As humans we tend to think that air is weightless, however believe it or not air is actually pushing on your skin right now with up to fifteen ponds of pressure per square inch of your body. Although you cant physically feel it your lungs can especially when it is polluted with toxins. We generally tend to think of air pollution as occurring outdoors but it can actually be a lot worse inside your homes where you live.

There are many reasons why you should test the air quality of your home. The causes of indoor air pollution come from many factors such as the region you live in your house and even the room you sleep in. Outside air can seep into your home contaminating the air and if your home has poor ventilation it will let that contaminated air accumulate so much to the point where it’s dangerous.

This problem tends to worsen during the fall and winter when we seal up our homes to prepare for the cold winter months. Air quality testing is very easy to do and below are some of the many reasons you should test the air quality of your home.


Combustion causes gases and other particles to be released inside your home making it the number one cause of indoor air pollution. A household stove alone kills about 4 million people each year because they exert such a large amount of combustion. Other things that will exert combustion are furnaces, fireplaces, space heaters, and even tobacco smoke. If your home is equipped with any of these things it is important that you test the air quality of your home so that you and your family stay safe.


Another reason you should test your air quality is for the presence of radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas and is the number two cause for lung cancer in the United States. Radon is nothing that we can hide from because nearly all types of soil contain low levels of decaying uranium, which emits radon. Just because we can’t hide from radon doesn’t mean that we can’t keep it out of our indoor air because you can with air quality testing.


Just like radon asbestos comes naturally from the soil. Asbestos usually doesn’t pose a health risk until it gets into your indoor air. If asbestos gets inside your home it produces fibers that can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and long term lung scarring. Asbestos can be prevented if you test your air quality regularly.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and Mildew are notorious for polluting the air inside your home. They feed on warm humid air and inareas such as basements. If you have a basement it is especially important for you to test you air quality because if mold and mildew pollute your air it can make both you and your family very sick.

Dust, Dander, and Droppings

Most people don’t think that just everyday dust can pollute your home but it can. Most homes and buildings are plagued with dust mites and cockroaches. They are two very different creatures but they both leave a trail of allergenic feces and body parts. These feces can get into your air flow very easily through your air vents and you will never know it unless you test your indoor air quality.


Even though rodents and other pests pollute your indoor air trying to get rid of them with poisons can also pollute your air. Pesticides are toxic so it is important to do some research and get rid of your pests another way.

Test Your Air Quality

All of the things listed above contribute to polluting your indoor air quality. It is very important that you test your air quality so that you can prevent these things from messing up your indoor air.

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