What Are the Best Materials for Flat Roofs?

Over the last decade, flat roofs have become less common. It is because they are harder to maintain than angled builds. If there’s no slope or incline, there’s no natural drainage system for rainwater. It collects on the surface of a home, so water-resistant finishes, treatments, and coatings need periodically reapplying.

On the other hand, there are lots of reasons why flat roofs are still the best option for some properties. For instance, home extensions tend to look more aesthetically pleasing with flat tops. Buildings with unblended roof pitches can be unsightly. Flat roofing also provides a convenient place to install external HVAC units.

Due to their high maintenance nature, only certain types of material are suitable when constructing flat roofs. This guide to the most common is going to help you decide which is best.

Roofing materials for flat roofs:

Single Ply PVC

PVC is the most popular type of flat roofing material. In fact, some roofing contractors work exclusively in single ply PVC. It is used to form a relatively thin membrane. It has thermoplastic qualities and it is very hard wearing. The great thing about PVC, aside from its toughness and longevity, is its ability to reflect sunlight. So, in summer, there is a reduced need for air conditioning. The roof regulates its own temperature.


This tough synthetic material contains ethylene and propylene. It has a complicated technical name, but all you need to know is that it is known as a ‘rubber’ roof. EPDM is often favored over PVC because it is cheaper to produce, buy, and install. It is not as strong, particularly in the seams, but it can still last a long time if cared for correctly. Also, it does not reflect heat in the same way as PVC does. It is worth considering this before opting for the cheaper material.

Modified Bitumen

The biggest weakness of materials like EPDM, PVC, and TPO is that, despite their toughness, there’s still a risk of serious damage from debris and falling objects. With only a single layer of protection, they can leave flat roofs vulnerable. It is why modified bitumen is often a better choice for those wanting an impenetrable surface. Usually, the material is made up of three individual layers.

Built Up Roofing (BUR)

You are more likely to have heard of this material referred to as a ‘tar’ or ‘gravel’ roof. Like modified bitumen, BUR gets applied in more than one layer for extra protection. Sometimes, there are four or more plies. They each consist of alternating bitumen membranes. This type of flat roof has been seen to last well over a century. There is no better choice if you are looking for a material that stands the test of time.


TPO (or thermoplastic olefin) gets applied in a single layer, just like PVC. It consists of ethylene, rubber, and propylene, alongside some other substances (depending on how has been produced). While TPO roofs have never been as popular as PVC builds, they are growing in prominence. They are energy efficient and very hard wearing. Plus, they combine the affordability of rubber with the toughness of PVC.

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Roof Cleaning Tips

If you are going to clean your roof, you have to follow some tips and tricks. Roof cleaning entirely depends on the type of roof. The kind of cleaning you are going to implement on your roof also depends on somehow.

Firstly, you will have to prepare yourself for roof cleaning. For this purpose, grab the best tools to clean your roof and hire a cleaning team if possible.

If you cannot hire someone for this job, you can do this yourself as it is simple and straightforward. If you only have dust and leaves on your roof, you can simply clean it within a few hours.

However, if your roof has fungus or moss for a long time, it would be a difficult step for you. This usually happens when a roof has not been cleaned for a long time.

Moreover, such cleaning takes time and experience as well. Check and be sure about the cleaning type because this will tell you how to clean your roof.

Chemical cleaning

The advanced roof cleaning is also called chemical cleaning because it involves chemicals o clean the roof surface. If your roof has mold or some other type of fungus, you cannot simply clean it by using water or like things.

You will have to clean it using some chemicals. Such chemicals are available in the market, and you can easily purchase them from your nearby market.

Roof cleaning chemicals are much better than an ordinary power washer. So, try to avoid them when advanced roof cleaning. Simply spread the chemical on your roof surface and wait for some time. This will not only clean the fungus or moss from your roof, but it will also kill the bacteria.

Wash your roof after some time, and you will get your roof fully neat and clean. Always use right tools and chemicals for cleaning. Simply, follow the roof cleaning tips mentioned above and get a clean roof in no time.

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5 Ways to Incorporate New Windows into Your Home’s Feng Shui

Windows play an important role in feng shui. This is because doors and windows allow the flow of chi to enter and exit your home, which has a tremendous affect upon your energy. While you may have arranged your furniture and placed mirrors in key areas, you may still be struggling in areas of your life that could be changed by simply updating your windows. As you plan your home’s layout and design, here’s what you should know about using new windows to improve feng shui.

