8 Home Decor Trends for This Winter

Winter brings frightful weather; although it’s cold out there and maybe it even starts to snow, you can do a lot to warm up your interior and make it comfortable until the following spring. We know that you prefer staying at your home, so why not to decorate your home in the latest trends. The air might be crisp and sharp, but your hearth will be warm during the holidays. Read on to find out just what you can do to make your home look good this winter.


Despite the lack of sunshine, try not to fall into winter’s depression. Consider this period to be the perfect time to experiment with cheerful colors in your home. Think of bright and sunny colours like lemon yellow, orange, sunset red, sand beige etc. If you cannot wait for summer to come, at least make an illusion of the summer at your home. White and grey shades are exactly what you want to avoid because they are everywhere around you once you step outside. Try to incorporate some wild details such as zebra patterned pillows just to “spice things up” with something darker.

Africana Africana

Repaint your walls

Green is in, especially this winter. Repaint your living room walls with creamy shades and accent it with some interesting green patterns – leaves or flowery ornaments. You can also select the wall which you entirely repaint green. It will make your eyes rest, providing comfortable wall background. However, if you’re not excited with the thought of patterned walls, you can minimize the whole idea with some pastel shade of green to give the good base for experiments with something else – like interesting and unusual oriental details.

patterned walls patterned walls


Another effective way to improve your home décor this winter is to buy an eye-catching lamp and place it in the corner of your living room or bedroom. Whether you are more into classic style lightning or you want to give yourself some space to try something that you’ve never tried before, you’ll be able to choose between some creative ideas you can find online. You won’t be able to recognize your own living room if you enrich it with something unusual such as pear tree shaped lamp.

Lamps Lamps


We’re sure that you’re already aware of the fact how an appropriate rug in a room can affect the entire picture of your home. It can significantly change the looks of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even your bathroom. A good rug will give you the sense of belonging and it will warm up the space. Make your home a warmer and more comfortable place.

Rugs Rugs

Rugs Rugs

Rugs Rugs

Vintage clocks

There are lots of effective ways to point your good taste. A wooden coo coo lock could be a nice touch for your freshly painted wall. It will look timeless and remind you of the times long gone while showing the correct time.

Vintage clocks Vintage clocks

Stylishly warm yourself up

Winter is also the perfect time for a good book and a cup of tea or a hot chocolate. You can buy yourself one of those fluffy faux fur blankets to warm you up while you’re sitting next to the fire during long, cold nights. Having (faux) fur wrapped all around you might remind you that fairy tales could easily become true. With a little faith and some effort anything is possible.

fluffy faux fur blankets fluffy faux fur blankets

Let Nature in

We know that winter has its good sides, but having a touch of spring and/or summer can only be good. Buy some colorful clay or metal planters, put flowers and plants in and set them in your living room. You can place them on the countertop, on your windowsill, or on shelves among books. It will literally add some more life to the room.

living room living room


Whenever you read about home decoration, you will notice people advising that you use mirrors in order to make your rooms seem larger and wider. These tips are true, as a matter of fact; and you can easily make any of your rooms seem bigger simply by placing large mirrors on the walls. This will also give the space more light.

Mirrors Mirrors

Winter is the time when all things are still and slowly preparing for a change. You can follow this trend and slowly change little things around so that when it’s cold outside, you can feel warm on the inside just looking at your beautiful home.

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