Spring Cleaning Time – Are You Ready?

Getting your home ready for the spring and summer times can be easier than you might think. Typically you think of putting away the winter clothes, busting out the shorts and opening the windows for fresh air. Did you realize that you should also take care of your air conditioners and furnace when doing your spring cleaning?

Taking care of your air conditioning system and heat pumps is vital to making sure your spring and summer go off without a hitch. Here are a few steps you should take for your spring furnace cleaning.

Filters Changed Out

All of the filters should be changed out regularly on your air conditioners and furnace systems. This should be done each month or at the least once every 60 days depending on the filter you have. You can buy filters that can be simply cleaned each month or replace with a new filter each time.

Check the System

Make sure that the system is running properly. You should have routine maintenance run each spring to ensure you have a smooth running system. They can check to make sure repairs are not needed on your air conditioning system before the hot temperatures hit. You can also avoid costly repairs in the middle of the summer by having this routine maintenance run.


When you want to get your whole system ready, don’t forget your dehumidifier. You should be able to remove the housing and clean the system easily with your regular vacuum.

Drainage Hole

Be sure that you clear out the drainage hole in the system. This would be under the evaporator fins at the bottom of the system. Be sure it is cleaned out and clear of debris to keep from having issues later on.


Check your ceiling or floor vent areas to make sure they are clear of debris. The heater can blow dirt and dust through the system and it can leave debris around the vent areas. Be sure to vacuum or dust the areas so that you do not have debris flowing back through your home.

Outside Unit

Make sure you remove any debris from around the outside unit. This will help you to keep from having issues with your unit. You may see leaves, sticks and other outside debris around the unit. By taking the time to check it and remove it, you can save yourself problems later down the road.

Spring cleaning means that you take care of your air conditioning system and not just your home. By taking the steps to ensure your furnace and heat pump are running correctly, you’ll be sure to keep your home comfortable and cozy throughout the high temperatures of summer.

Don’t forget that routine maintenance is a huge part of taking care of your system. Each spring you should have your technician come out to verify your system is running as it should. This not only keeps you cool but it also keeps your power bills lower and your unit more efficient.

Remember to change all the filters on your unit before turning the air on. Clean out any drain plugs on your unit and remember the dehumidifier to keep it running smoothly. Make it part of your routine for airing out your house to check your heat pumps system. It will pay off in the long run when your system runs smoothly and you do not have to pay for costly repairs later in the season. Your system will be efficient and keep your entire family comfortable and relaxed for a great summer. That means more money in your pocket for those exciting adventures you have planned.

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