Ductless Air Conditioner Vs Central Air Conditioner

A ductless air conditioning system and central air conditioner are two basic types of HVAC systems that are used to cool the home. For the inexperienced home buyer, you may have no idea how the two operate and what will work better for your home. Many home owners are learning more about these types of HVAC systems so they can make an informed decision on a new unit install. Central air conditioning units have been the go-to option for home comfort but now ductless systems are becoming even more popular.

With both systems, you will be receiving energy efficiency and cost savings but what are the key differences between the units? It is important to consider the initial cost as well as the long term cost to have the best unit installed for your home. Below, you will find key comparisons of each unit type and how the features can affect your home.

Which Option Is Right For Your Home?

To understand which option is best for your home, you must consider the basic operations of both units. A central system will usually have two units with an indoor unit that will be attached to a furnace and the blower will push cool air through the duct work and then push the air through the home. The unit then has an outdoor unit that will have the compressor and condenser used to help operate the unit.

A ductless system is different as it has an indoor and outdoor component but does not connect to an existing forced-air furnace system. The outdoor unit will be placed on the outside wall. You may need more than one outdoor unit based on the size of the home. There will also be one indoor unit or more for operation. The indoor portion of the unit is mounted on the wall inside the home and will be located at the top of the wall. The indoor portion can also be located on the ceiling or even the floor. A multi split system allows for different temperature settings or different zoning options.

Weighing the Benefits of Ductless Units

Because ductless systems are new to the industry, many home owners do not understand how the systems operate. There are benefits that outweigh using a central system and you can find these features below.

Because a ductless system can be installed in a variety areas in the home, you have major flexibility with this type of system. You can install the system to heat or cool a specific area of the home to lower energy bills and use less energy during operation. Zoning comfort can also be gained from a ductless system as you can set the temperature in different areas of the home. This can allow to provide comfort in the rooms you are using instead of having to adjust temperature for the entire home.

Lower Energy Loss

With a central system, you will have cool air moving through the duct work to get to the rooms of the home. As the cool air moves through the duct work, it can seep out from the duct work and you lose energy, causing your unit to work even harder to provide the desired temperature in the home. With a ductless system, you do not have the option of losing energy via duct work. This type of unit eliminates the issue of energy leaks.

Easy Installation

When a ductless unit is installed by an experienced technician, you will have a simple installation that will provide you with optimal comfort in the home. The unit is easy to install and can be ready in no time when you work with a company that has the knowledge and know-how to provide you with the system you need in the home.

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