Most Common Heating and Furnace Problems

A heating and furnace system can easily provide warmth and comfort in the home during the winter season. The same systems can also be subject to breakdown on a regular basis. There are hundreds of reasons why a unit can decide to stop functioning properly and cause you to be without heat in the home. It is important to understand the steps you can take to avoid even just a few of these heating and furnace problems. Below is a simple guide to the common reasons behind furnace and heating system break downs so you can avoid these issues in the future.


To keep your furnace or heating system in tip-top shape, you need to schedule regular maintenance. With regular maintenance, your unit will be inspected and cleaned. If any repair needs are found, the system will be taken care of so you do not experience a breakdown. When you do not have maintenance service performed on your unit, you are at risk for a small repair need to become a full blown replacement need. You will not only avoid such repair needs but also have a system that is able to provide energy efficiency and money savings on a regular basis with regular maintenance care.

Dirty Air Filters

To keep the air clean and fresh during home heating, the furnace or heating system has an air filter located somewhere within the system. The air passes through the filter and the filter will catch dirt, dust, pet dander and other irritants that can be located within the air. Over time, the filter can become quite dirty, even clogged. When you do not change out the clogged filter you run the risk of your system working overtime which can place the unit in dire need of repair service. Keep your unit air filter cleaned at all times to avoid any issue with your system.

Mechanical Issues

Because the furnace and heating systems are forms of machinery, you will eventually see wear and tear of the mechanical parts. When the belts and bearings become worn over time, you will have issues with your system. Keep the components of your system checked on a regular basis to ensure that unit is operating as it should be.

Pilot/Ignition Issues

A major contributor to heating issues in the home is with the pilot or ignition of a furnace system. The ignition is how the system understands the heat the home and a malfunctioning component can cause no heat in the home or fluctuation of heat in the home. Modern systems of today use an Intermittent Pilot or a Hot Surface Ignition to operate. With the Intermittent pilot system, you need a high voltage electrical spark to provide ignition to the pilot which can be a problem when electrical issues arise. A hot surface ignition system will use a resistance element which can have issues as well leading to no heat in the home.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat of your furnace system is the component which controls the amount of heat needed for the home. A thermostat problem can result in no heat in the home, no fan operation or intermittent heat. The thermostat must be thoroughly inspected to ensure that there are no problems in the home with this portion of the unit.

Overall, it is essential that you have your system inspected on a regular basis. A standard tune-up will include the inspection and cleaning you need to ensure that the components of your system are operating correctly. Take time to have your unit maintained before and after the winter to ready your system for operation as well as storage.

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