Renting a House in London? Here’s 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do

Renting a house in London is an incredibly exciting prospect, with its booming business and social scene attracting a wide range of people to move there. However, you can fall into some traps when looking for a home, which can cause extra stress that you really don’t need. Here’s our list of the things you […]

8 Steps to Getting Started In Property Investment In Abroad

The real estate agents in Mumbai can encourage clients for investing in properties outside the country as there is almost a saturation reached within the country. One can read books, gather required knowledge of investing in property but once the chance comes one tries to back out. This is because we are scared of flourishing […]

Construction Unemployment Falling to Lowest Level Since 2001

The construction industry is experiencing positive employment trends as unemployment falls to its lowest levels since June of 2001. The expansion of the private and public construction jobs have made this possible and local construction companies, such as Homeowners Choice Construction LLC in Tampa, Florida are seeking creative ways to distinguish their company from peers […]

The Second City Property Boom: The Statistics behind Birmingham’s Rise

When it was recently announced that overseas real estate investors were turning away from the London market, many expected the majority to move into the southwest and nearby regions such as Oxford. What they did not expect was for investors to make their move in the West Midlands market, which at first glance lacks the […]