Cleaning Air Conditioners for Spring

Preparing your HVAC unit for spring is an important part of running an efficient system. You don’t need to turn on the unit and hope for the best. There are a few steps you need to take to insure your unit is running properly and efficiently.

By taking these steps on cleaning air conditioning for spring, you can enjoy the cooler air in your home and avoid costly damage later on.

Clean outside Debris

Before cranking up your system, check the outside unit. During the winter months limbs and debris can gather around your cooling system. This can cause blockages on drawing in air and can cause your system to run poorly. Clean out the debris and limbs around the outside unit.

Take Off Covers

Be sure to take off any covers or protective wraps you placed on the unit. Make sure that you notice no visible issues when removing those covers.

Change Filters

Change all the filters in your air system before you turn it on for the first time. These dirty filters can cause strain on the air intake or can blow dirty air back through your ventilation systems. Be sure that your filters are properly changed or cleaned before cranking up that system for the first time.


Call your local technician and have routine maintenance run on the system. They can insure that your ducts, connections and pipes are clean and ready to go. If they notice any problems they can inform you so that you can have them fixed before the system needs to be run.


Part of your cleaning routine should be to perform any repairs that need to be done. Repairs that are put off for too long can cause a major problem later. This can mean more money out of your pocket and a delay in keeping your home comfortable. Make sure you take time to have any repairs done as soon as they are noticed.

Clean the Vents

Sometimes the vents in the home can collect dust and debris themselves. Be sure all the vents are clean and taken care of before running the system.


Don’t forget to check your insulation or have your technician check it on inspection. The insulation is what makes your system run easier and keep your home at the comfortable temperature setting you choose. By insulating the home properly you can reduce your energy consumption and power bill.

Turn On the System

Turn on your system after all these cleaning steps and make sure it is running properly. See if it will bring your home to the temperature setting you choose or talk to your technician if it does not. Notice any noises or other sounds you hear that are not normal. Make note of them and bring them to the technician’s attention.

Be sure to keep your unit prepared and cleaned up before you turn it on for spring. By taking these few steps to clean your air condition before turning it on, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and troubles. Do the repairs whenever they come up during inspections so you can avoid costly bills later on. Maintenance done regularly can insure your system is running at its peak capacity.

Clean out the vents, filters and debris from the outside unit. These three items not only help your system run easier but also keep you breathing comfortably in your own home. Keep the indoor air quality clean with regular filter changes and dusting in the home.

Insulate your home well and update it as needed. Don’t forget to take off any covers or protective wraps you may have put on for the winter preparations.

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