Go Green with Air Conditioning This Summer

Being more efficient with your daily lifestyle is what everyone is striving for. Hybrid cars help you to reduce your emissions and use less gas to run them. Recycling stations around the country help you to reuse instead of waste products like plastic and soda cans. You can even go green with your air conditioning this summer by taking a few steps to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Take a look at a few ways you can go green with cooling your home this summer. You’ll love the comfortable home you have and the feeling of knowing you’re being environmentally conscious.

Change Those Lights!

By switching your current light bulbs out for LED lights you can reduce the heat produced in your home. That means your AC unit is running more efficiently as it does not have to work as hard with the heat you’re producing.

Maintain Your Unit

One huge step you can take to make sure your unit works efficiently is by having routine maintenance performed. Just like changing the oil in your car, your AC unit needs to be checked and freshened up each year. This can also stop small repairs in their tracks instead of letting them become huge repairs. This keeps you running safely throughout the summer.

Clean Out Debris

Make sure your unit outside is free and clear of any debris. Clean out the tree limbs, leaves, and grass clippings that may be trying to clog up the unit. That gives your current HVAC unit the best chance it can to cool the air before sending it in to you.

Ceiling Fans

When you are running your ceiling fans in conjunction with your unit, you can help keep the home cool while having a higher temperature on your thermostat. The fan doesn’t cool the air but it will help to keep the cool air circulating longer. It will keep a breeze blowing in your direction as well making you feel cooler than it is.

Close Those Blinds!

You may not even think about the fact that those blinds being open are causing your room to heat up. Enjoy the early morning views around your home but then close the window dressings to keep the heat out. Once the sun is up and heating it can be quite hot on the windows of your home. That is letting all that heat warm up the house so you’re going to run the AC more. Close your blinds or drapes and help block some of the heat out.

Clear Out Around The Vents

Go around the entire home and ensure all your vents and grates are free and clear of debris. If there is furniture over a grate or there’s a rug over it, that makes your home work harder to cool the areas. Be sure that all the vents are clear and keep debris off them during the summer.

Filters Changed Regularly

Changing out your air filters on a regular basis not only helps you stay free of pollutants but it helps your unit be more efficient. A dirty clogged filter can cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to to keep your unit running and the home cool. Change your air filters out at least once a month.

Keep these tips in mind this summer to help you go green and be more efficient with your current heating and cooling system. You can leave less of a carbon footprint by simply putting these steps in place. When it’s time to replace your HVAC unit you can also go with a higher SEER unit that is more efficient from the beginning.

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