How to Save Money on HVAC

A new HVAC is a major investment but a much-needed one when you have an older heating and cooling system in the home. Many home owners stick with their existing unit due to the high cost of installing a new unit. However, the benefit can outweigh the initial cost as you can save money on your monthly utility bill by using less energy to heat and cool the home. It is important as a home owner to have an efficient system in the home so you can your family can benefit.

There are ways to save money on new HVAC systems so that you too can experience the savings and comfort a new system can provide. Check out the options below for saving on HVAC units.

Factory Rebates

One way to save money on a new system purchase is with factory rebates. Dealers of HVAC systems can provide you with this incentive when you purchase certain unit types or brands. Such brands as Carrier and Bryant will offer factory rebates where you earn cash back or a certain amount of cash off your purchase when you have a new, energy efficient model installed in your home. Contact local dealers to check for factory rebate options so you can get the best deal in your area.


You will also find dealers and contractors will offer coupons in the local newspaper or mailers to get your attention and business. This can work to your advantage. Be on the lookout for coupons so you can save money on a new installation.

Online Specials

With the Internet reaching a broader audience, most HVAC dealers and contractors will have some type of website to promote their company. Check for local companies in your area to see if they have a website and you may find they are currently offering online specials. Online specials are not commonly promoted so you can find great deals on new installations such as money off or special incentives for a new purchase.

Challenging Dealers

If you find that the dealers in your area offer similar service, challenge them. Make the dealers compete for your business so you can get the best deal. You may be able to swing free installation or even a percentage off a new purchase by using the dealers against each other. Be smart and you may save big bucks on a new heating and cooling unit for your home!

Incentive Programs

Many cities across the US offer incentive programs so you can save on a new HVAC installation. The government, both state and federal, can offer programs for you to install a new system and reap the benefits. This could be a rebate at tax time or a special financing program through the local utility company. Every city and state offers something different so speak to your local government and energy companies to find out what options may be available to you by way of incentives for installing a new unit.


HVAC dealers may also offer financing opportunities so you can afford a new heating and cooling system. The average unit can cost anywhere from $6000 to $10,000, an amount that the average consumer does not have on hand for a single purchase. To make it easier for you to afford a unit, HVAC dealers and contractors will partner with financial institutions so that you can pay a monthly payment to enjoy a brand new system. This is an excellent way to have a system installed without breaking the bank or touching your hard earned savings.

With a little finagling and research, you can earn a great deal on a new HVAC system. Take your time and find the right option for you and your budget so you can revel in perfect comfort for less.

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