Flooring Tips To Transform Your Home

You may have spent the last few years overhauling and upgrading your home. It might now be very close to what you have always imagined your dream house to look like. However, now is the time to ask yourself an important question – what about the floor?

You would be surprised at just how many homeowners spend bags of money on decorating their homes but completely disregard the value of a solid and robust floor. It is the basis for all of the living that you plan to do in this dream home, so there is no excuse for forgetting to give it a little TLC.

The bottom line is that a good floor equals a solid home environment. You can spend as much time and money on soft furnishings, expensive paint colors, and worktops as you like, but it will never look perfect if you are placing all of this value on an ugly, damaged, or outdated floor.

It is time to start thinking about upgrading the floors in your house. The following flooring tips will help you to transform your home quickly and easily.

Say goodbye to carpets

There are so many reasons to swap tired old carpets for shiny wooden floors that it is impossible to list them all here, but one of the most convincing is the fact that homes with hardwood floors now tend to sell at a much quicker rate than those with soft floors – they also tend to sell at a higher price. For this reason alone, it is worth considering the switch. If you have children or pets, hardwood floors mean less mess, easier cleaning, and nicer-smelling rooms.

Make your carpets work for you

While hardwood flooring does tend to be a more aesthetically pleasing choice these days, the reality is that not all households can afford to make the switch, nor are all properties suited to hard floors. For older houses without modern features such as double glazing and central heating, carpets can be a good way to keep warmth inside and preserve heat. However, it is important to keep them clean if you want to avoid nasty odors and stains. Fortunately, Finest Carpet Cleaning offers high-quality Oakville, Ontario carpet cleaning that you can trust to keep your floors in tip top condition.

Add comfort with accessories

A commitment to hard floors does not mean always having to walk on cold surfaces because there is nothing preventing you from adding rugs whenever the weather gets cold. In fact, this can be a very attractive design feature – a beautiful rug (or several rugs) placed over a hardwood floor can add style and flair to a room. It also preserves heat and gives kids and pets something soft to play on, while maintaining the cleanliness and convenience of hard flooring.

If you are serious about making your dream home a reality, you should be willing to make great flooring solutions a part of it. The best part of this plan is the fact that once you invest in a high-quality floor, it should last for a long time – the right choice could end up defining your home and outliving many of its flashier and shinier features and accessories.

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