The weather can have a catastrophic effect on your property, no matter where you live. In Canada, we are subject to four seasons; all of them come with conditions that cause wear and tear to the outside of your property, reducing its resale value, and curb appeal. The good news is that having your driveway properly cleaned and sealed is easy and affordable. This process takes half a day and its benefits are long-lasting. You won’t be disappointed by a professional cleaning and sealing process.

Water is the number one cause of devastating erosion. It can carve valleys through mountains, imagine what it can do to your interlock driveway. First, the sun’s UV rays beat down on the stones of your driveway evaporating and extracting excess moisture. The surface becomes brittle, cracked, and dull. Then, when it rains, any hairline cracks will begin to buckle and shift. Lastly, plants and weeds push through the driveway or paving stones, turning cracks into craters.

How do you find a reputable cleaning and sealing company? You should look for a company that has long standing experience, a high standard of professionalism, as well as a high rate of customer satisfaction. A professional company will offer cleaning and maintenance options that suit your needs.

First they will use a high pressure chemical wash, then they will remove any vegetation, and then they apply a type of sand that discourages subsequent vegetation growth in your driveway. Lastly, they will apply two coats of overlapping sealant to your driveway. Sealants can be glossy or practically invisible, depending on the aesthetic you prefer.

A proper washing and sealing regimen will protect your driveway from further wear and tear. It will also restore your property to its original beauty. If done correctly, you should only have to have your driveway sealed once every few years. Visit for more information about the professional driveway sealing options they offer. The sealant means your driveway is easier to clean and maintain, which also extends the amount of time that is necessary to maintain it. There are a number of companies that provide these services, but choose wisely. A less than reputable company can cost you and your property dearly.

Contact a reputable interlock driveway sealing company to evaluate and service your interlock driveway. Proper care and maintenance of your interlock driveway will give it more longevity and save you time and money.

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