There’s no doubt a bedroom is the favourite room in the house. After all, the average adult sleeps at least seven- to eight-hours-a-day. A hallmark of a warm and welcoming bedroom is its cosy factor. You may not be ready for a complete overhaul and redesign, but you can make a dramatic statement while bringing design intimacy into the bedroom.

The Basics

Five basic ideas can kick-start your project:

  • Embellishment
  • Window Treatment
  • A New Light Source
  • Wall Colour
  • Accent Pieces


Embellish your wall with designer decals, but be judicious. Use these sparingly or you risk your walls resembling gift-wrapping.

Curtains and Trim

Another brilliant switch to cosiness is to change your window treatments. Consider an alternative to what you currently have. If you have curtains, consider shades or visa-versa. Search the web for deals, with keywords like ready made curtains UK. You’ll be able to take your times and look at the many options available.

There are shades available which can conserve heat in your home, while adding a fresh new look. An energy saving option like blackout curtains is another way to keep your master-bedroom temperature consistent. Even if you have blackout curtains, the curtains you choose for your room can be any colour or texture. Natural fibres, likes cotton, silk and wool add texture, and a more voluminous curtain furthers a cosy atmosphere.

Walled In

The most obvious quick fix is to change the colour of the wall paint. It’s a given that darker colours create a more closed-in, warmer feel. You can mix it up by accenting one wall in a different shade. When considering paint, look into non-toxic options without the strong scent of formaldehyde.

Smell of Success

Speaking of scents, there are many varieties of methods to bring new scents into your bedroom. The traditional candles work, but it’s important to not just buy the cheapest candles available. In addition to the obvious no-lead-in-the-wick, you will find that quality wins out. Not only will a good quality candle burn all the way to end, but it won’t leave soot on your walls and won’t be toxic. Incense is another, and perhaps safer way to bring scent into the room, but not as safe as a reed diffuser or non-aerosol sprays.


Accent the room with pillows, throws and candles – again, you do not want to fill the room with “stuff.” That’s not cosy, it is just clutter. A new deep-pile or soft rug, next to your bed, is a great way to get out of bed and feels terrific on your feet. For wall décor, while you don’t want it to match the new colour of your walls, but you want to highlight it by items that feature coordinating colours.

Ultimate in Cosy

Whether you’re influenced by the bold statements of beds on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” or have always wanted a storybook effect, a draped effect around a bed may be the ultimate in cosy. It’s hardly a new concept – called, alternately, draped, canopy, four-poster or bedstead-style beds — have been around for centuries. For sheer opulence or to create privacy for families who had to share sleeping quarters, curtains surround a bed is both intimate and dramatic. You’ll certainly be able to use the search suggested early, ready made curtains UK to find bed curtains to coordinate with your actual window curtains.

If your master bedroom is too small to accommodate your curtained bed in the centre of the room, consider placing it adjacent to a wall or window. We suggest you allow space for in-and-out of the bed on either side so be sure, unless you are a single person who doesn’t mind a single-side access. If you opt for this the accompanying hardware will vary, but not by much.

It can also be practical. You can get a similar effect by attaching a large Mombassa circular net on the ceiling over the bed and letting the sheer netting fall around – for those who live in hot or humid climates; it is an ideal protection against mosquitoes, too.

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