Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Do you wish to rearrange and redecorate your backyard, but you lack money to hire a professional to do it for you? If that is your case, then it is nothing of a big deal. You can do it on your own, but you will need an idea, right? This article will cover exactly that, an idea for you to exploit, and feel free to use these suggestions, in order to beautify your backyard. Ready? Read on.

Air conditioning

Although this is a bit awkward subject to begin with, this is one unpleasant thing to happen. Scorching summers, and bone-chilling winters can be very nasty things to live up to. If you plan to invest into air conditioning unit, think twice. It would be better to invest into a tree. Trees that are casting shade to your house are a great asset to have. It will reduce the temperature by the effect of nearly twenty hours of working air-conditioner. The secret is its shade, which cools down not just the room, but the roof as well. Also, it will reduce wind blasts during winter and autumn. Be careful not to plant tree close to the house, for while it grows, its roots can damage the foundations of the house, so inform how far you should plant it.

Smart investment

Shopping for tools is a bit of a nuisance, for when spring hits, the prices hit the roof. So, why would you pay for something more? Make a plan, and see what you are going to use during spring, and buy those tools and material during summer or autumn. In that way you will save a lot of money. Also, see where there are discounts, and exploit that convenience as much as you can. Many companies are offering discounts for online shopping, so keep that option in sight as well.


A thing closely connected to previous point; find an unusual usage of some other object. For example, you can buy for cheap empty metal barrel, cut it off on the about 30cm depth, fill it with soil, and you got yourself a nice flower pot. Or, if you need lighting in your garden, why not buy one-coloured Christmas decoration and use it? It will look nice, and during summer, its price is ridiculously low. Plan and think what other things can you use and utilize in a similar way. Who knows what can cross your mind?


A bit of a delicate matter, but manageable. The key here is to be informed. Look after and read which types of flowers should be used. Some species have beautiful looks, but are maybe poisonous, or have bad smell. Some other may be inconvenient for your area, or cannot endure harsh winter. Good rule of the thumb here is to ask around, maybe someone in your neighbourhood is amateur gardener, and can provide you with tips and hints. Or, if not, maybe you will get directions to the nearest greenhouse, and people there will definitely know how to help you.

Water supply

When it comes to this, stay vigilant. During spring and autumn, there is usually enough rain to satisfy the needs of your plants, but what when summer hits? When you have an impression that the Earth itself is burning, your plants will suffer. To avoid this, you will need to water them properly. But, using too much water will cost you pretty penny, and in addition, extra water in the soil when heated up will literally “cook” the roots of your plants, thus destroying them. A compromise is to install sprinkler system, little something to help you save water and money, by rational usage, and avoiding additional damage. Another great and cheap asset to have is waterproof shade sails, pieces of cloth which can help you in several ways. First, it will create nice shade, thus saving you and the plants from going up in flames, and also will enable you to sit under it while it is raining, if you like enjoying this kind of weather, without getting wet.

So, these merely guidelines are at your disposal. Use them, and you will soon enough see their benefits. Keep in mind that whenever it comes to splashing the cash, take a pause, reconsider, and see if there is an alternative route.

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