Problems and Solutions for Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Among all the small home repairs to-do-list, roof repair is one of the most crucial and important one. It not only keeps the home warm and dry, it also protects all from exterior natural elements. Even small looking problem related with roof needs immediate action. Delay in repair may further increase the problem resulting in overall replacement of roof costing huge sum of money. Hence, following is the list of minor and easy to do fixation repairs that solves the problem related with roof repairs. All these solutions are sort of DIY which homeowner can do by oneself.

Problem: Cracked Flashing – As the roof ages and faces extreme weather conditions, the metal strips that joins the roof can crack or become corrode. In such cases, prying the surrounding material followed by removal of nails shall be done. After that new metal strip shall be placed and sealed with tar causing no more further erosion.

Problem: Missing or Broken shingles – Shingles are very prone to high winds. They get uprooted, break in many cases. One can find small debris of shingles or can look for patches with off-colour for its repair. If you find broken shingle, lift it up till nail beneath it pops up. Remove nails and press the broken shingle. Replacing single with nails will be easy repair.

Problem: Crack of Vent boot – One may often find leak associated with nasty odour. The reason is crack in vent booting. It is rubber gasket used to seal vents in roof. When deteriorated with time, it starts leaking with odour. Replace the gasket by cutting off the old one and placing a new one at the same place with help of nails and caulk sealing.

Problem: Ice dams – When the snow flakes gets melted and fixes within the gaps and refreezes to ice causing damage to the roof. The weight distribution is uneven causing water pooling and damage to roof. In order to stop further damage from formation of ice dames, one can invest in ice-melting-products or roof heating cables. Following proper instructions as per guide will not only remove the snow build up but will also prevent further clogging.

Problem: Leaks in Skylight – With the wear and tear of skylight, it also gets damaged causing the leakage by forming cracks. One need to first clear the skylight to check for cracks which can be easily repaired with silicon sealing agent.

Problem: Gutter clogging – Clogging of gutter de to various reasons is one the prime reason for leakage. Be it leaves, twigs, or any external particles that clogs the water blocking the smooth flow, results in water leakage. One must regularly inspect and clean the gutters free movement of water.

One must understand that small petty repairs and damages shall be looked after by oneself, but heavy work shall only be performed by roofing contractors. There is solution for all types of roof repairs, but the only requirement is regular maintenance.

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Five Easy Repairs You Can Do On Your Own


It’s a well-known fact that our homes demand constant care if we wish them to look and feel nice. Just regular cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention any other more or less complicated maintenance or repair jobs. So, due to our constant lack of time, the most common reaction is to call a professional for anything that seems too complicated or different from our well known routine. However, it does not have to be like that. There are at least a dozen basic repairs that anyone can do on his or her own, with a little instruction and some patience. To get you start changing your mind about DIY, this time we prepared an introductory list of five easy repairs that you can surely do on your own.

Dishwasher clog

Dishwasher clogging happens frequently. Luckily unclogging is a rather simple procedure. You need some towels, a screwdriver and a straightened wire coat hanger or something similar. Clean out the debris from the drain using towels and wire to reach remote spots. If it is still clogged, check the draining hose in the bottom panel and clean it thoroughly. If that does not settle it, unscrew the draining basket from the drain, clean it and everything under it.

Air conditioner filter change

These filters need to be cleaned every season and changed after a couple of years of use, especially if you use air conditioners both for cooling and heating. This is quite an easy task and there really is no need to call the serviceman. You need ladders, a screwdriver and a bucket of hot water with a dishwashing detergent in it. Read the manual and locate the filter compartment, unscrew it and take the filter out. Clean it using prepared water and let it dry before putting it back in place. Pay attention to air in/air out side. If it needs replacing, measure it, get a new one and screw back the filter compartment. Work done.

Painting the wall

The first step is to prepare the surface. Scrape the old paint using a paint scraper, fill in all the holes, cracks or any other surface imperfection using spackling paste, to be sure that your new color will cover everything equally. Let it dry as long as needed. Prepare the desired palette. Cover the furniture with nylon, put your paint brush in action and slowly paint the walls.

Radiators do not heat up

This usually happens due to air being trapped inside. Therefore, you need to let it out and this requires just a key and a couple of towels. Insert the key into the bleed valve and turn it slowly until you hear the air hiss. Put the towels under for hot water drips. When the air goes out, tighten the valve and you are done. Here’s a quick guide.

Computer overheating

Your computer starts shutting down as soon as you start something more demanding than surfing the web. Also, during the operating system startup, a loud noise is heard that eventually stops, usually just before system failure. This is probably due to cooler malfunction or dust accumulated in it. All you need is a Phillips, a slotted screwdriverand perhaps a new cooler, if the old one cannot be repaired. Open the casing using Phillips screwdriver, detach the cooler and clean it thoroughly. If this does not do the trick, replace it with a suitable new one and close the casing, as simple as that.


It’s worth noting that you’ll need a couple of basic tools to perform your daily tasks. If you fall into the category of people whose toolbox is on the slim side, you can stock your equipment by getting your tools online. It’s a bit cheaper and much faster that way, for sure.

As you can see, these problems can be quickly and easily solved without too much trouble. If there’s one thing I encourage people to do, it’s not to be afraid to do something themselves. With experience, you will soon be able to move onto more complicated repairs, improving your knowledge while saving pretty penny from the home budget as you do it.