Room Colors to Affect the Mood in the Right Way

The ways in which different colors affect the state of the human mind have been studied for centuries and there has been a lot said about how a certain color might affect the mood of a certain person. There is even a branch of psychology called color psychology.

When we are talking interior decoration, all of the best decorators will know how to play this card and how to use the right colors to produce the wanted moods in different rooms. The good news is that everyone can do this and that you do not have to pay an expensive decorator to do this for you.

Color Blue

In general, the color blue is associated with calm, contemplation and concentration. The experts believe that this has to do with the fact that the blue is the color of the ocean, the sky and that it is often found in nature. Because of these properties, the color blue is perfect for a bedroom where you will want to feel relaxed and where you will be resting. It is also a great color for people who work from home and want to have a room where they will be concentrated on their work. Lighter shades of blue can liven a room and they are also often used in kitchens for that Mediterranean look.

Color Green

It is well-known that the green color is associated with peace and relaxation and a feeling of well-being. This is the main reason why it is the most commonly used color in hospitals where people need to feel calm and where they are supposed to recuperate. This is why the green color is often used in bedrooms. Darker, natural shades of the color green will give your bedroom an air of peace and they will allow you to rest more than you would surrounded by some other color.

Color Yellow

The yellow is a color that is capable of cheering up a person in no time, especially if it is a particularly appealing shade. Yellow has associations with good things from nature, such as the sun or wheat and it is very natural that we as a species like the color. It brings us joy and it makes us feel optimistic. Because of this, yellow will work in almost all rooms, with bedroom perhaps being the least suitable because yellow is not the most calming of colors. In all other rooms, this color will work perfectly, of course if you combine it properly with other colors and the details you have in those rooms.

Color Red

The color red is a very tricky color to use in interior decoration. For one, it is a very strong color that is very difficult to ignore. This is why it is rarely a good idea to paint an entire room red. Professional painting people will tell you that red best works as a detail, perhaps a single wall, or a portion of a wall. It is also a very passionate color and interior decorators advise that you place red details in the bedroom for exactly this reason.

Black and White

The colors black and white are very particular, with white working everywhere and with black being very limited in its use. The black is best utilized in details that provide contrast to the main colors and it can be your best ally if used properly. The color white is great because it is clean, it is associated with health and it can work on any wall. White and extremely light shades of other colors are also great because they can be used to visually enlarge the room if it is particularly small.

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