Over the past few years, hot tubs have been gaining in popularity faster than any other leisure item, due in part to the fact that they’ve not only dropped in price to become affordable for your average person but also the fact that they’re being brought to the attention of the wider population a little more than they once were.

Many people are wanting to take advantage of owning their own hot tub, but what do you do if funds are tight or you don’t want a hot tub as a permanent feature in your garden? Well, one solution to this problem would be to go for a “Spa N A Box” instead, something which we first saw over at www.aquaspasupplies.co.uk.

The ‘Spa N A Box’

Purchasing one of these items could solve all your problems and be just the product you’ve been longing for. With the ’Spa N A Box,’ you could share it with another member of your family or even your next door neighbour or friend, as being completely portable it could be transported between properties when you need to.

It’s not only convenient for transporting but also for storing, meaning unlike standard hot tubs, you won’t need to keep it up permanently throughout the year.

One Third of the Cost of a Standard Hot Tub

With this innovative product coming in at around a third of the cost of a standard hot tub, it will allow you to experience all the benefits but without all the cost, something which is the only thing putting many off making a purchase.

Get All the Benefits

Hot tubs and spas are the ideal way of treating many different health problems, so if you suffer from arthritis or perhaps insomnia but aren’t sure if it will help you in the long term, by sharing your portable hot tub with someone else you won’t need to commit to all the expense by yourself.

For convenience, your portable hot tub can be set up in around 20 minutes and plugs into a standard household socket. It only takes one person to do this and requires no tools. Simply slot the sides together, add the liner and fill with water. It has a thermostatically controlled 1 KW heater and a dual thermal soft cover with the option of an additional hard cover to keep in the heat when not in use.

Like a standard hot tub it also has massage jets and a filtration system to keep the water clean. It can seat 4-6 adults yet it only measures a compact 185 cm. When not required it can be easily packed away into two boxes for storage or transportation. It certainly is the ultimate in hot tub convenience.

Above all else, this is the ideal solution that many have been looking for years. It allows you to experience all of the benefits of owning a hot tub without the price tag typically associated with them – for many, it’s win all round!

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