Devices That Can Help Save Energy

When it comes to saving money at home, one of the first places you can star is with your HVAC system. This is a huge draw on your power bill each month which results in a large portion of your home expenses. Staying comfortable in your home while getting the most out of your energy usage is critical to help the environment around you. You may be hearing about energy usage and how you can reduce yours with simple devices on your HVAC system. This is easier to do than you might think with the following HVAC items you can add to your system. Take a look at this products and see which might work best for your home.

HVAC Maximizer

This simple item can truly help you feel more comfortable in your home or office while reducing the energy consumption in your location. How does it work? The maximizer is attached to your HVAC system and extends the length of time your fan runs after the heating or cooling unit has turned off. Typically the fans only run a few seconds or couple of minutes after that has turned off. That can leave a lot of residual hot or cold air in the system itself. By using this simple addition on your HVAC, it increases the amount of time the fan runs and pushes that extra air out into your home or office. That means you get all the cold or hot air your system has been heating and cooling in your home instead of losing it back into the system.

It helps to reduce your costs on gas or electricity, keeps your home or office comfortable, and helps you save energy all around.


If you do not already have a programmable thermostat, it’s time to consider one. This little device can be purchased at local home improvement stores or your HVAC technician can install it. These devices can help you reduce your energy usage by programming the thermostat to work when you’re home and not when you’re away. You can set programs so that when everyone is away at work or school, your HVAC is not running as much as when you’re home. You can also set it for vacation away and when you are about to arrive home, it can turn the system back on so you’re nice and cozy.

HVAC Filters

Be sure that you change out your filter every month to 90-days. You may not realize the impact that a dirty filter can have on your energy usage. It can really cause your HVAC system to run and work much harder than it should. When you’re not changing out the filters regularly, they become clogged up with dirt, dust, and debris. This means your HVAC has to work harder than it should to get the air it needs to cool or heat your home. By changing out the filters, you can give it the fresh breath it needs to do it’s job without overworking it.

HVAC Maintenance

While this is not necessarily an outside addition, this is a necessary step to take to make sure your system is working at it’s peak capacity. When you have regular HVAC maintenance on your unit, it will help your HVAC work as it should. All parts are inspected to ensure that they are in good working condition and that no repairs are needed. When there is a repair needed, it makes your unit work harder to compensate for the disrepair. By having your system checked on a regular basis you can get the full energy efficiency your unit promises for years to come.

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