Benefits of the Classic Wet Shave

This is another ‘back to basics’ situation. Similar to many clothes’ fashion suddenly returning to what was in vogue fifty-sixty years ago, there is a surprising buzz in the world of men, on the way a routine morning ritual of a facial shave is carried out.

The debate is over the traditional wet shave where a safety razor and double-edged blade are used, contrary to the modern plastic multi blade cartridge.

Which is better? What all can be listed as the Benefits of the Classic Wet Shave, are the subject of discussion on blogging sites. Let us also dig a bit deeper.

Understanding the Traditional Shaving Process

If you are not familiar with this process, it goes like this. You should have the skin of your chin softened with a hot wet towel. Then, with the help of a wet badger bristle brush and a bit of cream, work up a nice lather to cover the complete beard portion you intend to shave.

With the safety razor and the double-edged blade in place at the right angle, you shave with slow and soft strokes and repeat for a smooth clean shave.

You can use any after shave lotion that you like. The razor has to be cleaned and dried and kept away for the next occasion. The brush will also have to be thoroughly cleaned, and water removed with a towel and kept dry.

How Does the Classic Wet Shave Prove Beneficial?

For starters, you get a neat and clean shave without any irritation or burn or reddening of the skin. This means your skin will remain naturally shiny and smooth, and you will not have to seek special skin treatment medication or cosmetics later, as most men tend to do with the multi-blade cartridge shave now.

Secondly, the shaving cream that you use is environmentally friendly over the more chemicals oriented gels that are popular now. The razor itself is made from metal and hence lasts years, whereas the plastic razors of today get thrown as waste more frequently adding to the woes, we are already burdened with, due to the over use of plastics. The double-edged blade can even be recycled, leaving very little out into the atmosphere or polluting it.

The Costs Are Less

A lot of people have thrown up this question as to whether the conventional double-edged blade and safety razor combination is a more expensive proposition over the multi blade plastic razor.

However, enough studies and comparisons have been made to prove that over a one-year period, with the same frequency of shaving, the classic wet shave ends up saving dollars for the individual.

Such research and surveys have even come up with some interesting statistics and facts; people who use the cartridge blades start seeing a drop in quality of shave and tend to avoid shaving daily to save on expenses; but men who shave more frequently stand a better chance of finding a job than the ones who sport a stub.

This, it is claimed tilts the debate to the Benefits of the Classic Wet Shave since it is cheaper, and you get a better shave.

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  1. You see, the stars kept themselves well-groomed to keep their bankability.
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