Engagement is the Beginning of a New Life – Some Important Facts

Choosing a spouse or a life partner, according to the cultural, social and religious standards is termed as ‘mate selection’. Engagement is the first step of this process. Male proposes a female with the authority of her guardian, and she agrees to accept him for marriage, the couple is under ‘engagement’.

Engagement ring

Wearing an engagement ring is a sign to tell people that a person is committed to another person and about to marry. Traditionally engagement rings are worn by female usually. Engagement rings can be highlighted by diamond or other precious stones.

How Engagement Proposal Ideas Vary

There are several engagement proposal ideas that vary from culture to culture and from values to values. In mostly cultures, male proposes a girl to marry him. But some of the societies allow girls to propose males. A male may proposes a girl at any public place. Although this task is a private one, but one should not keep it private and propose a girl in public. Here in America propose their beloved ones at open places, as they think this is the best engagement proposal idea to tell the loved one in front of all about feeling of love.

Here are some quotations related to engagement:

  • Some people think that these rings may enhance love between the couple and have effect on their relationship.
  • Engagement is not the custom in many religions and societies. However several religions have enough space for such kind of traditions.
  • A French philosopher describes engagement and marriage as ‘two souls, one heart’.
  • Rita Rudner says, ‘it is so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

Engagement Parties & Invitations

When two persons get engaged, they may celebrate it to tell their friends, relatives and colleagues.

Here are few steps for engagement invitations:

Sharing of news

When a couple is in commitment, they first tell their parents or relative about their engagement. They can share news through text, email, tweet etc.

Deciding to Celebrate or Not

Then the couple decides to have fun. If they have budget, they will arrange a party according to their budget. Some people do not like to celebrate. They only invite their relatives or special friends at home and enjoy having lunch or dinner.

Estimate the Number of Guests

After deciding about the party, the couple makes a list of members which they want to invite on the party. List will be prepared in such a way that important people will be invited for sure and unimportant people may be ignore due to budget factor.

Invitations for Friends & Relatives

Estimating the number of guest is another important step for the preparation of party. All the listed people will be invited to the engagement party, lunch or dinner.

Invitation can be sent may be through phone call or may be through engagement invitation cards.

Hence engagement is the beginning of a new life so make this ceremony memorable.

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