Ideas for Low Cost Kids Room Interior Design

The kid room

Decorating a kid’s room is possibly the hardest to do in a home, especially when you have to be careful with your budget, and when you want your child to have everything. However, it is possible to make any kid room’s interior design well decorated, even on a low budget, but it will require a few tricks; but mostly it will require creativity and the will to get down and dirty.

Most importantly, it is vital that you stop and ask what your kid wants, and not what you would like to have in that room.

Make a wall more than just a wall

Every kid loves to draw, and in most cases their creativity cannot simply be contained on paper, which is why most will choose to draw on their walls. Art supplies in general can be costly, but if you make a one-time investment and apply a chalkboard paint coat, you can easily turn a wall in your kid’s room into a permanent chalkboard.

Your kid will be able to draw without getting into trouble and the best part is that everything comes off easily; just remember to teach your kid to only draw on those specially treated walls.

Make storage on your own

If you want your kid to be clean and to put everything away, it is important to have where to put all the toys away. Instead of buying expensive cupboards and toy trunks, it is better to make your own storage units. It is not only a good way to make something that your kid will really love, but it will also help with spending some quality time together, while making something as a team.

Alternative furniture

As your children will grow quite fast, it is better to buy second-hand furniture which will be not only cheaper, but it will be easier to replace if something happens. Moreover, if you are handy with a sewing machine, then making a few floor cushions or pillows to sit on will be easy and it will not cost too much either.

Do not forget to check out garage sales in your neighbourhood, as they will always have something that might be what your kid needs in their room; and it might still be in excellent shape.

Cushion the floors

Putting down carpeting in your kid’s room is essential, not only because it will make the room warmer but also because it will cushion their falls, and it will also isolate most of the loud laughter and jumping around in the room. Rugs for kids are especially a good idea as you can use them to define smaller spaces in the room, so that your kid will know that a part of their room is for playing with toys.

Furthermore, rugs are easier to clean, and they can come in smaller size which will make it a lot cheaper to buy, and also to maintain later on. Remember that rugs and carpets need to be cleaned regularly; otherwise they will attract dirt and dust.

Make a room thematic

Have your kid decide on what kind of a theme they would like to have in their room, and decorate accordingly to make a room that your kid will really enjoy. Moreover, try to focus on the colours as it will make the kid’s room more entertaining and warm for your child to enjoy. But it is important that your kid likes the room as they will spend most of their time there.

More than just kid’s room

Because the budget can be tight most of the times, it is better to think ahead, and to plan in advance what changes can, and will occur in the future so that you can accommodate your growing kid’s needs. However, if you manage to invest little by little and upgrade the room gradually, you will be able to improve the room without having to either change too much, or pay too much.

Before making any changes to the room, it is vital that you ask your child if they agree with those changes and if they want it to happen in a different way; after all they will be sleeping there.

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