5 Ways to Maintain your Property this Summer

Summer is upon us, despite the lack of sun! But for most of us there’s always someone that has a list of jobs to do around the house. So whether that’s you or someone to throw a list of jobs at, let us help you. We’ve compiled a list of around the house jobs to do over the summer to keep your property tip top and protected for another inevitable cold, wet and windy UK Winter.

Woodworm / Insects

This time of year offers perfect warm and humid living conditions for wood boring insects such as woodworm. Go around your house and check the exposed wood. The signs to look for include small holes in the timber which are surrounded by powder (frass), this means it is a live infestation and must be seen by a specialist to assess and treat it further. Also have some ant powder and fly spray at the ready to keep your living areas hygienic and bug free!


Damp cannot always be seen easily but it can cause mould. Mould is caused by water ingress through the walls or by condensation that does not dry up. The most common mould found in the UK is Blackspot which can be found in small or large patches. A lot of the time we can sense a musty smell or see the wallpaper/paint peeling away from the walls. The affected area will probably feel damp to the touch and this is caused by lack of airflow to the area. So make sure you pull out any furniture which is against the walls to check.

Another top tip is to keep the house well ventilated, so open window when you can and leave air vents open if you have them. Another common area for damp is the basement because it is below groundwater level so moisture can enter more easily. To solve these issues, make sure you have a respected professional in property preservation such as Timberwise and get a damp survey done on the property. For inspiration on how to convert your basement check out our Youtube videos on what to expect from the job!

Gardening and external maintenance

Take pride in looking after your green surroundings. Deadhead the Roses and pull up the dead spring foliage and weeds which seem to takeover large proportions of untouched ground. Get behind the mower and plough through the overgrown pasture. Turn your attention to your patio/deck and get the power hose on it, the difference will be astounding and will mean it isn’t a green slime slide come the winter.

One thing some of us often don’t think about it is cleaning the windows, get a window washer and some soapy water to polish them up in no time so you can admire your newly pruned garden! And don’t forget to give your BBQ a good scrub for when (or if!) the weather cheers up!

Grout Bathrooms

A job that we all put off for as long as possible is the grouting of the bathroom tiles. The dirt builds up and we go on ignoring it as if it was like that six months ago! Find the disinfectant, rubber gloves and toothbrush. Out of the cobwebs and give the dirt a scrub-a-dub-dub. You will find the grouting quickly changes back to its gleaming original colour and will make your bathroom experiences much more enjoyable until the next time!

Clean Dust

As you are already pulling out furniture and appliances to check for other issues, you might as well get the vacuum out to clean up the dust. In particular behind the fridge, washing machine and under sofas and beds. Dust is a collection of particles from various sources around the house and within every house live dust mites. They are not as scary as they sound but if allowed to build up they can cause allergies for people with asthma, so it’s a good idea to keep the surfaces and floors clean to prevent this!

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