Get the Room You Want With Your Own Furniture Ideas

Many homes come with pretty standard rooms. If you live in a modern house chances are you’ll have no uneven walls or peculiar angles to deal with, but for those who live in a period property, or if you’ve maybe had a loft conversion, it can be a different story altogether.

Sloping ceilings can make it very difficult to accommodate mass produced furniture and you can often miss out on much needed storage because of this. However, there is a way of overcoming this problem and that’s to find a manufacturer who will supply you with items built to your specification; bespoke furniture.

As such, if you need a wardrobe that is narrower than standard, or perhaps not quite as tall as usual, or if your chest of drawers needs to fit into a certain space then it’s certainly an option well worth considering.

Bespoke furniture has, to many, become all the rage in recent years, if only due to the fact that a number of fine designers and manufacturers have taken themselves to market and are offering not just high class furniture but also that which covers the practical side.

Not All Manufacturers Offer Bespoke Furniture

Of course, not all manufacturers offer this level of service and you certainly won’t find cheap furniture manufactured by some of the well known international companies available as bespoke options, however if you’re looking for quality solid wood furniture and are prepared to pay a premium for having pieces designed and manufactured which meet your own specific needs and requirements, it’s by far the best option and one which will see you end up with furniture which lasts a lifetime.

Why Natural Wood Is By Far The Best Option

Opting for bespoke furniture which is crafted from real wood instead of the imitation variety will naturally put the price up, but considering that you’ll get a piece of furniture manufactured to fit a particular space and built to a high standard with properly constructed joints etc, it’s well worth the extra money, as far as we are concerned.

Add to that the fact that it will last for years and will improve in appearance as it ages, there is really no comparison with the cheaper alternative.

We’ve recently discovered both Essex based bespoke furniture manufacturer Priest Brothers and London based Barbara Genda, both of whom offer some of the finest pieces you could hope to have designed, yet in two very different styles.

Of course you’ll also be able to team your bespoke items with standard items too as most unusually shaped rooms can also accommodate standard items as well.

However it’s certainly a valid option when it comes to furnishing your home in the way you want it. It offers a whole host of opportunities and, as far as we’re concerned, a fantastic solution to ensure your furniture works FOR YOU, ensuring you don’t have to work your lifestyle around your furniture.

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