7 Stunning Ways To Redecorate Your Kids Room

Want to redecorate your kid’s room? All you need is some cash and creativity! Both of this combined you can do wonders with your children room.

1. Bed Shaped

The shape of your kid’s bed can be literally anything! For example if your kids is crazy about cars then make him a car shaped bed or if your daughter wants likes fairy tales and dolls then make her a bed shaped liked a carriage of any of her favorite Disney characters. To vamp up your room more, pick a great bed comforter. You can visit mybedcomforter.com for suggestions.

2. Say yes to art galleries

This idea will not only encourage creativity among your kids but also cover up your wall space. Make a mini art gallery for your kid to cover up. To give them an idea put up some photos and frames on the wall. You can do much stuff like follow a monochromatic theme or neon theme. Whenever your kid draws something or paint something, hang it up with other art work. It will drive them to make more artistic works.

3. Wallpapers

Your kids love exciting wallpapers and so do we. Add some colorful or creative wallpaper to their rooms to make it more thought-provoking. For all those kids who are crazy about superheroes and comic books or any specific book, try to make customized wallpaper for them. For example a harry potter themed bedroom, iron man based room, spider man, X-Men or batman trilogy based bedroom. There is a wide variety of wallpapers out there just for you to select them and attach them to their rooms.

4. Posters

I know posters come in the teenagers group but I believe that for toddlers or kids’ posters are also a good idea! Hang posters all around the room like informative ones; poems, small stories and so much more.

5. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are also a good addition to your room. Now days you guys have so many variety and options when it comes to wall clocks. Just go to your nearest shop and look around for cool clocks for your kids. One can also base their selection on colors or designs, whatever your kid prefers.

6. Paint

Deciding the color of your kid’s paint is very vital and important. I prefer light and fresh colors as your kid’s brain is still developing. Try colors like Blushing Bride by Benjamin Moore, Pacific Coast by Dulux, Graytint by Benjamin Moore, Lavender Sky by Dunn-Edwards, Chameleon by Benjamin Moore, White Dove by Benjamin Moore or Glacier Lake 867 by Benjamin Moore. These are just my suggestions, the end decisions depends on you and your kid entirely.

7. Study Table

If your kid is big enough that he/she needs a proper place to study, getting a new yet trendy study table is always a good idea. Not only does study table lets your kid have a proper routine but many of their books and stationeries can also be stored in that study table, making room for mess next to zero. You can try pure wood study tables or even go for funkier study tables, whatever suits your kid’s personality.

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