In general we find fence of any house made up of brick walls, these walls are plain and are common in the houses. In rare cases we find fences made up of vinyl or block materials. Technology has assisted people to come up with a fence that can be made up of concrete and also work as noise barrier walls. These walls come in a precast model which acts as a noise barrier and also adds aesthetic to the fence and to the house.

Learn More about the Concrete Walls

To protect from the highway noise you can put on these precast concrete walls. These walls act as traffic noise barriers which intercept the noise and prevent noise levels up to 10 decibels. It also comes with aesthetic designs and attractive designs. These walls are manufactured at the factory and then later installed at the place you need. These walls are made up of materials that reduce the incoming sound from the outer traffic. It acts as a great barrier for hospitals and schools, where the noise keeps disturbing them always.

These type of walls are been developed by AFTEC concrete fence formation systems. There are great benefits that everybody need to know about these walls. These walls are very stable and durable for all the climatic conditions. They are very reasonably priced and are available universally.

They are very strong and are not affected by any insects and needs less maintenance. They can be changed into any colour to our wish and you can even customize them. They are superior to all other fence materials that are been used in general.

Advantages of the Concrete Walls

Durability and life are the main advantage of these AFTEC concrete fence formation systems. They are designed to withstand any type of extreme weather and temperatures. They have greater life than the ordinary fence and need less maintenance. You can customise your own design in these precast concrete fences.

Both the sides of the wall can be designed to your wish. The superior concrete product is the stone tree product. They use a steel I beam entrenched into the concrete footing. It is set from centre to centre with fifteen feet space making it very strong when installed. It is designed as a monolithic block with column and fence together.

There are various benefits when we compare the same with the brick type or any type of fence. The concrete panels do not get separated and fall if there happens to be any settling in it. They act as a security fence and sound barriers. They can also been known as hurricane fence or gated community fence.

The fence surface can be given a finishing touch like the river rock, split face blocks, ashlars stone or stucco. All these special features can be obtained from AFTEC concrete fence formation systems. To keep yourself away from this busy world even when you are in the heart of the city, it can be only done if you put up a noise barrier walls.

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