How to Make Your New House A Home

When you move into a house, unless that home is brand new or has been custom-built for you, there is a good chance someone else has lived in that house before you. Although this is pretty standard, it is still disconcerting to feel like you are living in someone else’s house, even if you technically own the home now.

The first steps

Making a house your home is much simpler if you have bought and therefore own the house you’re moving into. It is a little more difficult if you’re in a rented property, and are restricted to the conditions of your contract, however, it is still feasible and something we very much encourage.

To feel comfortable, to feel like you’re home and you can relax, you have to make the house you live in feel like yours, even if it is owned by a landlord. Here we will show you some ways to make a house your own, even if you are restricted by contractual agreements with the landlord.

The first step you should probably take before moving into the property is to have a thorough deep clean to make it feel as new as possible. You might want to consider doing things like replacing the toilet seat.

Making an owned home your own

As we said, if you’ve bought a home and it is technically yours, you have much more freedom and you can make the house you own in any way you choose. There are lots of ways you can make your new property feel like home.  For example, you can pick the finishing touches to the home, things like taps and curtain poles can make all the difference to the feel of your home, so if possible, try to have some impact on what the finishings in the property are like and make sure they are to your taste.

Making ANY property feel like home, even a rental

Making a rented property feel like a home can be more difficult, especially if your landlord is quite strict and has a lot of restrictions in place. Here are some things you can do:

  • Re-decorate: if you own the home, you can redecorate it however you like. If you move into a rental property, on the other hand, you will most likely be restricted in how much you can decorate as per your contract. First, read the contract and see what you are allowed to do in terms of redecorating, make sure you keep within these limits to avoid having your deposit withheld if you were to move out.
  • Plants and flowers are a great way to make your house (even a rental) feel like home, especially if you have had similar plants and flowers in the last place you lived.
  • Add textiles: adding things like rugs and curtains (even over blinds) can have a massive difference and can help you to make the house feel like your own.
  • Furniture: everyone needs furniture, if you are moving into a rental property you might not be able to redecorate, but you should be able to add any (non-permanent) furniture you like. Take full advantage of this and bring your furniture into your new home.
  • Accessorise: adding accessories to the home can really liven it up, make it look much more appealing, and also make it feel more personal to you. Books, photo frames, mirrors, artwork, pillows, any accessories you can think of adding to your home to inject your personality into it, you should.
  • Moving-in party: Another thing you could do to make the house feel like yours is to have a moving in party and invite your new neighbours to give you a chance to meet them and get to know them better.

And for those of you on a budget, here are some (almost) free ways to make a house feel like home:

  • Change the lightbulbs
  • Change door handles and/or light and plug fittings
  • Add your own ornaments and personal touches to the room
  • Swap the blinds/curtains for something to your taste
  • Repurpose furniture to work in the new space you have

When it comes to making a new house feel like home, there are lots and lots of different things you can do, but where you choose to start is completely up to you. Everyone has different personal preferences and different things that matter to them. Think about what makes YOU feel at home and implement that as much as you can in your new property first.

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