How to Clean Hardwood Floors: Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money

How to clean hardwood floors? There are many hardwood-floor cleaners available for sale in home improvement stores. Hardwood-floor cleaners are composed of various chemical substances that when used properly, make hardwood floors look like new again. It is important to use the right cleaners for hardwood floors. These cleaners may contain strong chemicals that can harm you and your family, so use the cleaner as directed.

How to clean hardwood floors? When you purchase your house, you are given instructions on how to care for the house. Some instructions may be included in the contract. If there are not any instructions, go through your house and find out that cleaning procedures are standard. For example, if your house has old, scratched and scraped floors, chances are that regular cleaning isn’t routine enough. In fact, you should schedule a twice-a-week cleaning routine to clean hardwood floors and to keep them looking like new.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors: Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money

First, get rid of any dirt, dust or grit that is on the floor. Cleaning hardwood floors with any kind of sprays, powders or cleaners will just make the floors even more dull. Your goal is to get the floors clean without dulling them. Use a damp mop for sweeping, as the dampness will penetrate into the wood. A damp mop can also get rid of the dust that has collected on the floors after you have cleaned them.

You can also use white vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors. Before you start applying the vinegar, thoroughly cover the whole surface with some protective sheet so that nothing is left after you have soaked it in vinegar. You can also use a sponge to apply the cleaner on the floor and let it sit for about five minutes before scrubbing it off. If you are using hardwood floors that are quite porous, you may have to repeat the process until you get the results you want. For best results, you can try and use white vinegar along with some household bleach to make sure that the finish is restored to its original condition. It may take some time but it is definitely worth the effort.

If you have pet stains on your floors, you can use pet urine as a hardwood floor cleaner. You need to dilute it with warm water first and then scrub it onto the floors using coarse sandpaper. Do this once or twice to remove stains and leave a dry and fresh looking floor. This is great especially if you have children that play on the floor a lot.

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Hardwood floors that are regularly scratched by shoes can be prevented from getting damaged if you follow a monthly cleaning routine. There are many ways to prevent them from scratching, one of which is to buy a shoe post cover. These come in various sizes and can protect your wood floors from being scratched while you are walking around in your bare feet. You can buy these at any home improvement store.

The most common cause of scratches on hardwood floors is due to wear and tear. When you clean your floors regularly, any scratches you may have will eventually start to become less noticeable. Using vinegar and household bleach as a hardwearing cleaner can help to keep your floor looking fresh all year round.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Other cleaning methods to clean hardwood floors are dry cleaning methods and using vinegar and bleach as a regular cleaner. If you want to know how to clean hardwood floors using the dry cleaning methods, all you need to do is simply use a rag and some mild detergent to wipe over the surface of the floor. This is often all you need to do, and there won’t be much water used at all in the process. Once the surface is cleaned, you can rinse it with some clean water, making sure not to use too much water, since this could damage the floor.

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