Pay Attention to the Size

While it would seem as though oversized windows would allow more chi to flow indoors, this is not always true. Your window should always be smaller than the nearby doors. If you have bigger windows, installing ones that are made from smaller panes of glass will improve the flow of chi. Opting for wider windows is better than narrow ones, which are associated with limited opportunities.

Focus on the Front

The backside of the house is considered to be the backbone that supports the containment of positive energy. Therefore, you want to have more windows in the front of your home than you do in the back. To many windows on the backside of the house is associated with negativity and disharmony within the family.

Check The Opening Direction

Windows that open up are always good for feng shui. However, you want to be careful with windows that open into your home since these are associated with weakened energy. When you have a choice regarding direction, always pick windows that open outward and away from your home.

Avoid Direct Alignment with Doors

An effective feng shui layout should help to collect the chi that flows into your home. For this reason, it is important to avoid placing your doors and windows directly across from one another since this will allow the chi to flow in one side and continue flowing straight out to the other side. Instead, try to have your windows installed to the left or right of any doorways.

Choose The Proper Furniture Layout

It is important to understand how feng shui works in your bedroom because it has a tremendous impact upon your sleep. Never place your bed beneath your window because the constant flow of chi will interrupt you rest. However, placing a work desk near a new window will provide you with energy that helps stimulate your creativity.

Update Your Windows

To attract chi, it is important to make sure your windows are clean and clear. Cracks or missing window panes detract from the beauty of your home and allow the positive energy to flow out. Dingy windows make it impossible for chi to flow into your home and block the efforts you have made at increasing your home’s feng shui. It only takes a few small updates to dramatically alter the flow of good energy to noticeable levels.

In feng shui, the primary goal is to promote stable, constant flow of good energy that enhances your happiness and health. Yet, your windows may be blocking the flow of chi or allowing it to come in and go right back out. Focusing on always having clear windows in the proper sizes and placement, will increase your home’s chi so that everyone can benefit from the improved flow of positive energy.

Cost of Quality Roofing: Average Income and Services in the Roofing Industry

It doesn’t take replacing a damaged or worn out roof to realize that a roof is expensive. Making matters worse, when this kind of work is called for, the price tag might sound out of sight. For better or worse, the old adage applies: you get what you pay for. This goes for the contractor you hire as well as the materials he uses.

Although becoming a roofer does not require that the person who does it be a Ph.D. candidate, there is considerably more to becoming a roofer than most people give credit to. Further, roofing requires a more complex set of skills than the average builder since building a roof requires knowledge of physics and other factors that require knowledge outside of the traditional building skills.

Even general contractors often bring in more experienced professionals when it comes to roofing skills. These include calculating for angles on the fly and adjusting for peaks and valleys that most roofers make look so easy.

Knowledge, Experience and the Cost of Quality Roofing

It can go without saying that for a person to become a roofer does not require that he or she get through medical school any more than it requires having a broad back and calloused hands, but roofing does require that a person understand his business considerably more than the average construction worker. As a result, roofers attend courses that are aimed more towards their specialty than most.

As a result, anyone who wants to have a quality roof built on their home must be willing to pay for someone who has this training. Further, beyond the training that licensed roofers are required to practice their craft, being a good roofer requires that a craftsman have experience in the number and different types of roofs that they have installed over the years.

What Roofers Do and Why Their Skills are Often Undervalued

Roofers are often considered the Rodney Dangerfield of the building trades. This is due to the fact that they usually get little or no respect, but not only is roofing a strenuous business but is also requires long hours in extreme weather. Combine this with the years of work that many roofers dedicate to their business, makes understanding the daily stresses and strains of their work understandable.

The daily exposure to physical injury is also a great reality. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofing related injuries, including falls and others, are among the highest of all U.S. occupations.

Just as is the case with many professions, a skilled and experienced roofer makes the work look easy. They will begin work on time when they say it will and will complete a quality job with pride and with often no thanks. But don’t let this fool you. Their main purpose is the accomplishment of a job well done.

None of this should detract from the fact that American roofers are some of the best-trained building professionals around. Roofers perform all manners of repairs and installations that account for the best-built homes and commercial structures in the world.

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7 Stunning Ways To Redecorate Your Kids Room

Want to redecorate your kid’s room? All you need is some cash and creativity! Both of this combined you can do wonders with your children room.

1. Bed Shaped

The shape of your kid’s bed can be literally anything! For example if your kids is crazy about cars then make him a car shaped bed or if your daughter wants likes fairy tales and dolls then make her a bed shaped liked a carriage of any of her favorite Disney characters. To vamp up your room more, pick a great bed comforter. You can visit mybedcomforter.com for suggestions.

