ll end up paying for your home’s HVAC system to work overtime.

Look Up

The attic isn’t often a major consideration when you’re looking at homes, but you should head up there all the same. Giving it a good inspection can reveal moisture, mould and other signs of water damage that could indicate the need for costly roof repairs.

Even if everything upstairs is in good shape, you may still wish to include the cost of a new roof coating in your home buying budget. The dark colours of traditional roofing absorb heat in the summer, and that makes life difficult for your air conditional. Investing in a specially-formulated reflective coating will not only save on cooling costs, but also extend the life of your roof.

While all of these potential problems might be a bit alarming, arming yourself with this kind of knowledge can help you avoid anything that might turn your exciting new adventure into a serious regret. Taking the time to find out exactly what you’re buying will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Buying a New Condo: What You Need To Know?

Buying a New Condo

If you’re looking into buying a condominium, you basically have two choices. You can opt for a brand-new condo (perhaps one that isn’t even built yet) or an older one. This can be a tough decision, because there are definitely pluses and minuses to going each route. Before you decide, take a look at the decision from both sides to determine which option is the best one for you.

Maintenance fees

When it comes to new condos Montreal residents may find that the maintenance fees are actually lower with a new unit as compared to what you will be pay in a resale unit. This may seem counter intuitive, but the reason new builds often include lower maintenance fees is that they want to entice buyers to purchase their units.

Offering lower fees is one of the ways that condo companies attempt to lure buyers toward their communities and away from the competition. Note, however, that other reason new condos come with lower condo fees is that the builder is only estimating what the actual monthly costs should be.

Once you purchase the unit and have lived in it for a year or more you could find that your maintenance fees increase to be more in line with the actual monthly expenses of the condo company. If, for example, the cost of cleaning, snow removal and grounds keeping services in the first year exceeds the building owner’s projected costs, they may raise maintenance fees for the upcoming year to compensate.

When you purchase a new condo, you’ll have the advantage of having everything all new in your home. Any included appliances will be new, the heating and cooling system will be new, and the décor will be modern. The building or community itself will likely feature up to date amenities, too, which can be a big selling factor. An older condo, by contrast, may need some sprucing up on the inside, which will be your responsibility if you purchase the unit. Updating things like appliances and flooring can be very costly, adding to the overall cost of purchasing the condo.

Although it may appear that an older condominium is a more affordable option, but it’s important to consider the costs you will incur to update the unit. A newer unit is move-in ready, but you won’t have the opportunity to personalize it as much as you would if you were to update an older unit to your taste. It’s a trade-off.

If personalization is what you’re after but you want to still purchase a new home, there is an option that gives you the best of both worlds. You can opt to purchase a new build condo. In this case, you purchase a unit before construction is complete or even begins. You’ll get to customize the unit to your taste, choosing everything from kitchen cupboards to flooring to countertops and fixtures. These options just aren’t available when you purchase a resale unit.

There are many benefits to buying a new condo, but for some buyers the advantages of a resale unit can outweigh the benefits of buying new. The important thing is to take stock of what you want out of your condominium and how much you can spend. From there, you can weigh the pros and cons of each option and find out which one is best for you. Happy house hunting!

Why First Time Buyers Should Use A Mortgage Broker

First Time Buyers

The process of finding a mortgage suitable for you at the best price may seem daunting, and of course it can be difficult if you are a first time buyer and have little knowledge of where to look and what to look for. There are many things to consider and look into when you decide to buy your first house so the less work you have to do the better in order to keep your stress levels low and the moving process positive and exciting just like it should be.

Going for a direct deal may seem like the cheaper and easy option, however this will almost certainly take you a lot of time doing research and looking into the different mortgages out there on the market. If you are a first time buyer consider using a mortgage broker to help you out along the way.

It may seem unnecessary due to further expenses, however in the long run you are probably getting a far better deal on your mortgage. Here are three reasons why first time buyers should use a mortgage broker, something which we put together in conjunction with Search Mortgage Solutions in Liverpool:

The biggest benefit of using a mortgage broker is that they know the market inside out and know who to go for to get you the best deal for your needs. Not only this, but with mortgage criteria tightening recently, a broker will also know where you are likely to be accepted for a mortgage with your personal situations.

With mortgage lenders wanting to keep their mortgages affordable even in the event of a rate rise, there is far more criteria which needs to be met during the application.

This means the process of application can take a lot longer, and having a mortgage broker to advice you on where you are likely to be accepted can certainly speed things up keeping delays minimal. As mortgage brokers build relationships with companies, they are also able to chase things up which you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.

A mortgage broker will be able to offer you a variety of different mortgage deals which you wouldn’t be able to find yourself. Again, as they build relationships with certain companies they are able to find far better mortgage deals than you’d be able to find yourself through a direct deal.

Mortgage lenders work alongside mortgage brokers to encourage customers to lend through their company, so to keep the brokers clients coming back they are willing to offer much better deals. Although you will be paying for the help of the mortgage broker, finding the best mortgage for you which is affordable to pay off will make it worthwhile in the long run.

The last reason a first time buyer should use a mortgage broker is because you also receive help and advice on other things such as life insurance, payment protection and buildings and contents insurance. As i mentioned earlier, there are a lot of things to consider in the process of buying a house so the more help you can receive the better.

The broker will look at different insurance deals based on your new mortgage and it will be another weight off your shoulders. This ensures you will be protected in the event of illness, redundancy and death. So if you are finding it difficult to cope with the stress of first time buying and you find it is taking up too much of your time, hire a mortgage broker and they will do the hard work for you.