How To Clean Different Radiators?

To reduce the risk of any allergic reaction, homeowners clean their homes on a regular basis. But, they forget to pay attention to their radiators. Radiators at home also need to be checked especially during colder months.

Radiators are used more during winter. It attracts dirt and dust, and if the layer of dust in it gets thicker, the output heat will be lower. The atmosphere of your house will also begin to suffer. If you fail to clean the radiators well, the layers of dust and dirt in it may burn onto hot material surface.

Tips on Cleaning a Panel Heater

Panel radiators, like the ones from, need cleaning not only on its exterior but also in its interior.

  • When the heater is no longer warm, remove its outside cover.
  • Place a wet cloth just below the heater to catch dust and dirt.
  • To remove dust particles, use a specialised brush intended to clean heating elements.
  • Clean the outer part of the heater, the sides, and its cover.
  • Clean it further using a cleaning agent. Wipe with moist cloth.
  • Using the specialised brush, clean the wall above the heater.

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Cleaning Tubular Radiators

Use an all-purpose cleaner when cleaning tubular radiators. Harsh cleaning agents can strip off the paint of the radiator so avoid using that. Remove as much dirt as you can and avoid leaving any residue.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dust around the ribs.
  • Use a specialised brush to get into hard to reach areas in between the ribs.
  • Using a moist cloth, wipe its exterior.
  • Use an old toothbrush to clean its valve.

Additional Cleaning Tips

Ifyou don’t have a specialised brush for cleaning radiators, you can use a clothes hanger as an alternative. Wrap it in clean cloth and use it to clean hard to reach areas. If you smoke, steam cleaning would work best. Nicotine from cigarettes attach itself to warm heaters. This is the reason why the material turns yellow in colour. Usual cleaning agents can’t remove it so it’s best to use a cleaner that’s made to get rid of nicotine stains.

When Is The Right Time To Hire Professionals?

There are instances when you are required to hire a professional to clean radiators in your home. For example, if it has been years since the last time your heater was cleaned, or if it is located in a hard to reach section in your home.

A professional can also tell you if it’s better to renovate, repaint, or clean that old radiator you have in your vintage home.

If dirt has been burnt in your radiator, the only way to get rid of that is to sand it. There’s also a chance that you will have to repaint it with heat resistant paint. The worst case scenario for it would be to completely replace your radiator.

A dirty radiator is also very hazardous to your health. The radiator won’t function efficiently as well because its heating capacity will decrease. If you are not confident enough to clean the radiator yourself, it’s best to talk to an expert and have it checked at least once a year.

It’s best to clean your radiators at home so that when winter comes it will work efficiently on cold winter nights.

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