Home Selling Checklist: Checklist For Selling Your Home For Cash

Feeling the pressure to sell your home-sweet-home quickly? Maybe you have a home-sale contingency, or maybe you are suddenly relocating for a new career role or life change. Whatever your reasoning behind needing to get the deal done quickly, an all-cash sale can make the selling process faster, and often more seamless. Look no further to learn about our seven-step go-to checklist for selling your home for cash.

You have a couple of options when it comes to selling your home in a speedy manner.

Option 1:

Request an all-cash offer for your home. This is an easy way to attract the buyer you’re looking for

Option 2:

Work with a top agent in your area with expertise in getting to the closing table quickly.

On the flip side, things you should avoid to slow down your sale are situations that involve short sales, auctions, or for sale by owner. These kinds of sales typically extend the time it takes to close on a property.

If you’re looking at option one, to sell your home for cash, we suggest focusing on the following seven-step checklist to get your deal closed in as little as two weeks!

1. Request the offer you want

Skip the lengthy staging and repair portion of the sale by requesting an all-cash offer with a sale “as is”. This means you, as the seller, do not intend to fix any repairs or make changes to the property before the sale closes.

2. Review & sign the contract

Once your all-cash offer comes in, it’s important to take some time to review the terms of the contract, including the price. A top real estate agent can help you decipher the contract, so you fully understand the details. If you agree to the contract and sign, you’re officially under contract and on your way to the closing table! Congrats!

3. Request proof of funds from the buyer

Especially in an all-cash deal, it’s essential that you request to see proof of funds from your buyer before you waste any additional time on the sale.

4. Inspection and appraisal

Your buyer will likely request to have an inspection and appraisal conducted on your property once you are under contract.

5. Fast-track to the closing table

Because there is no waiting for a lender to approve anything in an all-cash sale, this is when you’re able to save some serious time in the deal. No lender = closing in as little as 10-to-14 days!

6. Clear title

Your cash buyer will request a title search to ensure the property is free and clear of any judgements or claims on the property. This includes factors like liens, boundary encroachments, or unpaid property taxes.

7. Get your money

Close the deal and get the funds wired into your bank account! (This is arguably the best part, right?)

We hope you’ve found this seven-step checklist to selling your home for cash helpful! Whatever your reason for needing to fast-track your deal, selling for cash is always a great way to get to the closing table in a speedy manner.

Checklist For Selling Your Home For Cash

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