Can we Replace the AC compressor at Home?

When owning a home, there are many projects and repairs you can complete yourself. However, while you can take care of many issues yourself, you must also know when to leave the problems to the experts. The air conditioning system of the home is essential for cooling comfort and when experiencing issues, you may feel as though you can handle the problem yourself.

Such components as the AC compressor will need to be changed over time and can be done by home owners who have a significant amount of mechanical skills or HVAC experience.

The compressor is a component that is sued often. In a basic unit, the refrigerant compressor will be the pump inside the motor. The pump is the portion of the unit that will pull heated refrigerant gas from the components inside the building. The gas is drawn out and then compressed to them provide comfort in the home. The compressed gas is transferred into high pressure gas and will then be moved to the condensing coil. This coil will cool the gas and then it changes to liquid. The gas is cooled via a fan or blower and will then provide cool air in the home.

Replacing the Compressor

A professional replacement is recommended when your compressor is in need of replacement. However, it can be done if you feel you have the experience and skill. You must first determine if the part is in need of replacement. If you can determine the part is not doing its job, then you can begin the replacement process. Look at the compressor and order the right model to make sure you have the right option for your unit.

Turn the unit power off to begin the replacement process. You will then need to open the cooling system and remove the refrigerant. The refrigerant line needs to be cut and the compressor can then be taken out. You will need to unbolt the unit and the hosing will be need to be removed as well. Once you have removed the old compressor, you will be ready to add in the new one. The unit will be placed in the same area as the broken one. The lines of refrigerant will need to be connected once more. Since you are replacing the compressor, you may want to check and see if additional replacements are needed.

Once you have the new compressor in place, you will need to reassemble the unit to its previous state. The power can be reconnected and you will need to ensure that your unit is working properly. If not, you may have made a mistake in some way during the replacement process.

This of course, is a basic way of removing an AC compressor. The way to remove this portion of your system will be determined by the type of unit you own. It is important to have some knowledge of HVAC before attempting this replacement. For the safety of your home and family, you want to ensure you know exactly what you are doing before you move forward with the replacement process.

However, it is best to have a professional conduct this process of replacement. With a professionals help, you will know the unit was installed correctly and you will be able to rest easy knowing the compressor is in proper working order. When you feel this portion of your unit is in need of replacement, contact your local HVAC provider. The company will have parts on-hand and be able to compete the task quickly and efficiently. Contact your provider today to learn more about maintenance, repair and installation service.

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