Furnace Repair vs Furnace Replacement

When it comes to keeping your home heated this winter, you may be facing a huge decision. Should I repair my furnace or replace it altogether? If you’re having trouble with it you may not be sure what to do. You can call in your HVAC technician to find out an idea of what it costs to do both but you still ultimately have to make the decision. When you’re faced with the choice of furnace repair or furnace replacement, here are a few tips to keep in mind for making an informed decision.

Age of Unit

First you need to consider how old your current heating systems are. If you’re furnace is only a couple of years old, you could probably get away with repairing whatever the problem is. However, if your furnace is upwards of 10 years, it’s probably best to replace it. If you’re new to the home and unsure of the age of the furnace, you could possibly find the serial number on the unit to investigate it. Otherwise it may be in your best interest to replace it with a new model so you know exactly how old it is.

Cost of Repairs

Consider how much it will cost to repair the current furnace you have. Is it going to cost as much or more than a new unit? If so then it’s a wise consumer decision to replace the entire unit. If it’s only going to cost a few hundred dollars, then it should be fine to have your certified HVAC technician perform the furnace repair.

Safety Concerns

Is the problem with your furnace a safety issue? Then you need to highly consider replacing the current unit so that you can protect your family. There could be issues with leakages or even a fire hazard with your current furnace. In that case, your best bet is to replace the unit entirely. Do not take chances with your family’s health and safety.

How Often Are You Repairing ?

Consider the amount of times you have to call out your HVAC technician. Are you becoming close friends because you see him more than your coworkers? Then it might be time to replace the unit instead of repairing it. These costly repairs add up over time and before you know it, you’ve bought a new furnace in repair costs. Take into consideration the amount of times you have to call in your technician when you’re trying to repair or replace.

How Efficient Is The System?

Another factor to think about is the efficiency of the system. If you’re getting close to a replacement anyway, and you know it’s not efficient, it’s probably best to bite the bullet and replace the unit. The systems on the market now are much more energy efficient which helps to keep your home warm and money in your pocket. Talk wit h your HVAC technician on what the best efficiency unit is for your home to get your best options.

It can be a hard decision to know whether to replace a furnace completely or if a repair will get you through the winter. Be sure to keep all of these factors in mind and discuss your options with your HVAC technician. They have financing options to help offset the upfront cost and the more energy efficient the unit is, the more you save. Remember to keep your family safe, happy, and warm this winter by talking about your options with your HVAC technician. You’ll be glad you did when you see money in your pocket instead of going out the door in energy bills and repairs.

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