2. Say yes to art galleries

This idea will not only encourage creativity among your kids but also cover up your wall space. Make a mini art gallery for your kid to cover up. To give them an idea put up some photos and frames on the wall. You can do much stuff like follow a monochromatic theme or neon theme. Whenever your kid draws something or paint something, hang it up with other art work. It will drive them to make more artistic works.

3. Wallpapers

Your kids love exciting wallpapers and so do we. Add some colorful or creative wallpaper to their rooms to make it more thought-provoking. For all those kids who are crazy about superheroes and comic books or any specific book, try to make customized wallpaper for them. For example a harry potter themed bedroom, iron man based room, spider man, X-Men or batman trilogy based bedroom. There is a wide variety of wallpapers out there just for you to select them and attach them to their rooms.

4. Posters

I know posters come in the teenagers group but I believe that for toddlers or kids’ posters are also a good idea! Hang posters all around the room like informative ones; poems, small stories and so much more.

5. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are also a good addition to your room. Now days you guys have so many variety and options when it comes to wall clocks. Just go to your nearest shop and look around for cool clocks for your kids. One can also base their selection on colors or designs, whatever your kid prefers.

6. Paint

Deciding the color of your kid’s paint is very vital and important. I prefer light and fresh colors as your kid’s brain is still developing. Try colors like Blushing Bride by Benjamin Moore, Pacific Coast by Dulux, Graytint by Benjamin Moore, Lavender Sky by Dunn-Edwards, Chameleon by Benjamin Moore, White Dove by Benjamin Moore or Glacier Lake 867 by Benjamin Moore. These are just my suggestions, the end decisions depends on you and your kid entirely.

7. Study Table

If your kid is big enough that he/she needs a proper place to study, getting a new yet trendy study table is always a good idea. Not only does study table lets your kid have a proper routine but many of their books and stationeries can also be stored in that study table, making room for mess next to zero. You can try pure wood study tables or even go for funkier study tables, whatever suits your kid’s personality.

3 Tips for Doing Your Own House Painting

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room in your house and change everything about the flow of your house. While house painting can seem intimidating to many homeowners, there are some tips that can go a long way to reducing the stress and frustration of painting your home. With my 15 years of professional painting contractor experience, I’m here to help you complete the perfect paint job that make you proud to show off your home to all your guests.

  1. Make Sure the Room is Cleared

Taking the time to clear everything out of a room can mean the difference between a headache and an easy job. Many have learned the hard way that getting paint on furniture or anywhere you don’t want it is infuriating. While it can seem like a hassle, you will thank yourself later if you just move everything you can out of a room before starting. If you have a large piece of furniture you can’t move, the solution is to cover it and move it to the middle of the room so that there is no chance of it getting any paint on it accidentally. Another reason you want to move any furniture with cushions is in case there is any need for drywall repair. These type of repairs cause a lot of dust that can really get down in the cushions and be very hard to fully remove. Keeping your furniture clean and paint free will make the finished paint job all that much more satisfying.

  1. Apply Painters Tape Correctly

All real painting contractors worth their salt know that applying painting tape is a crucial step in the process and make sure that the lines between trim and ceiling are crisp and look fantastic. Painters tape is an irreplaceable tool when it comes to having a perfect paint job, but learning how to use it properly is the real value. Before applying the tape, make sure your surface is totally clean. You can use a damp cloth to wipe of the area and take up all the dust and dirt and then dry the area before applying the tape. When choosing a painter’s tape, get some that is at least twice the width as the trim and leave it flat so it’s able to catch any paint drips that overshoot it a little. Make sure that all paint is dry completely before removing tape so that no paint is pulled off when its removed.

  1. Use High Quality Paint, Brushes, & Rollers

It may seem like a good idea to cut costs on tool and save yourself some money on the job, but this is a crucial mistake that a lot of amateur painters make. There is a huge difference in the quality of work produced by higher quality tools and this cannot be ignored. Spend the extra and make sure you are getting the best tools for the job and you will be thankful for this when you’re done. Quality paint with a glossy finish will help your walls be more stain resistant and easier to clean over the years which is going to save you hassle for a long time. Better quality brushes will help you do detail work and cut around trim with ease and good rollers with apply paint more evenly and save you trouble.

