Auto darkening helmets are pioneering advancements in terms of safety equipments in the welding industry. These helmets provide overall safety both from harmful rays and molten fragments. Traditional welding helmets cannot be adjustable as they are completely dark. They too are designed to protect your eyes from dangerous rays during welding. To actually see during grinding and making cut the visor or the front mask needs to be lift in the traditional helmets. Sometimes the helmet needs to be completely removed in order to view during the work. It can be painful to frequently lift and wear it back.

Using an Auto darkening helmet makes things easier as they are more productive, efficient and comfortable. Flipping the helmet is no longer required as this modern marvel has an inbuilt sensor to detect the arc light during the welding process. The senor has the ability to detect light and darkness. The screen is made of multiple filters or lens that helps to remove harmful rays. All these might seem to be complex and tough to understand for a majority of them. The following would help you to adjust your Auto darkening helmet quickly and easily.

Shade controls are those controls which help to configure the optimum sensitivity of the screen. The degree of darkness of the screen can be controlled using these shade controls. #1 being the clear screen with maximum visibility and #13 being highest darkness. The screen normally has #3 or #4 shade which has reasonable viewing, when an arc light hits the screen it darkens up based on the configured settings.

Adjusting the sensitivity means the degree of light that is needed to darken the screen. The brighter the light higher will be darkness which will be providing better protection. During higher amperages tasks the light is pretty bright. Hence adjusting the sensitivity setting as per the performing task will be beneficial.

Adjusting the Auto darkening helmets differs for different locations. The adjustment for a closed environment would be drastically different from settings for an open area. In simpler terms, if you work in a fabrication shop or a manufacturing plant your sensitivity and delay time should be increased if there is no adequate lighting. Similarly if the tasks are performed in a open area like a construction site or a field job site the sensitivity and delay time should be reduced to minimum. Else the shade would darken up whenever it encounters a sun ray on it. Another key thing to remember when working in an open area the sun is much darker than an arc light which would have same auto-darkening effect.

Different welding processes emit different intensity of light. Equipment like lower voltage arc welders produces a lot less intense light than high voltage arc welders which produce considerably brighter light. So the sensitivity should also be adjusted during different type of welding process. This also applies for different equipments which emit varied intensity of light.

Newer helmets come with different modes which are assigned with specific predefined settings. It makes things simpler by switching modes settings are adjusted automatically.

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