Picking the Best Laminate Flooring

This flooring product is made by layering a sheet of thin decorative material over a synthetic or particleboard base. This decorative material can be made to look like tile, wood, or stone and then is usually covered with a coat of sealant. This is done to prevent the laminate flooring from breaking down.

One advantage of having laminate flooring is that is normally cheaper than what it is trying to imitate. For example, if you want hardwood flooring that looks like oak you can get laminated flooring to look like oak flooring but at a cheaper price. Laminate flooring can be used in homes or offices.

When picking out your laminate flooring it is important for you to understand the different types of materials so you can pick the one that matches the room where it is to be installed. Here are some things that you need to know to pick the best laminate flooring.

  • Multi-layer construction—the flooring that you choose should be made of multiple layers because these multiple layers are why the flooring lasts so long. The top layer should be made of a material that is easy to clean, have the capability of resisting scratches that could happen by any object that can scratch the flooring, like a chair dragged across the floor. The top layer should also be resistant to stains.
  • Photographic imagery feature—in order for the flooring to be considered top quality it should have images on it that bring out the clear color of the laminate. It should be high definition to make sure that it continues the aspect of decorating the room. The image pattern should also relate with the surrounding walls and the image color should match perfectly with the dominant color of the wall or room.
  • Board thickness—because the flooring is made of boards you should choose the flooring whose board is very thick, which will help to protect the room’s original floor and help you feel comfortable when walking on the new floor. The thickness of the boards should be between eight and twelve millimeter.
  • Easy to install—with this type of flooring you can install it yourself without having to hire flooring contractors. It is normally installed using a tongue and grove method, adhesive, or nails.
  • Exposure to water—you need to make sure if the flooring is designed to be exposed to water if you want to put it in your bathroom or kitchen.

You should also consider the amount of traffic on the laminated flooring. If it is going to be an area of high traffic you need to make sure that the flooring is capable of withstanding a lot of pressure from all the people who are going to be passing through the area. There are several manufactures of laminate flooring so always check the durability and quality of construction. You should also compare the warranties because some manufactures offer a ten year warranty while others offer a smaller limited time warranty.

Source: Flooring Downriver Michigan

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