5 Ways to Incorporate New Windows into Your Home’s Feng Shui

Windows play an important role in feng shui. This is because doors and windows allow the flow of chi to enter and exit your home, which has a tremendous affect upon your energy. While you may have arranged your furniture and placed mirrors in key areas, you may still be struggling in areas of your life that could be changed by simply updating your windows. As you plan your home’s layout and design, here’s what you should know about using new windows to improve feng shui.

Pay Attention to the Size

While it would seem as though oversized windows would allow more chi to flow indoors, this is not always true. Your window should always be smaller than the nearby doors. If you have bigger windows, installing ones that are made from smaller panes of glass will improve the flow of chi. Opting for wider windows is better than narrow ones, which are associated with limited opportunities.

Focus on the Front

The backside of the house is considered to be the backbone that supports the containment of positive energy. Therefore, you want to have more windows in the front of your home than you do in the back. To many windows on the backside of the house is associated with negativity and disharmony within the family.

Check The Opening Direction

Windows that open up are always good for feng shui. However, you want to be careful with windows that open into your home since these are associated with weakened energy. When you have a choice regarding direction, always pick windows that open outward and away from your home.

Avoid Direct Alignment with Doors

An effective feng shui layout should help to collect the chi that flows into your home. For this reason, it is important to avoid placing your doors and windows directly across from one another since this will allow the chi to flow in one side and continue flowing straight out to the other side. Instead, try to have your windows installed to the left or right of any doorways.

Choose The Proper Furniture Layout

It is important to understand how feng shui works in your bedroom because it has a tremendous impact upon your sleep. Never place your bed beneath your window because the constant flow of chi will interrupt you rest. However, placing a work desk near a new window will provide you with energy that helps stimulate your creativity.

Update Your Windows

To attract chi, it is important to make sure your windows are clean and clear. Cracks or missing window panes detract from the beauty of your home and allow the positive energy to flow out. Dingy windows make it impossible for chi to flow into your home and block the efforts you have made at increasing your home’s feng shui. It only takes a few small updates to dramatically alter the flow of good energy to noticeable levels.

In feng shui, the primary goal is to promote stable, constant flow of good energy that enhances your happiness and health. Yet, your windows may be blocking the flow of chi or allowing it to come in and go right back out. Focusing on always having clear windows in the proper sizes and placement, will increase your home’s chi so that everyone can benefit from the improved flow of positive energy.

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