Simple Hacks To Make Cleaning Easier

Most of us are too busy to do a thorough house cleaning on a regular basis and this leads to the dirt build up. This doesn’t have to happen to you – you can do some short, everyday cleaning and keep your house in good shape until the next spring cleaning comes. There are lots of hacks that can help you to maintain your home and they won’t take much of your time.

Using natural ingredients

Lemon, lavender oil, baking soda, salt and vinegar are all you need. These are safe and green, but most effective ways to clean almost anything in the house. For instance, you can easily clean a cutting board if you pour some salt on it and then scrub with half of lemon.

1-minute sponge cleaning

Kitchen sponges are the filthiest objects you can find in your home (besides the computer keyboard). To kill the majority of bacteria, place sponges in microwave for a minute – that should be enough. Of course, don’t forget to replace them from time to time.

Pour some Coke into the toilet

If you have some Coca-Cola leftovers, pour it in the toilet and leave it to sit overnight. Its acidity should remove the toilet limescale. Don’t forget to scrub for a minute or two before you flush. You can also prepare a mix of borax, lemon juice and Cola – it will be more effective.

Admitting when you need help

If you need some thorough cleaning, ask the professionals to help you. Then, you can just continue with regular, day-to-day cleaning. This is especially recommended when moving into the new apartment or when leaving it for the next tenants.

Vacuuming the dust mites

Besides regular washing of your bedding, you can remove the dust mites in relatively easy and quick way. Pour baking soda over your mattresses and sofas, and vacuum all of it carefully. The vacuum will suck up all the baking soda and kill the mites.

Easier dish washing

Even if you use a dishwasher, it’s good to remove oil and sauce leftovers before you place your dishes in the machine. Since no one likes to do the dishes immediately after the meal, fill the sink with soapy water before dinner and soak the dishes for a while.

Clean your sink on a regular basis

Kitchen sinks are swarming with harmful bacteria. Don’t waste your time on cleaning surfaces that you barely touch – if you have time to clean just one thing in your house, let it be the kitchen sink. Use solutions based on vinegar or baking soda.

Fast blinds cleaning

Blinds can be cleaned extremely fast: instead of water, soap and cleaning cloth, use mixture of vinegar and water and an old cotton sock you can throw away after the cleaning. Just soak the sock in 50-50 mixture and wipe the blinds clean.

Cleaning mirrors without toxic glass cleaners

You don’t need glass cleaning solution and cloth, you can use vinegar to clean the mirrors as well – and it won’t leave stains which can be the case if you use the glass cleaner. Spray some vinegar on the mirror, and wipe it with newspapers.

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