Utilizing these easy tips could make the difference between a professional paint job and one that is no so much. While many will attempt painting a room in their house, not everyone will be able to product the top quality work. With these tips, you can be one of the latter and be proud to show off your handy work!

Green Roofs: The Urban Gardens Of The Future

Urban areas are known for being food deserts – and just as well known for their inhabitants suffering health problems associated with lack of good nutrition. Space is at a high premium in urban areas, making any sort of agricultural practice a genuine challenge.

And yet in recent years, a brilliant answer has emerged: rooftop gardens. Through creative terracing and usage of space, more and more buildings are turning their rooftops into oases of thriving vegetation, whether as community gardens for the whole building to work in and utilize, or as de facto farmer’s markets. Rooftop and wall gardens help to address lack of substantial and nutritious foodstuffs in urban areas, and additionally drive community development and integration.

Prepare Your Roof – and Check the Legalese

To start with, you’ll want to make sure that it’s within your rights to establish a rooftop garden wherever you’re living. You will also want to see if there are any prohibitions for specific crops being grown within your township, city, or county limits – for example, some townships prohibit corn being grown outside of farms.

You’ll want to check how much weight your roof can support, and make sure there’s no compromising of its structural integrity before you begin. If there is any damage to the roof whatsoever, ensure it’s repaired before beginning your rooftop garden. Think lightweight containers, lighter plant mediums and soils, and figure in poundage for what your garden is likely to produce. Invest in windbreaks such as trellises, as rooftops are typically windy places, and invest also in some sort of fencing to prevent falling hazards.

Design Your Layout and Watering System

Start by choosing what you’ll floor the roof with – wood, terracotta, paving stone, and so forth. Design a layout that helps to evenly distribute weight across the roof. Your layout can also include furniture, such as arbour benches or tables for those who may want to utilize the garden as an easily accessible green space for leisure or meditation. Decide if you’ll use pallets or decking for terracing, and which parts of the roof are suitable for what you want to grow. If there’s overhang, such as tree branches, determine which parts of your roof get the most and the least sunlight, and plan your crops accordingly.

Watering your rooftop garden can be a little bit trickier. The most straightforward way is to haul water daily to the roof or keep a rain barrel or two on the roof to collect and distribute water among your plants, but you can also rig a timed system using a hose and drip lines if you’re the only one taking care of the garden, or you and your neighbours are too busy to make daily trips up to water. Remember not to overwater – wet soil weighs a lot more than dry.

Choose Your Plants

Almost anything can be planted on a rooftop terrace short of trees that achieve great weight and height. Choose a mix of flowers, vegetables, fruits, beans, and other edible crops like corn. You might also want to plant an herb garden with flavourful herbs and spices for cooking, and you can plant herbs around your terrace that will also help keep bugs away, reducing the need for pesticides and bug killing agents.

Do research on the nutritional needs of different plants, and use them to complement each other; for example, plant crops that need lots of nitrogen alongside plants that help replenish nitrogen in the soil. Avoid sowing plants that are likely to create significant weight burdens on the roof while still planting crops that are nutrient dense and will help keep your building – and neighbourhood – fed and healthy.

A good many steps go into creating a rooftop garden, but more and more city dwellers are collaborating on creating and maintaining them, some even choosing to sell produce at steeply discounted rates to their neighbours. A rooftop garden can be a rewarding endeavour – for you, and for your community.

Image credit: Creative Commons

Best Hardwood Floor Tips to Save You Money

Warmth, comfort, beauty and long-lasting hardwood floors have been trending for decades. The popularity of hardwood floors has forced flooring manufacturing companies to make synthetic hardwood floors.

Durable and low-maintenance hardwood floors are always going to be stylish regardless of your furnishings. Besides, you can also cover it up with carpets or rugs if you’d like when you want to change it up a bit. Yet, the all-natural floors like stone or wood have always been the top sellers.

There are many other reasons to go with hardwood floors, such as the value they add to your home. Plus, easy care and easy cleaning, great style and durability and they’re natural and safe for the environment are savings already.

Although carpeting is an easy alternative to floor decorations, many home decorators are now setting a new trend with exotic hardwood flooring.

When you increase the value of your home because of additions such as refinished floors, it becomes more of an asset than a liability for your home’s value. (Some of the top hardwood floor manufacturers are Armstrong, Bruce, Mohawk, Mannington, and Shaw.)

Bringing floors alive with a good cleaning or reinstallation with some new natural wood planks will help refurbish your flooring needs. The great thing about it is Old hardwood floors from older homes seem to have a special, but natural beauty that can be hard to describe. It truly is a different feeling when you look down at wooden floors when you walk into a room covered in that type of flooring. Even when they look dull, they have a special feel of warmth, home-like, and classic.

