7 Special Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Don’t Want To Ignore Any Longer

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

If you want your home to look great the best place to start is your carpets, for the simple reason they cover a greater area than anything else inside your home. I’m sure you think your cleaning skills are above average at the moment, but you can improve on them with these special carpet cleaning hacks. Start using them when the time is right and not only will your carpets remain spotless, but you’ll enjoy the fact your home looks and smells better than ever before.

Combine Essential Oil And Baking Soda

We already know baking soda has the power to do almost anything, and one of its qualities is the ability to absorb bad smells. What do you think would happen if you combined it with an essential oil? It would kill bad smells while creating a gorgeous one at the same time. Mix in a dozen drops of your favorite essential oil with around 30 tablespoons of baking soda inside a glass jar, and sprinkle it onto your carpet when you’re vacuuming.

Vacuuming A Shag Carpet

I know the shag carpet is one of the most difficult things to vacuum, and it’s because when you let the vacuum head loose it has a tendency to ruin your beautiful carpet due to extreme suction. The easiest solution is to use the hose attachment, which will take longer than usual. At least you won’t have a fuzzy carpet you’ll need to replace in a few years, because the hose attachment will still clean it while saving the shag you don’t want to lose.

Too Much Foot Traffic

There will be one specific area on your carpet everyone seems to hit as they walk past, and they also usually stand in the area for a prolonged period of time. Those depressed fibers will need to stand to attention again like good soldiers, and you can do it using a spoon. You don’t even need to use a magic spoon, because if you blot the area with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water, when you run the spoon sideways along the carpet all the fibers will spring back to life.

Time To Get Your Iron Out

Carpet cleaning is even trickier when you have kids, because they let chocolate and other tasty treats soak into the carpet and harden up before they tell you about them. You freeze chewing gum to clean it up, but the opposite is true with something like chocolate and you need to melt it with an iron before wiping away the stain. Just don’t forget to lay a damp cloth down first, otherwise you’ll end up with burned carpet fibers you won’t be able to clean up.

Fluff Up Indentation Marks

Nobody will keep their furnishings in the same spot forever, and when it’s time to move them you’re left with squashed fibers again. This can easily be solved with your iron, but only after you’ve left ice cubes to melt into the indentations. Soak up any excess water softly with a dry towel, then use the damp cloth and iron combination we’ve already talked about. Stop when you think the carpet fibers are almost dry before finally playing around with them using your fingertips.

The Mighty DIY Carpet Cleaner Potion

To make a non-toxic carpet cleaner that will dig deep into the fibers cleaning everything in its path you’ll need a few ingredients to put in your carpet cleaning machine. The not-so-secret-now potion consists of a gallon of hot water, a few tablespoons of fabric softener, half a dozen drops of essential oil, a quarter cup of white vinegar, a couple of tablespoons of dish soap, and a 3/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide. Say goodbye to dust mites, nasty allergens, and a whole lot more.

Cleaning Loop Carpeting

Too many people make a basic error when cleaning loop carpets. To cut a long story short, if you own one of these carpets you should know there are more places for stuff to hide. You think it looks clean, and it would be if you had a cut pile carpet, but you’re actually not cleaning it properly. You need to make sure you pay special attention to these types of carpets for health, hygiene, and longevity reasons. When cleaning the carpets, give it all you’ve got and then some.

Always Look For Special Hacks

The carpet cleaning hacks we’ve talked about today only scratch the surface, and if you used your imagination I’m sure you could come up with a lot more on your own. At the end of the day, when you start implementing them it will make your life easier at the very least. Some of them might not apply to you, which is fine, but don’t forget about the ones you can use. If you don’t believe in their power you can try them out once at the very least to see how they stand up when put to the test.

Perfect DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods and Recipes

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be a hassle especially if the carpet size is huge. Stains on carpets easily translate to headaches and days and days of thinking just how to remove the mess. However, once you learn the tips and tricks on carpet cleaning, you will just snap out of it and be surprised how you can not only eliminate stains but also the foul odor.Here are tips on how to clean the carpet perfectly.

  1. Vinegar and Water Mixture

With as easy as putting 1:2 ratio of white vinegar and water together, you can spray away the stains on the carpet at home. Accidental stains and dirt can be caused by pets, careless visitors, kids, and even own prolonged use. This recipe will work more wonderfully if you place your iron on the steam setting and iron the carpet afterwards. In less than a minute, depending on how bad the carpet stain is, you will see how it is dissolved.

