With the nice weather well and truly here, we can confidently say that summer is on it’s way – hooray! Gone are the long nights and miserable days and for many of us, our summer holiday is only weeks away rather than months. Of course, with the arrival of summer, this ultimately means that many of us will be leaving our homes empty for a week or two which, as we know all too well, can often be an invitation to burglars to see what we’ve got and help themselves.

There are, however, a number of quick and easy tips you can implement to help keep your home safe and secure and we’ve teamed up with MPL Locksmith Training to bring you just three of these.

1. Don’t Advertise That You’re Going Away

One of the most common reasons for homes being burgled is the fact that, one way or another, they’ve advertised that they’re away. This is a big no-no and it’s important that you ensure you’re not giving it away that the house is unoccupied. Of course, a burglar would much rather target a house that is empty than an occupied one. It’s easy to make sure that your house looks occupied even when it’s not by:

  • Using timers on lights to follow a normal pattern of living.
  • Use the same timers on the TV or radio.
  • Consider automatic curtain openers or have a family member open and close each morning and night for you.
  • Have calls forwarded to your mobile if possible as it’s not uncommon for burglars to call a home phone (if you’re in the phone book) to see if there’s an answer.
  • Ask a neighbour to put the bins out for you.

These are all easy and simple to implement and can go a long way to protecting your home. In addition, the obvious is to make sure you don’t advertise on social media that the house is empty!

2. Make It Hard For A Burglar To Enter Your Home

Always ensure that your home is as difficult to enter as possible. Multi-point door locks, as an example, are far harder to force entry through than a standard mortice lock and, as such, it’s important that you take this seriously and ensure your home is properly secured.

Of course, the obvious is to always ensure that doors and windows are locked before you go away and any glass panel or window in a door which is closer than 42 inches to the lock needs to be reinforced with security film to prevent a window being smashed and the lock unlocked.

3. Don’t Leave Keys In View Of A Door Or Window

Whatever you do, don’t leave spare keys in view of a door or window. It’s not uncommon for burglars to use a hook or similar through your letterbox or open window to fish the keys off the side, only to return at a later date.

This isn’t just when you’re away but standard practice throughout the year. Don’t become an easy target – make it as difficult as possible for a burglar to enter your home in any way and they’ll give up before they’ve even tried!

At the end of the day, too many of us fail to take home security seriously however with just a few simple tips, it’s easy to secure your home and ensure you don’t become a target or even worse, a victim of crime!

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