Are Air Conditioners Good For Babies?

When you become a parent, your newborn baby is your first priority. The normal everyday things you never think about suddenly come into question. You want to make sure that you provide a safe and secure environment for your child. You will begin to question everything to ensure that you are doing the right thing for your new baby. Many new parents wonder if air conditioning will be a harmful aspect to the baby during sleep or if the child will be fine exposed to the cool air. This is a common question among new parents and one that is easily answered.

Air conditioning is perfectly safe for new babies as long as you take the proper precautions when cooling the home. The majority of medical professionals will agree that it is safer to use an air conditioning system then let the baby become hot in a humid and uncool environment. Babies, especially newborns, do not have the capabilities to adjust body temperature as adults do. Because of this, babies are susceptible to overheating as well as heat-related sickness. This can include dehydration, heat rash, exhaustion, etc. It is important to provide your child with a ventilated and well-cooled room so that your baby can rest well.

However, it is also important to not provide a severely cold environment that will lower the body temperature of the body and cause a chill. The tips below can help you provide your baby with a comforting environment that is safe in the home.

Room Temperature

Because the heat and humidity of the outside of the home can affect the AC system, you must be vigilant with temperature control inside the home. It is important to maintain a viable temperature without getting too cool in the home. Set a timer to make sure the room is cooled and then the system is shut down to avoid overcooling. You can also open the windows of the room to provide additional ventilation when the temperatures outside are warmer to provide additional air flow and a break in the cooling.

Preparation of Baby

When you lay your baby down to sleep, make sure the child is dressed in light layers to protect the arms and legs from the cool air. A cap and socks can also be used to protect the baby from the coolness. A light blanket can also be used but should be tucked well around the baby during the newborn stage. As the child grows, different options will need to be used so the baby does not become entangled within the bedding. Do not wrap too snugly and take in to account how you feel. You do not want to overdress your baby as the child can become too warm despite the coolness provided by the air conditioning system.

Proper HVAC Cleaning and Servicing

To make sure the air of the home is clean and safe, a regular cleaning and servicing of your air conditioning should be scheduled. With regular service, you can ensure that each component of your system is operating at maximum efficiency. Any damaging materials such as pollen, dust and dander will be removed and will provide a clean, breathable space for you to enjoy and feel safe for your newborn to be in.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

When you take your baby from room to room, be sure you are providing the appropriate temperature for the child. You do not want to take your baby from a cool room to a very warm room as their body can have trouble adjusting to the temperature changes and cause sickness or discomfort.

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