The great thing is they are refurbished able. In other words, if you decide you want to keep them in a home you may want to purchase or your current home, you can wax and shine them and maintain them the right way.

On the other hand, you may want to write a list of the pros and cons of having them replaced or installed. Installing them everywhere, but the bathrooms (because of the moisture) is prime with today’s home interior decorators, architects, contractors… to name a few.

Hardwood floors style, durability, maintenance ease, and longevity make it hard to pass up when it comes to flooring options; this is the best savings of the entire decision of having hardwood floors. Consequently, since there are various discount warehouses and liquidators online when it comes to purchasing flooring planks and materials, the cost is not as much as people may think. As a matter of fact, the cost of hardwood flooring depends on what type you choose. There are various types.

There’s Red oak, maple, hickory, red birch, ash, walnut, bamboo, American cherry, and Brazilian cherry to name a few. There are many hardwood flooring companies that offer major discounts when a buyer purchases by square footages.

Source: Hardwood Flooring in Downriver Michigan

In addition, tools are another thing that you may need, such as sanders, nail guns, nailers…etc. which are only a few tools you may need if you do it yourself? Again, the beauty and warmth, the maintenance and longevity and the ease of knowing the long-lasting years it will take to replace them is all you need to know when it comes to selecting hardwood floors for your home beside the best savings you’ll have on your home’s overall value.

Most importantly, any homeowner would love to walk into their home feeling more welcomed than ever before with hardwood floors spread across their hallways, living rooms, and dining areas. If all else, you can cover them with rugs, pieces of decorated carpet whenever you’d like. Versatile and stylish are other reasons why hardwood floors are great for any home owner including the fact that they are affordable considering they can last for more than 30 years!

New Trends in Residential Metal Roofing

With extreme weather conditions as well as hurricanes and wildfires. Damaging houses are a homeowner’s nightmare, especially when they are damaged because of weather related or catastrophe incidents.

There are a number of benefits of having metal rooftops. Some of them are the fact they last longer than wooden rooftops, for instance.

Residential properties are using metal rooftops more and more often now. In fact, it’s the steel roof installations that are doubling in sales since about a decade ago. This will continue to grow according to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). All in all, metal roofing is the most used roofing material today because of the protection from destructive weather and natural disasters.



A metal roof will outlast any asphalt rooftop. Normally, they last up to 40 to 60 years. In the warm, humid Southern states, metal is virtually immune to the unsightly mildew stains that often form on asphalt shingles. In the humid and warm climate areas such as the Southern state, metal roofing is immune to mildew stains. If metal roofs are properly installed, they can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour; this also can withstand rust and corrosives, as well as leaks. In general, you’ll be happy to know that you will not need a new roof once you have a metal roof installed or replaced for another 50 years. They last that long!

With an asphalt roof, it will have to be replace within 15 to 20 years.

For protection

Almost al the metal roof systems will have passed UL 2218 Impact Resistance testing. And that’s at the most severe level which is Class IV. This results in homeowners that are in “hail-prone states” who select metal roofing as their prime choice for their rooftops receiving a discount on their insurance premiums.

If for any reason you see that your asphalt roof top has gone through more repairs and renovations, than it’s time to fix your roof with some metall roofing.

Saving you money is key when you get a metal rooftop for your home. It’s an nvestment that will keep you safe and secured. It’s much more durable, again, and will protect you and your family in the long run.

The environment should be your friend

The National Association of Homebuilders Research Center claims that 20B pounds of asphalt roofing will be taking over the cities’ landfills across the nation annually.

This says a lot about the roofing industry. With metal roofing, it cancels out such waste of asphalt rooftops. This eliminates the repair costs of shingle removals and land-fill fees. Another plus to the metal rooftops industry is that metal rooftops are recyclable.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the wooden shakes and other traditional materials used for rooftops attract insects, or they get molded and rot. With metal rooftops, this is the exact opposite.

Energy Efficient

Time-tested metal roofs save energy and reduce your cooling costs by as much as 40 percent, depending on location, says the MRA. The advent of new reflective paints with energy-saving properties has revolutionized the residential roofing industry.

While asphalt and cedar shingles absorb heat, the new cool pigment technology can reflect up to 85 percent of the sun’s radiant energy. Now, even dark colors achieve the “cool” attributes. An Energy Star roof can stay up to 100 degrees cooler on its surface than other roofs, so less heat is transferred into the building.