The advantage is that unlike commercial products which may contain abrasive and harmful chemicals that result in marks on the carpet area, vinegar does not leave mold or residue.

If you’re unsure as you will be trying this for the first time, you can try to test a small spot on the carpet and wait for a day. Once dried, see if the “little experiment” becomes successful. Also, remember not to scrub the stain since this may cause the spot to spread and damage the carpet. Instead, using a dry white towel or gentle rug, try to blot the area from the outer edge to the center.

  1. Essential Oils

For more stubborn stains, you can level up the cleaning agent a notch by dropping essential oils as desired.This nontoxic and safe ingredient will also take away the awful smell of the stains, grease, and grime that have developed through time. This is a great solution to making the pickle smell of vinegar disappear as well.

  1. Vacuum

Before turning on the vacuum cleaner, make sure that it is placed at the right height as doing it too low or too high will make more trouble later. You can see the manufacturer’s instruction or the user’s manual to get the ideal height. Once done, move the setting to the highest power possible so you can accumulate more dirt and dust. Don’t vacuum fast since your goal is to reach out to deeper parts of the fibers and that can be achieved by slowly passing over the vacuum on the carpet.

If you are wondering when the best time is to vacuum, the answer is before and after cleaning with vinegar and water. Wait until the carpet is dry before you can start to vacuum.

  1. Patience

The recipe on how to clean carpets won’t be complete without your patience. Carpet cleaning in Melbourne may take some time and effort but surely it will pay off in the end. Once you see there that carpet has dark spots, don’t wait for a long time to have it cleaned. The faster you try to remove any type of carpet stain, the easier it will be to remove it.


Hiring professional services for carpet cleaning may be expensive, so the next best option is to perform DIY cleaning methods and recipes. White vinegar and water are must-have components to have to battle against the dirty marks. If you have the time, vacuum the carpet as often as you can to reduce the chances of the carpet becoming dull and mucky while you extend its life further.

Flooring Tips To Transform Your Home

Carpet Cleaning

You may have spent the last few years overhauling and upgrading your home. It might now be very close to what you have always imagined your dream house to look like. However, now is the time to ask yourself an important question – what about the floor?

You would be surprised at just how many homeowners spend bags of money on decorating their homes but completely disregard the value of a solid and robust floor. It is the basis for all of the living that you plan to do in this dream home, so there is no excuse for forgetting to give it a little TLC.

The bottom line is that a good floor equals a solid home environment. You can spend as much time and money on soft furnishings, expensive paint colors, and worktops as you like, but it will never look perfect if you are placing all of this value on an ugly, damaged, or outdated floor.

It is time to start thinking about upgrading the floors in your house. The following flooring tips will help you to transform your home quickly and easily.

Say goodbye to carpets

There are so many reasons to swap tired old carpets for shiny wooden floors that it is impossible to list them all here, but one of the most convincing is the fact that homes with hardwood floors now tend to sell at a much quicker rate than those with soft floors – they also tend to sell at a higher price. For this reason alone, it is worth considering the switch. If you have children or pets, hardwood floors mean less mess, easier cleaning, and nicer-smelling rooms.

Make your carpets work for you

While hardwood flooring does tend to be a more aesthetically pleasing choice these days, the reality is that not all households can afford to make the switch, nor are all properties suited to hard floors. For older houses without modern features such as double glazing and central heating, carpets can be a good way to keep warmth inside and preserve heat. However, it is important to keep them clean if you want to avoid nasty odors and stains. Fortunately, Finest Carpet Cleaning offers high-quality Oakville, Ontario carpet cleaning that you can trust to keep your floors in tip top condition.

Add comfort with accessories

A commitment to hard floors does not mean always having to walk on cold surfaces because there is nothing preventing you from adding rugs whenever the weather gets cold. In fact, this can be a very attractive design feature – a beautiful rug (or several rugs) placed over a hardwood floor can add style and flair to a room. It also preserves heat and gives kids and pets something soft to play on, while maintaining the cleanliness and convenience of hard flooring.

If you are serious about making your dream home a reality, you should be willing to make great flooring solutions a part of it. The best part of this plan is the fact that once you invest in a high-quality floor, it should last for a long time – the right choice could end up defining your home and outliving many of its flashier and shinier features and accessories.