How to Make a Cosy Nook within Your Home

The first thing that springs to mind when someone says ‘home’ is usually a peaceful and quiet atmosphere of a place where you can rest and feel like you can forget about the world and let your imagination go wild and fly to the unknown worlds beyond the borders of the possible.

Just like the Sheldon’s spot, every person has their own in their house, where the ‘normal’ world stops and letting the magic realm enter. And nooks are exactly that – magical places in your garden, living room or in the attic, where you can find your piece of Eden and sleep on a cloud.

Here are some tips for making one within your home.

Living Room Nook

Enjoyment does not demand much space or many other things. You can make a comfortable chair in your living room your new nook by adding decorative pillows and a standing lamp so that you can use your nook for reading or studying, and relaxation at the same time.

On the other hand, if you want to share your nook with someone, you can adapt your window into a seating area and enjoy the benefits of sun even during winter. To make it even more natural, you can add wooden details and decorate it with vine or other plants and flowers.

Garden Nook

Having mentioned a living room, garden nooks look perfect when combined with the exterior. If you have a small garden you can make a patio and decorate it additionally with sails and garden chairs, so that you can invite your friends and family to join you in your little nook.

On the other hand, if your garden is big, you can move your old living room furniture and protect it from the elements and the sun with a marquee. Marquees turned out to be the smartest choice for protecting your garden possessions, tell us at a renowned company offering marquees for sale. Adding a touch of personal design is also a possibility, so why not try it this summer?

Kitchen Nook

A nook does not need to be one corner exclusively. The greatest thing about cooking is that you will enjoy it more if you feel comfortable in your kitchen. If you dislike staying in kitchen during the summer months, consider moving your kitchen outside, to your garden.

Installing some additional appliances will not last much, and after you have it done, you will enjoy every moment spent there. And you can make dinner more fun by throwing parties with your friends and family. This way, your private nook can become a place of broad appreciation.

Hammock Nook

Having a hammock means having a movable nook. Due to its mobility and generally easy use, you can move your hammock from the attic, all the way to the kitchen, hallway, or the garden – as long as you have where to hang it, of course. And assembling it will be a piece of cake.

Adding some interesting details, such as colourful pillows, will make your enjoyment even greater and your back will be thankful while reading in the comfort of the swinging paradise.

As you can see, doesn’t necessarily have to be a place over which your will spend hours or sleepless nights designing. Rather, it should be made as naturally as possible in order for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

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