Wilmer Dykes, a homeowner from Cochran, Georgia, noticed a decrease in his energy bill of at least 25 percent after installing his metal roof. Dykes believes keeping his old roof on his home helped save energy. “By building the new metal roof over it, we created an air pocket between the two roofs, giving us an added layer of insulation,” he said.

Low Maintenance

You won’t have to worry about high maintenance when it comes to a metal rooftop. They will not curl up, split, rot, crack or get loosened either.

All you need is an inspection every year. This will clear the roof of accumulated leaves or debris or anything else that could be blocking gutters for instance which could cause some damaging effects to your rooftop.


A tax credit will be “handed out” by the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 because of homeowners installing “qualified energy-efficient” home improvements which will be put on or installed on existing homes. Some of these include metal roofs; they must meet the Energy Star program requirements.


There are countless of colors to a metal rooftop. The aesthetics of the metal rooftops is considered an important ingredient. The look will seem a bit more modern as well. The comparisons to the old traditional rooftops to a home will have you floored. Most people love the way they make their house look and opt for the metal rooftops because of it.

Warranties can be a big difference

Warranties are important and can make a huge difference in quality. Sometimes metal fades, but if you have a good warranty, you shouldn’t worry. Although you may want to see what type of metal that your roofing contractor will be putting on your rooftop. There are plenty of cheap types of metal rooftops; so unless you ask for it, don’t take have anyone put those on your roof.

It’s important to get a manufacturer which will put steel vendors’ coil numbers on the warranties. This helps lead the doorway and communication with the buyer and the vendor. It will also allow for the warranty to be honored by the buyer.

A Long-Term Investment

The cost is the long term investment. Yet, remember, once you put a metal rooftop on, you won’t have to change it until 40 to 50 years from now. Consequently, it becomes a permanent and low maintenance roof. It may be a little more pricey, but in the long run, you’re better off with metal rooftops.

The Final Solution

Because of metal rooftops, the longevity, the price, and the warranty are all the true factors for wanting to have a metal rooftop as opposed to a wood, asphalt, or any other type of rooftop material. Finally, the beauty is what will shine through after the entire home operation. This is most of all one of the main reasons why homeowners are loving metal rooftops.

Source: Roofing Contractor Michigan

Picking the Best Laminate Flooring

This flooring product is made by layering a sheet of thin decorative material over a synthetic or particleboard base. This decorative material can be made to look like tile, wood, or stone and then is usually covered with a coat of sealant. This is done to prevent the laminate flooring from breaking down.

One advantage of having laminate flooring is that is normally cheaper than what it is trying to imitate. For example, if you want hardwood flooring that looks like oak you can get laminated flooring to look like oak flooring but at a cheaper price. Laminate flooring can be used in homes or offices.

When picking out your laminate flooring it is important for you to understand the different types of materials so you can pick the one that matches the room where it is to be installed. Here are some things that you need to know to pick the best laminate flooring.

  • Multi-layer construction—the flooring that you choose should be made of multiple layers because these multiple layers are why the flooring lasts so long. The top layer should be made of a material that is easy to clean, have the capability of resisting scratches that could happen by any object that can scratch the flooring, like a chair dragged across the floor. The top layer should also be resistant to stains.
  • Photographic imagery feature—in order for the flooring to be considered top quality it should have images on it that bring out the clear color of the laminate. It should be high definition to make sure that it continues the aspect of decorating the room. The image pattern should also relate with the surrounding walls and the image color should match perfectly with the dominant color of the wall or room.
  • Board thickness—because the flooring is made of boards you should choose the flooring whose board is very thick, which will help to protect the room’s original floor and help you feel comfortable when walking on the new floor. The thickness of the boards should be between eight and twelve millimeter.
  • Easy to install—with this type of flooring you can install it yourself without having to hire flooring contractors. It is normally installed using a tongue and grove method, adhesive, or nails.
  • Exposure to water—you need to make sure if the flooring is designed to be exposed to water if you want to put it in your bathroom or kitchen.

You should also consider the amount of traffic on the laminated flooring. If it is going to be an area of high traffic you need to make sure that the flooring is capable of withstanding a lot of pressure from all the people who are going to be passing through the area. There are several manufactures of laminate flooring so always check the durability and quality of construction. You should also compare the warranties because some manufactures offer a ten year warranty while others offer a smaller limited time warranty.

Source: Flooring Downriver Michigan