DIY Projects You Can Do with Pallets

Do you have old pallets lying around your home that you do not have a use for? A lot of people have pallets in old barns that just sit and collect dust. There are plenty of DIY projects that you can do with pallets ranging in size from small to large. Some of these include floating shelves, pallet furniture, and even herb gardens.

DIY Pallet Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a trendy piece that will never go out of style. To make DIY pallet floating shelves, you will simply disassemble the pallet so that the horizontal parts are in three separate pieces. Do this carefully because these three pieces will serve as the floating shelves! Remember that pallet wood is heavy, so you will need strong nails to hold them in place and keep the illusion of a floating shelf.

DIY Pallet Furniture

To make a simple pallet bench, take a large piece of pallet wood and cut it in half. You will then assemble the two pieces in an “L” shape that resembles a bench. Once assembled, attach small pieces of wood to the bottom of the legs of the bench. Add decorative cushions to not only add decoration but comfort to the DIY Pallet Couch as well!

Another fun and trendy piece of furniture you could make from a pallet is an Adirondack chair! This is a little more challenging than the bench project. To make the Adirondack chair, you will basically be tearing apart the pallets you have for the wood and re-assembling the wood in the form of the chair. Start with the back of the chair and work your way downwards. The curves on the handles of the chair can be challenging to make from pallets, so you may need to improvise if you are not a frequent woodworker. For more detailed instructions, click here.

DIY Pet Bed

A fun and simple project to do with a pallet is to transform it into a cute pet bed for the furry friend in your life. For this DIY you will take one pallet that is fully intact and add on five pieces of wood to make “edges” for the bed area. Once those pieces have adhered, you can paint the pallet bed the color of your liking and even customize it with your pet’s name. Don’t forget to add a large pillow or cushion to the top so your pet has a cute and comfortable place to rest!

DIY Pallet Garden

Pallet Gardens are the holy grail of pallet DIYs because you can customize them based on your needs. If you are short on space, think about making a small vertical pallet plant hanger. To do this, simply take a pallet and remove and add pieces of wood until you have a pattern that you like. Once you are satisfied, add a sturdy chain to the pallet so you can hang it where it will take up less room. The last step is to add your plants in the cubbies you just made when choosing your pattern! This is a great option because it allows you to have a small garden in a small space!

If you have more room, consider making a tiered pallet garden. This would be optimal outdoors because of its size and the nature of the plants that you could grow in it. To make this DIY, you will be taking large pallets and deconstructing them so that they are in three different sizes. Next, you will add bottoms to the pallets that need them. Once taken apart, you will set the pallets up so that they look like stepping stairs. Add your plants to the planters that you just created and you are ready to go! This would be great for an herb garden or even to display wave petunias!

If you’re looking for a really low maintenance pallet plant DIY, look no further. For this vertical display, simply take a pallet of your choosing and find a place where it can lean against something. If you would like to paint or stain the pallet, you can but feel free to also embrace its natural color. The next step is to simply attach your terra cotta pots to the pallet with metal holders that will wrap all the way around the pot and attach to the pallet in the back. You can also display small potted plants at the top of the pallet! This is a great DIY because it is easy to customize with the number of plants you have on hand as well as well as the amount of time you have available to spend on the project!

No matter which DIY project you chose to take on, you will have a new purpose for the old pallets that were previously just sitting around your home!

My name is Jordan and I am an editor at DIYerHacks. I love to work on different projects that reuse and recycle materials. I love the feeling of working with my hands and making something from nothing out of them! When I’m not working on a project, I usually spend my down town hanging with friends and attempting to live my best life!

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